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Equinox March 2011:
The Birth of Unity Consciousness
a message from Celia Fenn

Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 (posted 24 March, 2011)

I have been trying to write something for most of this month, but every time I sit dowm to write I feel as though something is saying no, stop, not that way. The Changes in the last few weeks have been so immense and so profound that it seems hardly appropriate to go on doing things in the same old way. Something new is birthing, some new consciousness and some new way of Being...and like most of you I am still trying to work out how we articulate and feel our way into this new phase of our evolution.
So, this is not a channel as such, althoug much of the information comes via the channel sources that I work with, including Archangel Michael and the Cetacean energies. It is rather my own observations of the deep changes from the perspective of the Earth Plane Reality and our experience of Co-Creating here with Spirit. I have been a channel for many years and I have great respect for the process, but I have come to see that as we shift into this new period of "Unity Consciousness" that our understanding of the channeling process will shift as we understand the true Nature of what this shift into a New Reality means for us.

We are changing our perception of Who and What we Are, as we move to a new understanding of our place in the Cosmic Reality. And how we relate to Each Other within that New Reality. And it is happening in such an accelerated way that most of us are still reeling from the shifts and changes. We have known for a while that the Earth was preparing herself for this change, and so it comes as no surprise to us, but what is surprising is the form that it is taking and how we are being pushed to adapt at such a fast rate. I think most of us imagined that the New Reality would be pretty much like the old one, just much better. And I think it will be, much better that is, when it is fully in place, but right now we are in a Transition phase in which we are shifting from the old to the new, and this present Equinox is the moment when we engage top gear and move into the changes at a pace that will be beyond the human mind to grasp and comprehend.

This may sound frightening, because we have become so used to the power of the rational mind in this Age of Logic and Reason, and we feel that we should be able to explain everything and control everything, even in our Spiritual practice. We have come to believe that our ability to create and co-create means that we are "in control" of everything in our reality. Well, on the Higher Level we are, but not on the level of being able to think our way through this transition, or finding ways to make it look comfortable. If we focus from an entirely mental and emotional level, we will be very uncomfortable.

There is only one way to say it.....the Age of the Mind is over....we have moved into a New Phase of Our Evolution. We are needing something different to make sense of our Reality and that which is to come in the months that unfold. The Mayan Calendar concept of the Ninth Wave perhaps explains the rapid shift into a new phase of being where the mind somehow cannot as yet understand what is happening. Yes, we know that we need to move into our Hearts, we have been told that, but what does it mean in reality?

Feeling my way into this via channeled material, I have had to deal with two concepts...the one is the nature of Love and Divine Love, and the other is Unity Consciousness itself. In the latest unpublished channel from Archangel Michael, Love is defined as "Divine Creative Intelligence". That which we experience as Divine Love is the unfolding of an Intelligence that created and evolves through that experience of creation. We are part of that flow of Love and we express that Love in who we are. When we are aligned with that flow of Love we can feel it as supportive and abundant and beautiful. When we move away from that flow of Divine Creative Intelligence in it's creative role we feel the opposite side of the energy...the lack of creation and the destruction that allows for new forms to arise that do indeed express Divine Creative Intelligence.

This just seems to be the way things work...the ancients knew that and so do the Indigenous peoples. You have to live in Harmony with and Respect for Nature, otherwise you will find yourself moving away from the Divine Creative Intelligence and you will then be replaced by the New Creation. We also know, through our Spiritual Work in the last decades, that this Divine Creative Intelligence that we might call God, has given us the opportunity to work together to realign ourselves with that Flow and to be a part of the Creation of the New Earth that will express Divine Creative Will. All is in Divine Order and all is as we desired and worked for.

What is happening now and will happen in the future is an Expression of Divine Creative Intelligence and of Love in its highest form. We can be sure of that.

I think that will be the first place where we will have to accept that the mind will have difficulty in grasping many of the things that will happen in our reality. It will not be neat and tidy and we will have no control over many of the things that will happen globally or personally. The "control" will be given over to the Higher Levels of our Being, and to those levels that we call Spirit and Angels and Celestial Beings. To that Level of our Being. We can only serve Divine Purpose as it manifests in our lives. This is where we have to "evolve" and be willing to "listen" to the Heart. I would define the Heart as the Receptor for Divine Will and Truth. We will have to listen within to hear that deep voice of Divine Will and Truth that is within us.

