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As we say good-by to 2015….and look towards 2016……it is time to think back on how far you have come in the year of 2015…..and where you would like to be at the end of 2016. The year 2016….it isn’t over yet! This is a year to get your “Ducks in a Row.” It is time to get down to business. It is the time to get unfinished business sorted out and things in order. What are your goals? What new realities are you co-creating? What kind of future, what kind of world are you looking forward to living in? Now is the time! This is the last year that we will have the full energies of the Cardinal Square……to help push us, and guide us….and give us the ability and power to co-create our own reality….to co-create the “New.” Even though since 2010…some of the “help” from the Cardinal Square has been harsh…chaotic…transformative…with many changes…having to let go of people, places and things that are not vibrating where we are vibrating….things have been put right in our faces….right in our faces….so we couldn’t avoid them and we had to deal with them! Those changes and transformations have helped us move forward, transform and evolve.…even if we don’t see it right away. Next year the Cardinal Square starts to pull away…..when Pluto and Uranus are no longer in the Cardinal Square…..we will then…… be on our own.

This Capricorn New Moon is a powerful one…..and New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. It is a time to connect with Source-God/Goddess an ask those deep questions about life and your future. It is time to take the leap of faith and fall into the wings of what is truly possible for you in 2016.

This New Moon is sitting in Capricorn. Capricorn rules the government, the military, the banks, corporate America etc. Capricorn is about integrity, respect, maturity and to have the discipline to be able to focus on your goals, both worldly (the mountain goat) and for your Spiritual Soul growth (the fish tail). Capricorn is the sign of the Initiate! Capricorn is about structures and the “old.” So during this this New Moon…..we are being asked to let go of the “old” that is no longer working….purge….clean out…..and move away from people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating. Get rid of things that are not working for you anymore. Do all of this with Compassion….and in the kindest way possible. You are building a new structure and it is You….build it with the highest vibrations you can and let go of anything that isn’t part of the new structure. Capricorn is about mastering the material world…while embodying integrity and respect! It is about where we have earthly ambitions that we eventually replace with our Spiritual Service.

The New Moon is sitting in Capricorn. Capricorn rules the government, the military, the banks, corporate America etc. Capricorn is about integrity, respect, maturity and to have the discipline to be able to focus on your goals, both worldly and for your Spiritual Soul growth. Capricorn is the sign of the Initiate! Capricorn is about structures and the “old.” This New Moon is asking us to let go of the “old” that is no longer working….purge….clean out…..and move away from people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating. Get rid of things that are not working for you anymore. Do all of this with Compassion….and in the kindest way possible. You are building a new structure and it is You….build it with the highest vibrations you can and let go of anything that isn’t part of the new structure. The Capricorn energies of patience and timing are also present.

Capricorn is also about Time….liner time and the “real world”. Pluto is in Capricorn and sitting with the New Moon. Transformation around time, and the “real world”. With all the activations over this last year and the Galactic center being activated so much, the opening to the Universe has been stretched to let more Universal time arrive on Earth. Universal time is now mixing with liner time. Have you had a day where you just run out of time? A day where you feel as if you “lost” time? One of the things this New Moon is saying is that we are learning to balance Universal and Liner time so that our communities on earth and throughout the Galaxy can work together, back and forth, with the same time system. This means that traditional physics, for example, is being transformed into future ideas such as Quantum areas and realms where things are not so structured or stationary.

Capricorn also represents the Wisdom of the Elders…..the Elders now, in the past, in the future and throughout the Galaxies. Listen to them….close your eyes, sit with the Earth (outside if possible or sit with your hand in the dirt of large potted plant)…feel the Earth….then call in the Elders….and Listen! Capricorn’s earthly energies also help us to be able to co-cerate the “New” by bringing it into form. Capricorn energy can show us how to strengthen your footing in the “New” that we are co-creating....throughout the entire year.

This is a very powerful New Moon. With all the chaos and disruptions of the last several months.....this Capricorn New Moon helps us to move forward with the rebuilding process and restructuring of our goals and our wishes of how we want our “New” world and ourselves to be. Capricorn helps us to bring our goals and our manifestation/intentions into reality…… by showing us how to ground them into the “new” structures that we are co-creating! Meditate on this theme…..ask for guidance…..Listen and then manifest…….

