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It's funny, I can see LOVE IN Everything, and in Everyone, and the BRILLIANCE IS AMAZING. My EYE FEELS the experience of NOW as LIFE PRESENT. Joy Abounds and NOW IS ETERNAL.

For me, Being a participant in my life requires me to be Present and Aware of NOW, and what is happening around me as well as what's happening within me. All the While, LOVE IS the WOW of the experience I am having.

In every way, life and creation are interwoven into a magical dance of experience and expression.  This is what everyone is given, increasingly. Whether one is Aware or not, LOVE IS ALL they are, ALL WE ARE TOGETHER, UNIFIED PRESENT-NESS unfolding naturally as Creation does in every LIVING MOMENT.

Unity on the simplest level of the DIVINE LOVE, available to ALL ALIVE as AWARENESS in BEING PRESENT.

In Society, one must "obey" the "Rules", yet the ones making the "Rules" get to be free of following them. Lol

In True Civilization, there is only one "Rule" and it's not really a Rule, it's more of a request, Be Yourself.

The other requests are even simpler, Be Happy, Being Yourself.

The ignorant are the ones making up the "Rules" to protect themselves from Reality, Reality is much more REAL than the ignorant's Rules to keep everyone in illusion and in fear.

Civilization is what REALITY IS MADE OF, for TRUE REALITY serves everyone just by being REAL.

When CIVILIZATION is embraced, and a living experience by all present, then ABUNDANT BLESSINGS belong to ALL MEMBERS of the CIVILIZATION. Not to just a few who think they own everything, and everyone owes them their life and a pound of flesh, too. lol