Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription for December 3, 2013

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Cobra and Alexandra Meadors for December 3, 2013
Good afternoon, everybody.  Today is December 3, 2013, and you are listening to Alexandra Meadors of, and I have with me today Cobra, who is our regularly scheduled guest each month to review all of the things that are going on around the world, in the month of November.  So, Cobra, thank you for coming on to my show today, I appreciate it, how are you doin’?
I am doing fine, thank you.
Good.  Now there are so many things going on, I really kind of wanted to start it off with, you just released a, blog posting, about the new window of opportunity, and the.. time of going back to our innocence, did you want to elaborate a little bit about that? And the .. and the.. period of time that we’re in?
I think that’d be great.
It’s not actually the new window of opportunity, it’s a completion of the window of opportunity that we have since October, it’s going to close on December 25, and right at the end of this window of opportunity we have a very interesting portal opening on December 21. And the name of that portal is Return To Innocence. So, the purpose of this activation would be for us to go deeper into our true nature. Which is beyond all the programming of the cabal, into our true innocence. And, if we get a critical mass of people doing that, we will actually start.. disintegrating the whole structure of the matrix in its core. So, this is a very important activation, and we will have our main vortex in Glastonbury, England, it’s a very special place, and the perfect place to anchor such high vibrational energies. And I would like to invite everybody to participate, or, either in person, in Glastonbury, or in any other location, they would like to gather, and to spread the news around as much as possible, to make this viral.
Well that sounds really exciting, so do you feel that, this window of opportunity is particularly potent compared to the others that we’ve had coming, you know, throughout the year?
Actually, this is the only window of opportunity we have, in this year.
So it’s actually the first real chance to make a breakthrough, this year.
And I did, I did read that the next one is around the time of Easter, do you agree with that?
The next one is in spring, next year, yes.
Okay. Great. Well I kind of wanted to start off with asking you about, there have been maybe three or four, UFO videos that have been flying around the internet, and they are showing these unidentified objects coming into a very close proximity for us to really, literally see the underbelly of the, you know the actual ship, and I know I sent one of them over to you, I was wondering what you thought about that, because they, they almost appear.. governmental. What do you, what do you think?
It is wrong, it’s a remotely operated levitating device.
Interesting. Okay. Cos there was another one in Germany, I think, and, some of them have been gigantic, have you seen those?
I would need to see those videos to give you an, elaboration of, about those. I haven’t seen them yet, so.. I cannot comment on that.
So do you feel that, one of the things they’re doing is they’re using this to, kind of, you know masquerade what they’re doing with the drone technology?
You see, there is a lot of, I would say fake UFO videos around, and very rarely you can see a good quality video or a picture of real UFO, because if people would connect with those, they would get a real connection with our, our star brothers and sisters and that’s where they follow through (?)
So, therefore the Jesuits release a lot of, fake videos through CIA plants around the planet, and they get pretty much circulated around, and the same with most of the disinfo that we read or hear or see anywhere. It’s the same process.
Okay, well, and I do know that there’s been a lot of heat about, the way that NASA’s been messing with the images, you know, regarding ISON and that sort of thing. Who do you actually think is processing the images for NASA?
Okay this is one part of the disinformation campaign, NASA did not tamper with the ISON images. NASA did tamper with the images of many past space missions, but not this one.
Wow. So- did you see the huge object that came out on November 28th, on Thanksgiving Day, and it was captured, some people are suggesting that it’s Wormwood.
This is exactly the type of disinformation I’m speaking about. ISON is just a comet, it’s not a spaceship, it’s not accompanied with spaceships, it’s not, you read all kinds of things out there, but they’re not true. And the purpose of this is to direct, attention.. to false ideas, because if people would really understand what’s going on in this universe they would have much greater chance to make a real contact, with our space brothers and sisters. So, there is a lot of hype about ISON comet. But, actually this comet disintegrated.
Oh, you actually believe that it DID disintegrate?
Whoa! Okay, and with-
It’s not a belief, you see I do not believe, I know.
Okay, and was this done with any outside help, or was it just a natural..
No, it was just a natural process, because this comet came quite close to the sun, and of course the temperature there is quite high, and it’s a natural process for a comet, that gets that close to the sun to disintegrate, so it was not known from the start, whether the comet will survive this close encounter or not and apparently it didn’t. And it’s nothing strange or supernatural or, there is no conspiracy behind that. It’s a natural process, which happens every day, there are comets, usually much smaller ones that get close to the sun every day.