This New Moon is also part of the ongoing powerful Cardinal Square. I will briefly explain the Cardinal Square again as it has been the main focus of this shift….that started in 2010 and that will be the back drop of all the Astrology of the year 2016….again this is the back drop of all Astrological energies for 2016:

This Capricorn New Moon is sitting with Pluto in this Cardinal Square…making the New Moon part of the Cardinal Square. The Cardinal energy is the energy of…..Birthing of New, Change, Transformation, and Urgency. The 2 main planets of the Cardinal Square are: Pluto and Uranus, and they are both sitting in Cardinal Energy

Pluto in the Cardinal Square is about transformation….transformation of your Soul and the Soul of the Earth…it doesn’t care what kind of car you drive or where you live, or how much money you have….it only cares about your Soul. It is emphasizing… lies, no secrets, no out of bounds ego, no judgment, no manipulation or control. Pluto cares about integrity and respect of all….we are all one!

Pluto (sitting next to the Capricorn New Moon) is letting us know that transformation can happen through our emotions and family (the Moon) and that you need to stay within integrity and respect when communicating. Things will be brought up, during this time, about relationships…all relationships including family ones. Meditate during this powerful New Moon on relationships especially family, and your emotional entanglements. Ask for guidance on what needs to be let go of, and how to do it in the most compassionate way as we shift into higher energies. Be sure to Listen! Remember that even though you can’t see the moon, you can hear your guidance when you Listen. Manifest and Meditate…and above all Listen….this new Moon has something to say.

Uranus is the planet of constant change, humanity/community, thinking out side of the box, being able to see the big picture, and the rebel. It can bring about revolutionary change. Uranus is in Aries (the warrior, the pioneer, the crusader, the “Me” energy, passion, action, courage). Uranus is about your tribe, the genius. Uranus is also the God ruler of Aries. Why would the Universe put the God Ruler of Aries in Aries at this time and in such a powerful Cardinal Square? It is asking us to gently move from the “Me” to the “We” energy. We are all one….no one is better than anyone else…we are all one. We need the warrior, but we need the spiritual warrior for all humanity…..the spiritual pioneer, crusader for all humanity, for your community, for your tribe. This is the “New”….part of the “New World” that we are co-creating.

Remember that in honoring all relationships (the Capricorn New Moon in the Cardinal Square)….we also need to honor the relationship within ourselves. The relationship of the everyday mundane realities, and our Spiritual realities. They need to be balanced….they/we need to appear as one! There should be no separateness. When we evolve into higher Spiritual realities and energies… is something that should be with us all the time! It becomes us! We don’t separate them…..we don’t go to work and be another person and then come home and be a Spiritual person. We have to embody the spirituality on a daily bases….everywhere we go….everywhere we are…..everyone we meet…. will see us as a whole Spiritual Soul based person. This won’t be easy……but this is part of this shift. Speaking and showing the truth of who we are….. By being our true spiritually evolved selves, we will attract people to us……they can feel the higher energy and then they will want to be a part of it. We help others evolve spiritually just by embodying our higher energies all the time….and by just being who we are!

During this powerful Capricorn New Moon….we also have Venus and Saturn conjunct (sitting together). This conjunction guides us to clarify our values, commitments and priorities. Venus represents love, beauty, creativity, relationships, money and romance. Saturn represents boundaries of the physical plane, time, energy and resources available to us. In relationships it is time to make choices. All relationships need integrity, respect…love and honor….to create a lasting relationship with positive boundaries. Always give enough time and energy to an equal give and take relationship….

Mars entered Scorpio on January 3 for 2 months…. and Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio and for about two months the energy will be a little more powerful and deeper in the Soul. Use this powerful energy to make deep…. thought out Soul changes. You might be asked to go deep into that grayer side of your Soul…were we tend to “hide” what we are avoiding. What is your Soul telling you about what needs to be changed? Soul choices are not easy changes and usually come through relationships…..of all kinds. Soul choices are very important for further Soul growth. Take the action needed and break through the obstacles and old patterns that keep you stuck. Meditate and ask for guidance that you will be able to make good Soul choices and that you can use the power of this Capricorn New Moon… to take the steps in the right directions…. for you! Be sure to Listen…..

