Bix Weir ~ Special Alert: Chaos At The Fed New York

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Bix Weir ~ Special Alert: Chaos At The Fed New York


Road To Roota | June 29 2012


We are starting to see signs that there is massive chaos at the HUB of market rigging operations- the New York Federal Reserve. With the looming Fed audit vote in mid July, the Fed’s ability to pull rabbits out of their hat to control the US Dollar is wobbling. With the dollar showing signs of instability (an instantaneous .50 drop last night and down 1.22 since yesterday) the Fed is helpless to continue their support operation.

With this in the background it was announced today that the Chief Market Rigger, Brian Sack, who was supposed to retire today is withdrawing his retirement…

Sack Withdraws Resignation, to Remain at NY Fed


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Brian Sack, who oversees the Federal Reserve’s open market actions, and who was to leave the New York Fed bank on Friday, will instead stay on as senior advisor to President William Dudley.


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced on Friday that Sack has withdrawn his resignation and starts the new position June 30. He will no longer be involved with the group that oversees market activities.


There are no accidents anymore. This is the planned destruction of the un-backed fiat monetary system which will destroy the Bad Guys, revive the US Gold Standard and return the US to a Constitutional Republic.


My birthday is next Wednesday (yep- I was born on the 4th of July:) and it’s shaping up to be a real doozy of a firework show!

Stay buckled up.

Bix Weir




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When someone like Sack withdraws his resignation, you know something big is doesn't say he was begged or wooed to come back, he just came back.......who does that?


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WOOO HOOOO!!!  Let er rip! :-)


Still business as usual

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Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but I listened to the broadcast last week and was excited to hear that something was finally going to happen, only to hear that they passed Obamacare. I don't see any signs of anything stopping them from carrying out their agenda to destroy America and turn us into a socialist 3rd world country. All I see is business as usual for the destroyers of this nation.


I have been sitting back and um, no fireworks, just the continuation of the destruction of America.


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Socialist?  What in hell about Obamacare is Socialist?  It is much less Socialist than the system we have now.  It is much more corporatist than anything.  What we need is an *actual* socialist health care system, which removes the profit motive from the delivery of health care altogether. 

Your ability to think correctly-------

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The government cannot help the poor with healthcare without first taking the money out of my pocket first. This is nothing more than a trillion dollar tax on our country at a time when our economy is about to collapse. You are speaking out without any study of facts. Go get them and THEN spill your mouth-------------------

Quit sitting back and do

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Quit sitting back and do something.   If nothing then at least be a positive influence.


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While the MARKET appears to be rigged, played, and outright controlled:  your article does no-thing but propagate the B. S. known as: white-hats, black-hats, etc.


See the U. S. DOLLAR INDEX:  the U. S. DOLLAR has been gaining ground:  see GREECE, and EURO.


Stop propagating this B. S. which causes anxiety, stress, and plays into de-facto cause.