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Earth allies based in Great Britain are delighted to announce the opening of planet earth’s heart chakra gate, also known as the ‘lion’s gate’.

Many lightworkers and awakened beings have been given notice of this great event, with forewarning that disclosure will be announced by the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

‘London 2012’ is a global energy portal representing the codes of disclosure and planetary ascension.  The staging of the planet’s greatest celebration of collective human endeavor in Great Britain draws our attention to unity, the potential made possible in the small, technical revolution and balancing the energies of East and West –the right and left brain – to stay centered and heart conscious. The Lion is a traditional British emblem and is the current signature of GB’s Olympic team.


The event coincides with the activation of the planetary heart chakra gate of the new crystalline soul grid – also based in Great Britain.  The grid is the basis through which the planet’s new light is being transferred through ascended 5D humans.

The ascension of humans into 5D means that planet earth has requested the right to clean up its planetary consciousness in order to become a fully galactic civilisation.  The planetary consciousness is constructed from information – also known as light – and disclosure represents the transfer of higher frequency light into the planetary biosphere.

The biosphere is not constructed from material but the projection of light signals.  This means that the planet’s ascension is reliant on cleaning up information that is being put out into collective consciousness – currently maintained through the planet’s 3D media.

This cleaning up of the atmosphere can be achieved through lightworkers, ascended humans and awakening beings working in unison to project new information into collective consciousness.  It can be undertaken through the creation of an internet-crystalline-grid based network where ascending beings can unify their light in order to broadcast changing frequencies.


The heart chakra in Great Britain is the centre point of this network, with allies stationed in place to co-ordinate the activity and assist with communications activities.  Our allies have been trained for this role, are fully heart consciousness and working in full collaboration with the Galactic Council and the ground crew at the Galactic Free Press.  However, like the heart, they are only the co-ordinating centre and their effectiveness is reliant on the collective efforts of the entire grid.

Further information will be released in due course and you can pre-register to be involved and receive further releases at www.earth-star-network.com.  All updates will also be published via the Galactic Headquarters at Galactic Free Press.





In honour of the Christ consciousness and divinity of all beings




Short Window

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"with forewarning that disclosure will be announced by the 2012 Olympic Games in London."


It all ends in 4 day!

Another let down

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It will just be another let down.  This is my last hope for this website to redeem itself.


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You have yet to understand something. Instead of letting everything come off as a let-down, you should continue to preserve and promote the energy and excitement that you feel from such announcements. Your let-downs that you experience are only possible because of your perception. You must realize that major things happen with divine timing, perfect timing, with the best outcome for all taken into account. It is not this website that needs to redeem itself, it is the people of this planet that need to redeem themselves. And one way to do that is to let go of expectations. Your comment shows that you do not have high hopes for such an event to happen soon. But you would not be here if you did not have hope at all. You must keep your hopes high and promote the Light energy so that others can combine with it and bring manifestation. That is how collective consciousness works and you musn't be so discouraged. Things happen when they are meant to happen. Not a moment sooner. And this website has no control over that. They are here to spread the positive vibrations and excitement of the Golden Age and nothing less. Peace be with you friend.

Energy output Today

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It like someone just turned up the volume to maximum today..

Clock ticking really fast it's feels like I can hear and feel the

Wave of love..

Wow truly awesome..
Regardless of what the doubters say I feel Love is close by..

Good luck in the coming days..

My undying affection

 First, we've not giving any

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First, we're not giving any guarantees on what's supposed to happen in the "future". This is not about putting faith in channeled messages, it's about your own Awakening. Also, notice this part of the message, and realize disclosure may not happen in the way people expect:

...disclosure represents the transfer of higher frequency light into the planetary biosphere.

This is what disclosure

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This is what disclosure represents Will...

dis·clo·sure   [dih-skloh-zher] Show IPA
the act or an instance of disclosing;  exposure; revelation.
that which is disclosed;  a revelation.
Patent Law . (in a patent application) the descriptive information imparted by the specification claims, drawings, and models submitted.