How do you explain some of the, people that are out in our, you know, UFO and spiritual community who gets pretty accurate data and information that continue to ascribe to the fact that ISON is some sort of hollowed-out asteroid, or spaceship or something like that. Why are-
I would need-
Why are people getting that.. information?
I would need to see, that accurate information because information I read was completely inaccurate from, it was not having.. it was not true. And.. basically there are two factors here, or even more, the first factor is the channels receive much disinformation from the archons and the, the physical contact, some of them just get misinformed but the others are actually CIA agents, so as I said this is one, classical example of disinformation campaign.
And that leads me to.. another thing I wanted to ask you, you had mentioned that about 70 percent of the postings and information that is accessible to bloggers is either disinformation or, or inaccurate. How does someone like-
How does someone like myself, and all the others that really have good intentions, how do we decipher between that which is so-called real, and not real?
You combine your intuition, I am speaking about training intuition, your own contact with your own in your higher self, and your rational mind. And the rational mind, I mean the mental body, which is being trained by educating itself. So, when you combine those two, you can get pretty sharp. You can of course not always discern, 100 percent, but you can get much more accurate than any other, any external information source. And you will begin to see patterns, energy signatures, you will begin to see that disinfo comes in a certain way, it has a certain structure, and you will be able to get better and better with practice.
Kay. Well and I agree with that. I think, I think, you know when you use your intuition, you usually get a pretty good feeling about the legitimacy of the posting. So… Cobra, tell us a little bit about these energies that are being so talked about, in the month of December, there’s been a lot of discussion about the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square, can you talk to us a little bit about how that is possibly going to impact the political and financial systems around the world?
Okay, this ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, is going to continue not just, through this month but through the next few months to a certain degree, and this will continue to put, very strong pressure on the financial system, and the pressure will be on exposing the suppressed truths about it. So those, I would say the cabal who tries to hide what’s going on, behind the scenes in the financial system, will be under constant pressure, there will be more and more revelations, there will be more and more awareness, among the general population about the true nature of the financial system, and it will result in the tension which is already felt for quite some time, and this tension will sooner or later resolve in the breakthrough.
Which culminates in the event.
Great! Now, do you feel that the majority of the governmental officials such as our Congress, etcetera, do you feel that they are.. more aware or are they still just part of the same old story, you know the cabal and they want to maintain their power, glory.
I would say most of the congressmen are bribed. The cabal gives them certain amount of money each year to comply with the agenda. And, of course they are aware to a certain degree of what’s going on, but they come quietly because of their, I would say financial safety.
Though, then, this is true, this is one of their key ways of, strong-arming everybody, isn’t it.
Through their safety. So do you also believe that, Obama will be impeached, because of his lies and scandals that have been going around a lot.
I would say that’s a possibility. There are many groups and forces, and interests that are trying to, get this done, but I would not.. give any guarantee that this will happen before the event.
That kind of is in contrary to Obama being situated as the bridge between, you know, the old Earth and the new Earth. Do you, do you still agree that at some point, at some juncture, he will.. kind of turn on, to a, a lighter mission, so to speak?
I would say, that.. Obama situation is very delicate. I would not comment on what is he doing right now, but I would say that, his actions in the past has led to the point where it will not be easy for him to play that role because, in the eyes of many people he is not, a very positive person. And for somebody to make this transition, for somebody to lead us to this transition, there needs to be a person without that is a little bit more neutral, in the eyes of the people.
Now, how bout, let’s go back a little bit to.. August 22nd, of this year.. this was supposedly Independence Day, when, the world was actually freed, from all of the dark entities and I shouldn’t say all, but a great deal of them had been removed from the planet, do you agree with that, and if not, where are we now as far as (inaudible)
August 22nd or August 25th?
I have August 22nd, but if it’s the 25th, clarify.
Well, nothing happened on August 22nd that would be of a great importance, but on August 25th we had, the opening of the Peace Portal, which has resulted in, drastic improvement of the situation in Syria.
I see.
With regards to the dark forces being removed, it didn’t, that didn’t happen yet, obviously, because we’re not liberated yet.
So- But at this point, we are seeing a substantial decline in the number, the population of, these sorts of entities on the planet?
Yes that’s true. It’s an ongoing process of liberation and there is a great progress being made.
Now- what is your feeling about, there has been a statement made, by press, this came from our team, that Snowden has said that HAARP will be re-instated because they have the funds to do so. You’ve also stated that, the Galactics would not allow something like this possibly to go down. Where do you think we are sitting in that situation right now?
I don’t think that he stated something like that, so I would need to check the source of this information, but I would say the physical aspect of HAARP has been removed some time ago, the etheric aspect of HAARP is quite strong and still are operational at this moment.
