Chain of Daisies - A Faerie Song

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Just a little something to make you smile from the fairies and me...This is a song I wrote about the fairies calling us to the woods at night to join in their fairy circle dance - inspired by my favourite Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream we recorded the song in my garage in 2003 with Billy Olster from the Canadian band Frozen Ghost doing all the amazing guitar and musical arrangement.  


That is me singing lead and daughter Emily was only 8 singing those sweet fairy vocal backups.


 We later used the song for the ballroom scene in a Pantomine version of Cinderella and have included a short clip with the link.


To hear the full version click on the bottom link and it will automatically play for you on the website for The Backyard Drama Club.


 Enjoy! ...Oh yes and the fairies have a message - they want to remind us to dance in the moonlight more often!!!


'Chain of Daisies'


"Come weave a chain of daisies love,

And wear them in your hair,

And meet me in the forest glade,

To love me if you dare.

Yes come to the woods in the silvery light,

And dance in a ring of faerie light,

To hear the song, Of sweet delight,

They say there's magic there.....

Full song w. music vid and pics