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Call for Help

To our Galactic Space Brethren

Salusa, March 14, 2011:

„…Karma is a factor that we cannot interfere with, but we can respond to your calls for help that are received by us in Love and Light…“

„…Keep your thoughts and prayers coming to us for open contact with you, and in your own you will be helping speed up that event…“

The PAO team takes the current natural disaster and the nuclear accident as an occasion to ask the visitors of our PAO website to join in a regular meditation within the immediate days for a powerful manifestation of a healing solution for the area around Japan and for the whole Earth. The time for action has come!

We commend to carry out this affirmation several times a day.

In order to step up the effect of that affirmation we, the PAO community, choose for the next time the hour between 10:00 PM (20:00H) and 10:30 PM ( 20:30) Germany Hour, each night.

Let all of us afford our active contribution to give a positive “push” for open contact!

The following affirmations may serve as a recommendation; they may be used every time and everywhere in everyday life:

- I choose the support of the Galactic Federation for a healing of the natural disaster in Japan – Now!

- I choose the prevention of nuclear cataclysm in Japan – Now!

- I send waves of peace, hope and courage. May they get support an healing through God’s active stepping in – Now!

- I choose the open contact with the Galactic Federation of Light – Now!

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Be One! – Be In Joy!)
Martin Gadow