And.. do you also feel that the collapse of Obamacare and the healthcare system, you know involved in that, do you feel that that’s possibly one of the key, indicators for bringing the event forward?
I would say there are many, groups or, interests that try to misuse that issue for their agendas, and it might appear to be one of the key issues but it’s not. Because it’s just, I would say, very candid tool for certain groups to get what they want. And it’s not actually the key element in the event itself.
Okay- Cos I mean, I actually in some way saw it as a positive, because it forced the masses to, kind of take a little bit more of a, of an active role in their own bodies’ health.
You can look at it at that way, but, the original intention was not like that, and there are much better ways for people to be awakened into the reality of taking responsibility for their own health.
Yes, of course. I, totally agree with you on that. Now.. how about.. Kevin Annett, tell me what are you hearing as far of the kind of dent that he’s making on, the common law court in Brussels, you know, defeating the cabal, affecting the Jesuits, and also the charges that have been brought forward to the Pope, and Elizabeth Winton.
Okay, I would say, I would put it this way- there is a certain, light force, on the surface of this planet that has a certain plan or I would say certain, yeah a certain plan to, bring down the Jesuits. And there are many people who are knowingly or unknowingly part of that plan, and he belongs to that, in there I would say.
Excellent. And it seems like he’s very protected because he hasn’t disappeared yet!
He is quite protected- he was not absolutely protected but his protection has been improved,
That’s good.
in the last month or so.
Good. I hope you hear that, Kevin, because we’re all rooting for ya. He, he is quite, quite a courageous man.
Yes, that’s true.
So, now, talk to us a little bit about, there’s been some discussion about this, so-called time-line, that there is a, window of time in which the, souls can be so-called harvested, for the ascension process, and in some of the reports its reading anywhere from 2016 to the end of 2017. Can you comment on that.
Okay I would make no comments on the timelines or, or the dates.
But I would say the souls, the, the idea of harvesting is not the best expression. I would say the souls will be uplifted, when the time is right.
Yeah, and you know harvesting came from the Law of One book,-
Yes, I know, I know, but I think that expression is not the best, way to put it.
Now you’re familiar with Billy Meier, right?
Okay. I’ve had several people write in to me and ask me,- what, what is your opinion of him, how do you feel that he has affected, the realizations of the UFO community, and how do you feel that, his work is affecting us now, you know what role is he playing in the event process do you think?
Okay, I will not answer this question.
Okay. Interesting, okay.
Because there is something behind here and, I’m not in the liberty to expose this right now.
Okay, and that is totally fair. Okay, and there- here’s another question, a lot of people talk about the akashic records, and.. I was wondering if you could talk to us a little bit about the library of Porto Logos.
Yes, this idea comes from a certain book that, speaks a little bit about the underground, kingdom of light, the Agarthans, and yes its true there are many cities, below the surface of the Earth, and yes there are actually libraries, which are not on the physical libraries, but they are actually records of all the past events.. But what’s happening recently is that, the light forces on a very high level have decreed most of those records to be erased, because they no longer serve a purpose, we are actually completing.. the old cycle, and most of our experiences in this, duality-based reality will have no meaning after we reach a certain point.
Interesting. Wow. That- thank you for that.
So we’re going beyond that, yes, we’re going beyond that.
That’s very interesting. Now is that typical for all of the planetary systems, one they’ve evolved and shifted-
out of another age?
Yes, its, quite a typical occurrence throughout the galaxy.
Now you mentioned in one of your prior blog postings that, said quote, “It’s just a matter of humanity having the right consciousness and understanding to accept and perceive the technology.” And its talking about the Galactics removing radiation and various poisonous substances from, many of the nuclear power plants. Can you talk a little bit about, what do you consider that right consciousness and understanding to be, are you talking, more about, the ground crew, or are we talking more about the masses.
I am talking about the masses, so your average person on the street needs to be open and welcome to receiving that assistance, on a planetary scale and only then that will happen.
And so, you also mentioned something about the purification process, being an active participant. How do you see that being amongst the masses?
The purification process starts now, among the most advanced souls on the planet, and after the event, the purification process will go, will actually spread throughout humanity because, every human being on this planet has some toxic emotions, toxic mind, toxic ideas and toxic bodies, and all this needs to be healed, for us to receive the light that’s coming from the Galactic Central Sun, and even for us as a species to survive the coming changes. So everybody on the planet will go through that process one way or the other. The cabal will have to be removed, on the (?) Central Sun, or drastically change their ways. And, the rest of the population will also need to go through a purification process, to be ready to accept the higher vibrational frequency that will be made from the Galactic Central Sun, quite soon.
