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[ "Drawing down the MOON" - a beautiful, simple and easy-to-apply ritual... provided this resonates with you. ~ES]

By Colin Bondi [The Divine Male speaking! ~ES]


At this full moon of Cancer/Capricorn it is time to revisit the archetypes of mother/father, in particular the feminine energy of these two signs. Cancer is the mother who births us, the gateway to consciousness in form. Capricorn is the father who initiates us, the gateway to spiritual consciousness/contribution in the world. There is enlightenment to be awakened in the knowledge that both these archetypes of mother/father are feminine. This month’s Full Moon message is written by Colin Bondi sharing his masculine approach to relationship with the feminine. - Julia Bondi


I’ve been a city person for most of my life, very much enjoying everything about the intensity and energy of city life. However just recently I moved out to a place on 20 acres of land to join friends in creating a Woman-led Goddess based community. The transition has been very difficult as I find that I miss the comfortable feeling of people and activity all around me. Yet the potential for this new environment is making itself more and more clear because being a man who worships and serves the Goddess I am now more fully in her domain. Our cities can unfortunately disconnect us from the natural currents of life that are so prevalent in nature.


Much of my work the last few years has involved the Divine Feminine and the Goddess, reconnecting with that energy within me, appreciating it in women and helping it to be more fully expressed in the world at large. As a man who still unfortunately lives in a patriarchal society (which is thankfully crumbling), I feel I have a responsibility and calling to serve the Goddess in all her forms. One of the ways I’ve gotten in touch with her presence is through practice with the moon. The Moon has been a symbol for the Goddess and the feminine in general since the dawn of man. The over emphasis on the masculine has caused many of us to forget the power of the Moon in our personal lives.


I began my practice by simply paying attention to the cycles of the moon and relating my feelings and energy level to it. Over time I found correlations between the cycle and what was going on for me internally. I saw that I was a part of that cycle in an intimate way and could use it in a practical sense. My practice with the New Moon involves the dark Goddess and going inward to reflect and ground. Its a time to set intentions for the beginning of a new lunar cycle and give thanks for the previous one while clearing away any unresolved inner residue. The Full Moon is a time of more outwardly directed energy and bringing intentions to full empowered manifestation.


I do a variation of the practice of drawing down the moon as a direct way of communing with the Goddess. This practice involves being outdoors on the Full Moon and visualizing the radiant moon disk moving down from the sky and entering into you, centering at the heart level. The impact of this can open the heart to the feminine in a powerful way. This allows us to directly engage the feminine energy and ends with that energy being grounded down into the Earth. Paying attention to and working with the lunar cycle is a simple way to bring the Goddess more fully into one’s life.

As I do this practice more and more and open myself to the natural world, I see and feel the presence of the Goddess all around me. She is reflected in the women I live with, in the birds that congregate outside my window, in the trees that surround our place and most importantly in the depths of my own heart. Bringing the Goddess back into a primary role in society means living more naturally, more intuitively and more of a healthy balanced life. Its a very different experience of life than we typically see in mainstream society but we are in desperate need of this balancing. As a man I find that my masculine energy is much more powerful and effective when grounded in and guided by the feminine. As most of us live by the daily movement of the sun (the father), we can create a new level of balance by bringing the lunar cycle (the mother) into our lives.


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About Colin Bondi
A warrior on the path of freedom and awakening, Colin Bondi is devoted to the Goddess; he worships the Divine Feminine as the Mother of Life and ground of being. He's practiced meditation for over 20 years, is a student of western occultism including Tarot and Qaballah, and has earned a BA and MA in psychology. His path involves living fearlessly in the present moment, with power, and an open heart. He enjoys walking between the worlds and invites others to step outside of the matrix and join him. His blog is Awaken in the Now.




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I draw this picture when i was awaken-it is from my vizualisations-i use this to travel in its portal-its gatekeeper are the force of love

welcome to travel in it-it is made of pure love