Butterflies heralding the new energy

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I often see recurring themes around me in terms of animals that present themselves to me. It is one way that spirit helps to tell me stories. I have been seeing two kinds of butterflies in my area that are significant. The first, has a look alike and we only were able to identify it based on territory. It is the Western Tiger Swallowtail - it features yellow with black markings, similar to the Zebra Swallowtail. 


Photo and reference to this butterfly here: http://www.redorbit.com/education/reference_library/science_1/insecta/2580192/western_tiger_swallowtail/


The second butterfly that I have been seeing is brown with white wingtips. It is called the Mourning Cloak - I feel it represents the energies of past relationships, while the Tiger Swallowtail is hope.


On my walk the other day I was presented with a pair of Western Tiger Swallowtail wings that were directly on my walking path. Today when I went out I saw one of the yellow butterflies dart across my path, dancing with the Mourning Cloak. As they were dancing in swooped a second Tiger Swallowtail and the three of them swirled around each other until the two flew off as a perfect wing pair, like Twin Flames for butterflies!


I started grinning from ear to ear at how exciting it was, having just purchased a crystal at 13:13:13 and reading this article: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/earth-undergoes-extreme-metamorphosis-spiralling-solar-creative-genesis-force-center-sun


As I came around the corner I saw a young gay couple cuddling on a park bench to underscore the interpretation I had intuitively made. But then, I`m sure if you are reading this blog you probably already felt the surge: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/gaia-portal-update-instantaneous-upshift-gaia-energy


I would be remiss in not also referencing the link to yellow butterflies from the Oracle Report on the 6th. I was reminded of this date when the wrong `day` written on my receipt earlier today, calling me back to something I had read earlier to ensure that it was included. In the report Bagala is represented by yellow butterflies and flowers, with a reported arrival of the 10th. I usually feel these things three days prior, so it appears to me that everything is right on track! Bagala, again, referenced from the Oracle Report as clearing out what we don`t need (Mourning Cloak) so that the new Twin Flame & Shambhala energies can take it`s place. 


I hope these correspondences help lift your heart leading up to the solstice. 


In love 7 light, 


Tryak (Try 111)