BREAKING NEWS! Millions of Protestors in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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At this time, we are unsure on what is going on in Brazil, but the mainstream media isn't reporting this. Something is up. All we have on this breaking news story is this photograph and the video of the protestors in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

~Updates will come as they become available~




What an amazing time in

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What an amazing time in humanity this is.    It is almost irrelevant what the masses are about in a way!    Beyond words and feelings. 

Approx. 100K+, not millions

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I read that there is a protest over the rising costs of transportation, to cover expenses on the World Cup and sports.  The people are fed up that the government is not taking care of important education and hospitals.  Sounds like it was a bunch of things that added up to a city wide protest...A small group of protestors turned violent by starting a fire with the State Legislature Assembly building.  The majority are peaceful.