Mercury Retrograde started on January 5th through January 25th. When Mercury is retrograde it is a time to internalize everything you want to say both out loud, and in writing! Think before you speak! Mercury spends most of its retrograde in Capricorn. All communications will need to be within integrity and with respect… lies, no secrets! This includes writing, talking, emails, face book, phones, face to face etc. This isn’t a good time to ask for a raise, or to start a new job, or a business (all Capricorn ruled). Just relax, and read through everything you write and think through everything before you speak! Be aware of how you really want to present yourself in all situations….regarding all types of communications.

Jupiter turned retrograde on January 7th in Virgo and will go direct on May 9th….. Jupiter retrograde is a time to internalize and think about our philosophies, our belief systems and our gifts of knowledge and how we would like share them. Jupiter retrograde in Virgo also is giving us the opportunity to complete unfinished business, and anything that might be holding us back (Virgo). It is time to transform our inner critic (gray side of Virgo) to thinking about how to improve our skills and our situations. How to deal more responsibly with our health issues, and our purging of clutter. It is also a time to make plans to find some Joy (Jupiter) in your life and practice it! Take some class’s, read some inspiring books. Find ways to enrich your optimism…and joy! Use this New Capricorn Moon to re-evaluate your priorities, goals and the “new” that you are co-creating. Always remembering that nourishing a life….. can be on a different path then…. making a living!

Ancient Star Systems are also being activated:

This New Capricorn Moon along with Pluto (in the Cardinal Square) are sitting on Vega. Vega is often referred to as the Sapphire Star and is in the constellation Lyre, “the little harp”. One area Vega represents is music, and Pluto (transformation) is within the orb of Vega, transforming music into the “new” in many different areas. Recently there has been an increase in the areas of “Healing with Music”. Expect and create more avenues to open up in all areas of Music, especially around the areas of healing. Vega was used by our ancient ancestors including those from Atlantis and early Egyptians. Vega is also associated with the sign Capricorn, which is the sign the New Moon is in. Music is considered an International language and Capricorn represents the government and structures (medicine/hospitals).

Pluto is also opposing Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and one of the closest. Mystic Alice Bailey has called Sirius “the great star of initiation”, and “the source of wisdom”. In esoteric Astrology, Sirius is considered to be our spiritual Sun, overseeing the awakening of humanity.

These activations of Vega and Sirius …. represents the importance of the ancient knowledge from our ancestors, the Elders, and the wisdoms that they/we received while being connected to these stars throughout the Galaxies and star systems. When these ancient star systems are being activated….we also can connect with their energies and wisdoms.

Think about where you were at this time last year, to where you are now………can you see how much you have moved forward into the “New”……can you see the powerful changes that you have made, in your life… your thinking ….in the world..….and how you are able to really see that big picture down the road……and to know that you are not only……. Co-Creating yourself, but that you are helping to Co-create the World? We are moving rapidly into the “New”……. Meditate on how you have moved forward in this last year… you have grown, and the new goals you are making for yourself and the World.

All changes are for the Good……We are being provided with everything we need to do the work that we came here to do. This is a time to be still and to listen. Open up to and acknowledge what you are feeling, hearing or seeing. The veils are very thin now so ask for guidance from God/Goddess, Creator, and your Angels and Guides. Lets create a beautiful reality for the Earth, for Humanity, for Community and for Ourselves.

At this powerful New Moon…….Meditate on your future and the future of the Earth! Manifest Love, Peace, and Joy for all humanity. Connect with God/Goddess and all your guidance……communicate with them…..ask for guidance… still ad listen to the things that you are feeling and hearing. Create a beautiful world for yourself and all humanity!

With this Cardinal Square involved with this Capricorn New Moon...we are being asked to become aware of our power, as we create and manifest with every thought we have. Again it is time to get our “Ducks” in a row. What is it that “We” want to create and bring to this “New” that we are co-creating? Direct that power from the Heart as you mediate and manifest on this Capricorn New Moon. Meditate on how things are transforming and changing in the “Real World” to the “New World”, and how we are now moving into areas that we have never been in before…remember to focus on the Heart and create from the Heart! The Heart is the new brain! Create a beautiful World for you, your community and all humanity. This is a powerful New Moon. Create and manifest your future, set down your goals for the year. Sit with yourself and Listen !!!! Listen to your guidance….Listen to your Soul.

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2016 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.

Cathy Lindsey
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