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Hello Folks! Remember me?
I just haven't managed to find the time for a channelling at the moment. So, I have put this White Cloud meditation up for you. It is taken from my White Cloud Long Meditations Cd (45mins each. Set of five) which is available from my website in either mp3 or Cd format, should you be interested.
Here is the link. I just KNOW it will allow you to relax and enjoy. White Cloud takes you off to a beautiful place and for those of you familiar with his voice, you will know how deeply he touches the heart.
Regarding my recent reprint of THE BRIDGE. On my site, it still says 'Sold out' and is priced at $24.99. However , a couple of people had written to inquire as to how they could get it. My new website is getting ever closer and I don't know how to remove the 'sold out' on the old one and get it up and running again. SO ... I suggested that one could put the money through the donations page. However ... When I went to post them ... to the US ... to my horror the postage is now $20 ... It seemed an awful lot of money for a book to have to pay $45! SO ... I have decided for now , until the new site is up, to knock the price down to $15 ... making it $35 including postage and packing ( to the US and elsewhere). Seems far more reasonable to me. Just write to if you are interested and we can take it from there.
No Readings being done now until after the show. Which will be end of April. I'll let you know.
Speaking of which .... 'Chicago' is going really well. Just LOVING IT! Having a ball!
Also, to remind you that Audio's for all the channellings go up on the same page later within the week. I know many enjoy 'hearing' them, as well as reading them. Read by myself and the dulcit tones of Mr Joe Pena... to whom I am ever grateful of his time and skills. I am sure you will all agree, he reads the voice of THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT so beautifully.
OK folks ... That's it for now. I DO HOPE to get a channelling up soon, but maybe this time my 'Soon' is going to be the same as the FOL's 'Soon'. LOL.
Much Gratitude and Love to each one. I do hope you get a lot from the meditation.
T'is a pleasure to be of service.
Blossom G
DONATIONS are gracefully & gratefully received.