Civilization Is Dynamic, Society Is Stagnant

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Life is what is magical, yet who notices such a gift being given as being present? That's even more funny than magical, lol.

When society exists, civilization is compromised and held back from evolving so society can create stagnant rules to encase civilization in BS. How dumb is that? I wonder...

Civilization is dynamic, society is stagnant, held in time instead of being set free of limits to grow and prosper to benefit the all in everyone.

"Got to have rules", said someone dumb, "gotta keep the dumb under our thumb." So the dumb are dumb and so are dumb's rules.

Society is the flaw in civilization for the two can't exist in balance. Society is always imbalanced for rules are only made by the dumb, for the dumb, to keep dumb safe from freedom. Dumb, write? lol. Dumb ta dumb dumb

Yep, reality is where civilization lives, society is always living in illusion. Ever noticed that? lol

Society pretends to be civilized while destroying civilization for it's own illusionary belief systems.

We is smart
Dumb ta dumb, dumb

Of course Socrates said this way before, I just repeated it, lol. Funny, Socrates had it correct all along, and hemlock is bitter even with lots of honey, lol.

Ignorance thinks it's wise to have rules, well that's ignorance for ya.

What happened on Atlantis was the conflict between society and civilization. Society had power it stole from the free and thus used the power to end freedom and create slaves, so the really dumb ones could be in charge. Still today that's true.

Society is where the dumb go to rule, civilization is where the wise are serving the advancement of civilization. We are moving write along, lol.

Just the thoughts that were wanting to be shared lol