This is where channels can be helpful. Those who are clear channels are able to tap into this level of Reality and connect with what is being Created and Lived in these Higher Dimensions and translate it into forms that can be understood by the Mind. But, essentially, a pure channel should provide an experience of "already knowing", for it speaks to what is already known on a deep level but is now making its way into the mental levels to be grasped by the mind.

In the past, our ancestors understood the importance of "deep knowing", and this function was served by the Shamans and Seers who could walk and dance in the Dream Time and bring back the "messages" of those who served Divine Creative Intelligence on the Higher Levels of Creation. But, we evolved to a state where we began to trust the Mind more than the Deep Intelligence, and we were not able to hear the voice of the Deep Wisdom so clearly. We forgot to listen to Wise Ones and the Seers and we started to follow the Mind.

Well, we can say that this was all part of the Evolution of our Planet and our Species to this point, and all in Divine Order, as it was. But, as we take this next step in our Evolution, the Deep Knowing as a way of aligning with the Divine Creative Intelligence has become necessary for each one of us. We need to feel and to know, rather than to think.

So, as I write this and as you read it,you will need to "feel" for Truth as well as reading with the Mind. Both levels should engage together, for this is what it means to Live aligned to the Heart...the Heart leads and the mind follows.

Flowing into Unity Consciousness
So, the next question seems to be what exactly would "Unity Consciousness" be, and how would it be different to the kind of Consciousness that we have experienced up to now.

In our Modern World, we have a great emphasis on the Individual and individual Consciousness, and I would go so far as to say that the "Individual" has been the greatest "myth" of the Age of the Mind.

In the New Reality we will have to confront the basic Truth that while we may see ourselves as "individual entities" or "individual expressions" of energy, we are in fact all expressions of One Creative Intelligence that calls us forth in order to grow and experience itself. We are in fact "illusions" in that we have no individual existence, or we are all "channels" for the expression of Divine Energy in some way. In other words, there is a larger and more powerful being that is expressing itself through us and through all creation, and this Being is determining the direction of Creation, not Us. Well, we have a share....in this New Reality we are invited to understand that we are now Co-Creators, in that we can work with this energy to determine how we would like that energy to manifest from our side, but we need to do it in alignment with the greater flow of energy.

Yes, we all knew that...we like to say "we are One" and "Namaste"....but then we like to go on acting as though we are in fact "individuals". I am not trying to negate our Being, but my feeling is that we are rather "Composites". I have become aware recently how my identity is that of all the people I have met and interacted with in my life. Indeed, we are One, we become part of each other as we play out our part in each other's lives day by day.

This concept is immensely liberating in one way. We are no longer bound by concepts of Blame and Guilt for things that may go "wrong" in life. If we can comprehend, as we have begun to recently, that we are all in the Flow of this energy, then we understand that what we express comes from a deep source that is larger than ourselves, and that as our ancestors knew, keeping the larger community in a stable and balanced way was the key to people living happy "individual" lives, and not the other way round. We are relearning that very slowly.

Yes, now we have a huge Global Community and we are having to confront the way in which the lack of balance in the Community as a whole is expressed in our daily lives as a lack of Balance within Us as "individuals". Slowly, we are coming to see that what is expressed on our Planet has moved so into the "destruction" phase of Divine Creative Intelligence, that we are finding it difficult to align with the Creative and Positive aspects of our Deep Being.

The Key is Compassion
So, at this point you might ask...how do we begin to realign with that deep Inner Wisdom and Truth within ourselves, as "individuals" and within our communities?

My understanding is that the key is Compassion...that most beautiful of Energies that is held by the Divine Feminine and is making its way back from the deep exile that it has experienced under the rule of patriarchal forms of religion and philosophy in the last periods of our evolution.

Compassion is a form of Divine Love that expresses the true understanding of Divine Creative Intelligence as Love and the Nature of Unity Consciousness.

To express Compassion is to know that whatever befalls another "individual" or group of individuals is also happening to you and within you, because whatever happens on that Deep Level that is causing that expression is also a part of You.

This is why so many sensitive people are able to physically "feel" deep symptoms when disasters happen or when there are Solar Flares or Magnetic storms. They feel within the Physical Body what is happening within the Collective "Them" on a Deep Level.

