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Cameron S. Bigger, Contributor
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What if I told you the people creating, pricing and selling us our groceries are the same people in-charge of researching, developing, dispensing, and promoting our most popular prescription medications?

Is it just bad luck or coincidence that in 2017 an American has a heart attack every single 34 seconds, while another has a stroke every 40 seconds? Is it just dumb-luck that over 37.7% of the U.S. population is currently obese, while 34% of the U.S. population has high blood pressure, with over 23.4 million Americans now suffering from diabetes?

Well, these are most likely not coincidences, as the heart disease sector of the U.S. healthcare market is already extremely lucrative—raking in over $318 billion in 2016—while currently rapidly expanding into the global marketplace. In fact, worldwide in 2010, the estimated cost of cardiovascular disease was $863 billion, and it’s estimated to rise to $1044 billion by 2030.

With numbers of this magnitude, it shouldn’t take long to understand why a group of greedy investors might want a piece of this tremendous growth. So badly, that it might even outweigh their moral burdens pertaining to how many people would have to die for them to do so.

Let me explain how this ingenious deception works.

A single, mysteriously hidden, yet, massively rich investment firm called Cerberus Capital Management owns the 2nd largest grocery store chain in North America: Albertson’s Companies, Inc.

Now, Albertson’s is the parent company of multiple other grocery stores, with their largest acquisition being Safeway, meaning that Cerberus currently owns & operates over 2,205 total grocery outlets. Inside the vast majority of these grocery stores, there are pharmacies being operated, often times under different names (such as Sav-On Pharmacies inside of Albertson’s Grocery Stores), but no matter what their name tag may read, all the pharmacies within these over 2,000 stores, are all owned by Cerberus. Along with owning the grocery stores and the pharmacies inside, Cerberus also owns the pharmaceutical research/production company: Covis Pharma.

Again, why not just call it Cerberus Pharma?

The very origin of the word Cerberus, itself, is disturbing: “Cerberus is the monstrous, multi-headed, greek mythological hound dog who guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.”


Well, let’s take a look at what the top sellers are for Cerberus—via Covis Pharma:


Covis Pharma’s top products:

  • Altoprev: Statin (lipid-lowering medication)
  • Sular: Calcium Channel Blocker (lowers blood pressure)
  • Betapace: Heart Rhythm Problems (regulates irregular heartbeat)
  • Lanoxin Injections: Congestive Heart Failure (delays heart attacks)
  • Rilutek: Glutamate Blocker (covers up pains associated with MSG consumption)

As we can see, four-out-of-five of Covis’ top products are used to suppress the symptoms (not treat the causes) of heart problems, while the fifth suppresses the symptoms of MSG consumption (a commonly used preservative in processed meats and canned foods that can lead to a host of medical problems, including heart arrhythmia).

So, why just suppress symptoms of heart disease through chemical medications instead of getting rid of them by better promoting and selling heart-healthier foods?

According to the American Heart Association, by 2030, 40.5% of the US population is projected to have some form of cardiovascular disease, and between 2010 and 2030, the real total direct medical costs of cardiovascular disease are projected to triple, from $273 billion to $818 billion.

As one may hopefully now conceptualize, heart disease is a remarkably lucrative business, and therefore, Cerberus is executing an extremely lethal conflict-of-interest, as they are the people who are quietly stocking our grocery shelves while intentionally profiting so massively off our most debilitating modern-day diseases.

How is it not illegal that the same people who are able to own and sell us our groceries, are also allowed to be dramatically increasing their overall profits by creating and leading a constant supply of sick people directly down a path into their long-term, monthly recurring, heart disease medication payments?

Upon really analyzing the situation, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this corruption runs so deeply that every time a consumer actually makes a heart-healthy selection in any of these 2,205+ stores, it literally compromises the future long-term potential profits of these grocery store/big pharma owners.

In contrast, from a business aspect, it makes sense to the bottom line, and it really is a genius plan. What better way to create a huge, passive, income stream than by secretly poisoning the public in low-dosages through remarkably priced, highly palatable, well-marketed, front-end food products, eventually making them feel ill enough to seek out medical attention, which conveniently generates recurring pharmaceutical sales?

Profit is what Cerberus is ultimately seeking—all the while operating under many different names, banners, and logos to leave the public so confused they wouldn’t even know where to begin tracing the origins of their health problems.

In short, a small group of chemists, business executives and even a former U.S. Vice President are diabolically working together disguised as Cerberus Capital Management Firm and have created a revolving door from food to pharmacy.

Do we really trust this group of individuals to own so much stake in the future of our global food production and health care?


About the Author

Cameron is an internationally-published vegan fitness model & writer who’s passionate about bringing to light the vast medicinal benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet, along with consistent exercise.

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