Excellent. God, it’s so exciting. Now, you had talked a little bit about, um, the removal of the cabal needs to happen first before, this event takes place.. correct?
Yes, actually the removal of the cabal happens at the event.
At, the time of the event.
So- so can you, clarify for all of us, what major accomplishments were made for the Light in the month of November?
Number one, it was the activation of the Aion Portal, it was a huge success. Actually on the energetic planes, it was a statement of the Light. It was the first activation that actually, brought, advantage to the Light to the point that we are now leading the game, at least on the energy planes.
(sigh of surprise)
We are the ones making the moves right now, and the other teddies (?) are coming. Not the other way around.
And of course this will, precipitate on the physical plane quite, quite fast as I understand it.. and, it will also change the geo-political situation on the planet, because everything that happens on the physical plane, was once an idea on higher planes. So if we are now making that much progress on the higher planes that will soon manifest on the physical plane. And there’s also ongoing progress of the Eastern Alliance, I might write about this quite soon if, that will be the right thing to do, so, there is, there are no spectacular news on the physical plane, but there is steady and stable progress being made, which is very good.
So basically, you’re saying too, then rather than being on the defensive, we’re more on the offensive?
At least on the higher plane level.
That is fantastic news. Thank you for that Cobra, that’s great. Wow. So if you were to ask, say a Pleiadian, or a Sirian, or an Andromedan, you know, how they perceive the human race, to be, how would they describe us?
You mean at this moment?
At this moment.
At this moment, you see most of the races, see the surface of this planet as hell. They, in a way most of those races don’t want to get involved and the only reason why they’re getting involved, is because of their compassion for humanity. To help us get out of this situation.
This- that’s pretty profound, (laughs) to think that they’re seeing, what we live in as hell, I mean and I’m not disputing that there’s a lot hellacious stuff going on in this planet, but it really does say a lot for all of us that have made it this far, doesn’t it?
Actually, they live in such a.. positive existence, such a paradise state, that compared to what they’re experiencing, if they look down here, it looks like hell to them.
Yes.. wow. And so, how, how would you describe, how the human race, is significantly different from any other race in the galaxy?
On one fundamental level there is not much difference because we all come from the same source, and the other thing is that, human beings are not coming, from just one race, it’s actually a mixture of different races, but the experience that we have on this planet, gave us a unique signature that sets up, us apart from most of the galaxy, people on this planet have gone much deeper into the world (?), they’re much, deeper into their mind programming, than, the rest of the galaxy.. And when we manage to get liberated from this, it is quite a unique set of experiences and will bring us a quite a unique, unique set of skills that will actually help the galaxy to.. evolve, even deeper and even further.
Fantastic. Now, the reason I asked that Cobra was, I get the impression just from all that I read, that.. we are a lot more individualistic, meaning.. we tend to not think about what we do, and for the greater cause of humanity, so to speak.
Actually.. individualistic tendencies don’t contradict the unity consciousness when you reach the higher state of awareness. They’re just two sides of the same coin. What has happened is actually the, blockage of flow of energies which.. makes, an artificial split between various aspects of the One. And this is the main thing that distinguishes this planet from other planets in the universe.
Now you also talked, a little bit about, many portals that need to be activated, and I know you’ve been very, very, key.. in motivating people to do these portal activations. Can you clarify the difference between, what is a portal, and what is a stargate?
Okay, what we are activating are actually portals in space and time, these are moments, when the light can come through, human conduits, and when-if it reach a critical mass, that light gets spread throughout the planetary light grid, and, this planetary light grid actually changes the situation on the etheric plane and removes a great percentage of the archon network, every time we activate a portal, a great percentage of that network is being removed forever. And we will just keep on doing this until all of them are gone.
The stargate, is actually an entry point, from higher dimensions into this dimension, it’s a, a certain, it’s a certain, I would say.. a tunnel, which connects this dimension into another dimension.
So, now do you agree that there are just countless black holes throughout our solar system and galaxy that were, artificially created by the dark?
There were many black holes, but those have been cleared.
The only, black hole structure on the quantum level, remains around the surface of this planet, and this is called the Veil. Actually one aspect of the Veil.
Okay, so, now.. Let’s talk a little bit about the government figures.. you know, they keep talking a great deal about the soulless ones, walking the planet, and that, you know once the event occurs, we’re gonna see that, there’s gonna be a huge, chunk of the population that’s, kind of, you know walking around as zombies.. Do you feel that that’s a) true and b) do you feel that the government officials, things like that- people like that, are they.. who make up that soulless group of people?
