A Brief Solstice Message from the Council of Angels Pleiadian Council and Source via Goldenlight 12-21-13

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We want you to know that you are transforming into a higher being of light; that your multidimensional self is “coming online” so to speak and that your world is also transforming likewise… That the release of the global prosperity funds is being planned for after Christmas, that the liberation of your planet from the dark forces is very real. That there will be a ‘time’ that will intersect with your ‘now’ timeline wherein we will intersect our star nation societies our energies our love our higher dimensional technologies and so much more.

That global prosperity which seems so far out of reach to many will become a very tangible part of your reality and allow for the release of the slavery system on earth; that there will be a great equalizing occurring for all of humanity and that an unconditional love and infusion of golden light into your airwaves will lovingly penetrate to the very core all who inhabit your planet. That this intersection of the reality of global prosperity peace and goodwill towards all will tangibly intersect with your now realities. That I am the Source Creator Energy of All that lovingly provides for you and am the Source of All in the Infinite Now Time of All. That you are my beloved creations who I care most lovingly for and that you inhabit a planet which is the first piece or domino in a chain reaction that is going to sweep across the universe and that you are all a part of this plan… My grand plan of Creation… and that this beautiful Golden Age upon which you are entering has been planned by me for eons and that there is no stopping it. That your lives on earth will irrevocably change as you continue to raise your frequencies and that all that has been going on behind the scenes will now begin to manifest in your realities. That I love you beyond measure, beyond space and time and eternally and unconditionally.

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Thank You

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Thank you for your beautiful message. Feeling infused with your Golden Light right now..