The events that are unfolding in Japan right now, and also in the Middle East, are our introduction to Unity Consciousness. In the past, we could have assumed that such a "local" tragedy would have very little impact on "us", those who live in developed and civilized societies. We were used to seeing disasters as things that happened to people far away in undeveloped lands. We looked at the pictures for a few days, maybe contributed some money, and then move on with our daily lives. Now, we have a disaster in a First World Developed country that is not going to go away in a few days. The continued problems around the Nuclear Plant will continue to impact on Japan and on Global society, raising all sort of questions about the way we live and how we generate and consume energy. The impact on Health will be felt in developed countries, and there will be a growing realization that not only is nuclear power damaging, it is also "dirty" to the environment. I was just thinking of the intense elemental pollution I experienced when I visited Port Hope in Ontario, where Uranium is processed for the Nuclear Industry in North America.

How we respond will determine whether we survive into the New Earth. The New Earth is there....Divine Creative Intelligence has let us know that this is where we are going. At this point we are being shifted 180 degrees, from our path of destruction to the path of New Creation. In other terms, we are moving from the Old Reality of 3rd Dimensional Individual Consciousness to the New Reality of 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness.

How will we respond? How will we enter into Unity Consciousness? I can't say that I know, only that I know that we will. I have faith in the Human Being/Angel that we are. We will adapt and we will become One with our Destiny. That is what we are Here for! That is what we were born for, to be expressions of Divine Will aligning with a New Reality on this Material Plane.

I believe, as I am sure that you do, that the Cosmos is an expression of Divine Love, and that whatever is intended will be for the highest good and will be an expression of Great Love.

We can align with this by becoming an Expression of Love.

We can align with this by becoming an instrument of Divine Light.

Yes...we know that too...on a deep level....but we are still trying to find out how to do this in our daily lives and it will take time as we adjust.

But, one of the things that I am sure of is that we will have to enter Compassion by releasing our fixation with our individual selves and our abundance and happiness, and move towards a grasp of the health and abundance of the (global) community. I have always had a problem with the kind of "abundance consciousness" that is curently being "marketed" in programs like "The Secret", where people are taught to strive for individual wealth and, let's face it, greed. And I also have a problem with the belief that if I "work on myself" I am doing enough. This to me is like seeing that on the other side of the world people are starving to death, so I will go to the supermarket and make sure that I have a really good meal, and that will mean that everyone is ok. It does take more than that to enter into real compassion and ensure that the "meal" gets to everyone and not just to my abundant table.

How...I don't know yet....but that is the challenge that we face as a group as we begin to make that transition into the New Reality where everyone will have what they need and we will live in harmony with Nature and the Earth as was intended.

I suspect that the Indigo and Crystal Children will show the way forward. I know there are many Indigos who have the ability to do more than just invent Facebook...they can create the technologies that we need to express our Compassion and Love on the Material Plane and in real ways.

And we will live on the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence instead of in the backwash of the destruction.

Towards the 11/11/11 : The November Gateway/Portal
It may seem to us as we enter this period of rapid change, that it is too much for us. We may feel weary on many levels, and we may find that old ways of being and doing things are just not working any more. But that is only what the mind perceives.

On the Higher Level we are moving towards our Destiny, our date with the creation of the New Earth, and in reality, a New Cosmos, a New Dawn. We cannot control this process, we can only partcipate in it in ways that speak to our Hearts and our Deep Wisdom and Knowing. The Mind will not be our Guide in this phase, only the Heart will know!

By the end of October and the 11/11 Stargate, we will be aligned with that New Reality. It will be a short if intense period of Shift and Change. And for those of you in the North, be prepared for a Summer that will be even more intense than last year! And yes, I will be joining you once again in your experiences. Last year I was travelling and experienced the Volcano in Iceland and its effects on Europe and also the huge fires in Russia and the effects on Moscow. In these cases it was necessary to work with the Elemental energies on a deep level to assist in holding balance. I think that will continue to be our role in this period....to hold the balance in partnership with the Earth and allow Divine Creative Intelligence to take its course in whatever shifts and changes need to happen to align us with our New Path forward in Unity Consciousness.

So, as we enter this post Equinox period, we can only move forward in complete Trust that what we are experiencing is in complete alignment with what is intended on the Higher Level and that it will take us to where we need to be in Divine Order.

In the Heart of Divine Love

We are One!

© 2006-11 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global