Canadian Trial May Soon Hold Bankers Accountable For Their Crimes

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The Canadian and US mainstream media have been silent about this. They're hoping nobody will notice that people actually are fighting back against the incredible corruption of the international banks.

The monopoly of private banks' exclusive privilege of lending money to governments will, for the second time in our history, soon be put on trial. The first time it was debated in the House of Commons, it led to the creation of the Bank of Canada. It's time to restore the Bank of Canada and jail the banksters.

We are in a perpetual-debt crisis because we've allowed foreign private interests to control the creation of money and, by extension, federal economic and social policy for their private interests. Banks are guaranteed billions in profits every year as families slide deeper into debt. Forget income splitting; imagine the tax relief once we escape debt bondage and compound-interest payments.

Arguing for the plaintiffs -- Ann Emmett, centenarian William Krehm and the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform ( -- is perhaps Canada's most prominent constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati. Galati, who consistently undermines and reverses government decisions and actions, is not shy in declaring Canada "a quiet dictatorship."...



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