I'm well aware of what the

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I'm well aware of what the dictionary says, but I'm repeating how this message defines disclosure.

Heart Chakra-THANK YOU

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I felt a tremendous surge of pure energy today and felt like my whole body was being rewired. I can't thank all who have worked so hard enough. Things have come a long way and I know it has been a hard road. I was not at work today and knew this would be a very special day. Namaste

PS-Any way I can help please let me know.


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At your service

I live in the U.k , I'm a Leo

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I live in the U.k , I'm a Leo and my birthday is tomorrow (aug 9th ). I am being treated to a camping holiday in September to Glastonbury .... I am the happiest synchronised man right now ..... Life is fricking awesome , love you all from the heart x ( p.s. happy anniversary ma and pa ) x

Knowing Your Role As A Lightworker

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I have to say I have been pretty "in tune" with things since the Harmonic Convergence in 1985 or 1986 whenever that was.  Since then I have had many "otherworldly" experiences and was inspired to visit Mt. Shasta several times since I already lived in CA.  I knew in 2005 that I wanted to live near there.  I just had to for some reason.  My wish came true in 2007 although in 2008 I had to move(due to circumstances beyond my control) but moved back in 2010.  I live actually about 1 hour away but close enough to it's energies.  I know I am supposed to be here.  And even more so now that I came to this page and saw the map of earth chakras or energy spots(of which I already knew), but seeing the GRID and reading about 8/8/12 and it's significance......I see more the "connectedness" of it.  I started feeling ill last night and am ill today but I think it is for a reason.  I am to slow down and I actually meditated and said a prayer and sent my love energy along the GRID here from Chakra 1/Gate 1.  I especially think there are lightworkers living in certain Chakra areas on the earth, and along the gridline that are there to pass along their positive energy.  And together we all will "short out" the evil energies.  Ancient peoples knew about these gridlines and energy spots but I think the evil ones started taking it over and using them and it is NOW our time to recharge it with LOVE.  

If you would please.... How

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If you would please....

How do you know there is such a thing as a Galactic Council?
Who are theses allies of yours?

"'London 2012’ is a global energy portal representing the codes of disclosure and planetary ascension"

How did you come to this conclusion?

"Many lightworkers and awakened beings have been given notice of this great event, with forewarning that disclosure will be announced by the 2012 Olympic Games in London."

Does this mean this website believes disclosure WILL happen? If so how do you know? This website has given false dates before....I just want to know where you are getting your information from.

We don't believe it will

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We don't believe it will happen, and we don't believe it wont happen either. We put our intention into it occurring, without expectation of what should happen. The future is only the result of what we create now, it's not set in stone.

Thank you for answering one

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Thank you for answering one of my questions.

Do you know the others?

I would really like to know how anybody knows about a Galactic Council...if its even real

I didn't write the message,

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I didn't write the message, so I'm not sure what was meant. It comes from an author who doesn't normally release messages on here.

Oh ok. I guess I didn't catch

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Oh ok. I guess I didn't catch that.

I can't wait to see my star brothers and sisters....

I dunno if there is such a thing as the galactic council. Nature doesn't have a global council. I don't believe acended beings even need a council.

How do you expect it to

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How do you expect it to happen if you don't believe with all your mind, heart, and feeling?

Because belief only

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Because belief only indirectly leads to manifestation. If all you had to do was believe, Humanity would have moved out of darkness long ago. We're moving out of illusion, while beliefs are the type of thinking that keeps people stuck in illusion. Beliefs are from the mind, not the Heart or from feeling. A feeling is far more true than a belief can ever hope to be.

I didn't just say believe.

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I didn't just say believe. It's a combination of believing, feeling, and emotion that moves the law of attraction. That's what I learned anyway...

The spam filter is a little

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The spam filter is a little more aggressive for users without accounts. We'd prefer not to use it, but our posts would be full of ads if we didn't.

I admire your patience in

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I admire your patience in answering all of these! Thank you for your work.

Were attention goes...

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Were attention goes,
energy flows,
the more love,
the faster re-union with our galactic families above!