Blue StarShip/UFO Report ~ March 23-2013

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slow shutter phoenix az not alterered in any way but if brightness incresed u can see the craft and its flight pattern this photo was taken by my self tonya brady.  

Source: RealUFOS


UFO LANDS IN POPULATED AREA ↑ March 20, 2013 ↑ Mexico


Pilot Captures Stunning UFO Over Texas 2013 HD


Woman Films UFOs From Her Backyard 2013 HQ


Breaking UFO Sighting Jacksonville Florida


Gigantic Rotating Cloud Vortex on UP




UFO OVNI НЛО Spain 21.03.13. Amazing, strange UFO!


Spectacular UFO Lenticular Cloud, Volcano Popocatepetl Mexico, Mar 22, 2


UFO in Round Rock,Texas


Flashing Morphing Star Like Object Pennsylvania March 9th 2013


The Best Of Ufos Weekly March 2013 Part 2


The Best Of Ufos Weekly March 2013 Part 3 (In 1080p)





Excellent report Odi..Thanks

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Excellent report Odi..Thanks for taking so much time to get the creme de la creme of recent UFO videos.. They were all great...these dozen vids..WOW! Totally enjoyed them..It's a blessing to all of us to continue seeing daily proof that our Divine Galactic Family are here. ) <3

BlueStar Report

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Thank you Doreen!!!!


Yes- I agree,  seeing the videos is like getting a hug from our Star Family!

Light and Love