CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report Jan/14 and The Beginning of the Year of Light

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EARTH ENERGY REPORT - January 2014 and The Beginning of the Year of Golden Light & 5th Dimension Arrival

Happy New Year everyone! What a year we have just completed, right? 2013 saw so many upheavals, ups and downs, virtual roller coaster rides of energy. Just when we had one surge, caught our breath, another occurred, then another, and another. 2013 was best described perhaps as the Year of the Roller Coaster rather than the Year of Illuminations and Truths. But in reality, the latter is what we have just undergone and completed. This past year of 2013 was a huge one of truth exposures and bringing Light on not only many issues, but illuminating everything that has been suppressed and sitting in essentially 'darkness' or in the shadows for eons. No arena on the globe was left untouched - the Light was shed on the economic problems, financial sectors, political and government relations and actions, technological communication system developments, unique weather patterns, health care, social and human rights. There was not one single arena that didn't involve utilizing the voice of the people, stepping forward, standing up for what they believed was right or just, and essentially using their voices as the impetus for change and energy shifts. 2013 was about education and awareness as well, not just awareness through the casting of Light on suppressed or covert activities, but also personal awarenesses, involving stepping and placing boundaries on what was acceptable or not acceptable in the immediate personal world. There was learning how to say 'no', how to say 'this is unacceptable to me', removing oneself from toxic situations and no longer sitting back passively and being the 'victim' to the circumstances, but rather taking action and making change through it. It also the year of more pockets of humanity coming together as a collective, and using voice for mass change rather than a scant few being heard.

2013 was also the Year that the people rose more as the collective, and thus by doing so, shifted the mass consciousness of the planet.

Through all of the intense Solar and Lunar activity occurring over the past year, namely Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Solar Flares, 11:11 and 12:12- 12:21 Light gateways, Comet Ison, Geminid meteors, and the Polar tilts, there was certainly an intense amount of Light and heightened energy bombarding the planet. It resulted in a lot of physical upheavals on the body level, as well bringing forward unresolved emotional issues, opportunities to heal long standing feelings of grief, loss, anger, anxiety, which lie in the cellular matrix. Again, shining Lights on all these areas within oneself allowed for exposure to the issues at hand so they could be dealt with head on, completed and released. Much of that roller coaster experience occured on all of these levels, but in truth it was meant to happen in this way, so that the flood of energies as they come in through the beginning of 2014, can arrive onto a new energetic platform. And all of you played the direct role in making that happen. A job well done by doing the energetic cleanup work that was necessary to herald a new year of Golden Light and finally, an anchoring of the Earth into a higher 5th dimensional way of being.

So what is really in store for this new year of 2014? First, as you begin the year, you are poised at the edge of the cliff - the point of making a CHOICE between two roads at all times. There will be two prime questions that will always be in front of you. Should I stay in a place of comfort and unknowing, or should I step forward into a greater awareness? Should stay in what I know to be safe and familiar, or should I try something new? Should I follow what the external world is dictating, or do I act on what I believe to be correct or what my intuition says, possibly contradicting or conflicting with what is happening around me? Do I act firmly with the sole intentions of it serving only myself, or can I step forward and harmoniously work with others and compromise in the process? Will I stay in the same 'story' that I have been relating to myself and the world around me for so long, or will I expose my real self in a greater way and step into authenticity?

There are many of these forks that you will be reaching as you step forward into the year, and at all of them, you will be faced with choices.

One roads leads to a higher energetic way of being and existing, the other remains in the comfort zone where you have lingeringly existed.  2014 will definitely be the year of the 'either-or' and 'this-or-that' scenarios. It will be a year of choices, ultimately. And it is the theme that starts off your month of January as well.

On an individual level, the second theme that pervades January is about a RECONNECTION back to the Earth and the loving force of the planet itself. The call now is to open yourselves up to that feeling of connection no matter what activity you are involved in in life. This time now is about feeling the energy in everything that you do, in every person that you come in contact with, in every situation that comes your way, and by doing so, creating a portal of space whereby not only healing can occur, but new ways of communication and connection with the life forms around you can come into being. As well, allow yourself to really know what gratitude feels like. This is not a concept that you merely think or tell yourself about.  In order to evoke the energy of it, it is necessary to feel the emotion around it - with your entire body. This creates a more intimate connection with not only the planet, but the people and situations within it, and opens you up to the receiving of new possibilities in life.

Finally there is the theme of SERVICE. This is the opportunity where you will be asked to give of yourself, whether it's time, energy, skills or talents. Whichever form it shows up as, know that all the energy work that you did back in 2013 was a preparation for this point in time, in that what all you have to offer and give to the world, will now asked of you in a greater way. By stepping forward and giving of the real gifts that each one carries within while inhabiting this planet, you will be making strides in perfecting better relations and communications with your fellow man. This process alone is what contributes to the transformative process that is also occurring right now through the golden rays of light that have been surging since December 12 of this past 2013. Triggered in part by the Solar activity earlier in the year, this new energetic space is what sets the tone for this month. The existence of this new space means that you too are in a new space - and one that is virtually unrecognizable from who you even were a year ago. Look back for a minute. See yourself at this time last year - can you honestly say that you were the same person back then?

Because of the work that you have done this past year, the new energetic platform includes you stepping into that higher place of service to the planet that you inhabit.

And although you will still always have choices around the threshold of 2014, the 'kick in the pants' to step beyond yourself and into serving others is what is being called for. This includes starting to act on your inspirations, feeling your intuition working at a higher capacity, and really listening to what it is telling and guiding you. In this way, you will move closer to your view of success and fulfillment, and ultimately taking a more active and conscious part in what your life plan and purpose are all about.

Are you ready to look within?So, welcome to the new year of 2014! Starting with Supermoon and New Moons on January 1, be prepared for another ride - like any process, it will surely be bumpy in certain parts. However, this will definitely be not only the Year of Light at the highest and brightest that it's ever been to date, but also the Year of Spiritual Development. With both Supermoon and New Moon being the Mirror that enables you to see your reflection magnified (!), there will still be moments of the shadows lurking around; there will still be the 'coulda, shoulda, wanna, but I have to, need to' thoughts and feelings; there will still be hard, fast and polarized, or black and white points of view that essentially call for the need to be flushed out, brought out into the open at the table, and shifted. Know that when this occurs, you will now be much better equipped to respond in a more harmonious and embracing way, rather than been reactive or operate 'from the hip'.

The flipping / reversal of the Sun's Magnetic fields energetically promotes a flipping of your own energy on an individualized scale. While 2013 was one of using your voice, stepping out and being visible and heard, 2014 is shaping up to more of a year to go within and being more introverted of sorts. That doesn't mean there won't be activity and movement, of course there will, but it also mean that there will be more people taking stock of the much deeper and profound questions such as Who Am I? Why am I here? What is my life plan / purpose? What is my contribution to humanity? They will start questioning their role and step beyond the immediate physical and material world around them, and look to something bigger and greater - or in this case - deeper and more expansive. These and many other questions will be at the forefront of this year, as more people undertake the deeper climb within themselves and reconnect with the meaning of life for them and in general. Finally, we say!!

There is no question that the New Year is the doorway towards a new way of being, albeit into uncharted territory.  And that of course, is the excitement around operating in new space - you get to create it all. How wonderful is this?

Happy and and a (much!) Lighter New Year everyone!  / Olena*

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