Actually, the cabal are the soulless ones, because they lost their connection with their soul and with the Source. And there are not that many of them.
Well, and I know they- they were a very small percentage before, so they’ve got to be even smaller now, right?
Little bit smaller, yes.
(Laughs) Little bit smaller. Okay, now the global operation has been discussed, through many articles, as far as like, the financial system’s ready, its online.. everything’s ready to roll, do you agree that that is ready to go?
I would say the infrastructure for the, reset is ready. But the conditions for the reset are not.
Okay. But the actual mechanical side of it, so to speak, is ready to roll.
Yes. That’s true.
And, there’s been discussion about the rainbow currency. Can you talk to me a little about, have you, have you been exposed to that, have you seen it, and do you agree that that is the new currency coming about?
Okay I didn’t see it physically, I have read about it, but this is not the plan that has been approved. It was just one possibility, and the plan that will be approved, that has been approved, speaks about a certain basket of currencies that will clear the new planetary system and existing currencies will still be operational for some time. Because it needs to be a gradual transition.
So what will be taken out of the system first will be this, inequality and untransparency. This is the first thing to go. And certain institutions that did not much goods (?) in the past.
Well, let me ask you this, too Cobra, there’s been a ton, of articles, flying around about China finally making their move against the US dollar, and, one of the big things that has happened is, apparently their credit rating downgraded the US debt to A-..  you know, they’ve, and they’ve really been doing a lot of currency swapping, completely isolating the US dollar from that that experience.. And, they’ve signed a lot of dollars completely excluding the US dollar as well, even with the United Kingdom. So I was gonna ask you, how do you see that affecting the overall, you know maybe push, behind closed doors so to speak, to help the event come forward, do you think that this is a key component?
Yes, but they are two layers of the same story. Actually there are two different groups, in China, and that are actually pushing the same agenda, and one of them is the Chinese government, which wants to strengthen the China, and they don’t have the best agenda.., and the other group is the, Eastern Alliance, the positive group that wants to put pressure on the cabal in the United States. So both groups are actually part of the same process but their motivations are different.
And of course the light forces are, overseeing this process so it will happen the best possible way. But you see we have all different, interest groups, at play in each moment, in China, in United States and (?), it’s quite a complex situation.
Very. It sounds like it. Do you think that, China, you know, supposedly they sent some, bombers up into the, sky over the so-called island dispute, and they were pretty irritated because the US sent some, fighters into their so-called, territory. What do you think that’s all about, is that just really more of an offensive play on their part, to show the United States, hey, stay out of our backyard?
Actually, the, Rockefeller faction of the cabal, wants to start another war, but they will not be successful, it is just like a child’s play. They failed with their, Syria project, they failed with their Iran project and they couldn’t start a war there and they’re now trying with China, in desperation. Of course this will not work.
Now you brought up the Eastern Alliance, and I did want to talk to you a little bit about that, can you give us.. an idea, of some of the inroads, you know, or accomplishments that they’ve made, in the last thirty days.
As I said before, there is no big news but they are making steady progress all the time, getting closer and closer to the moment when the final move can, can take place.
I do-
I have to say Cobra, I do notice that, there are, you know, countries, popping up all over the place that are, putting their foot down to the GMO…
Yes, that’s an, an ongoing process as well.
You see, we have a lot of progress on the financial front, we have progress here with GMOs, and.. there are actually ongoing projects and some of them are of, decades old, and they are finally, bringing results now. So this is a very good, development.
Good. And do you also feel that, the Pope, the current Pope, is still, fully, full-blown, controlled by the Jesuit.., you know, the Jesuit, intentions.
He is not only controlled by the Jesuits, he is a Jesuit. There was a certain possibility that he would, he would start doing good things but that did not happen. So what is he, what he is doing now is just, a quite clever manipulation from the side of the Jesuits, and the sad thing here that many of people in the liberation movement are falling for that manipulation.
I noticed that because ever since you’ve brought up how cunning, and also Kevin Annett’s been, outstanding voice for this.., showing how cunning they are, the way that they present themselves.. and the type of, you know, documents that they’re bringing forth it really does appear that they’re trying to do some great to, so-called, you know, free us, when in fact, its, it’s kind of a, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, huh?
Exactly, because if, the Pope would really want to do something good, first he could expose the real, financial situation of the Church, for example, only the land the Church owns in Brazil is worth more than 1 trillion dollars. And that money alone, would end poverty on this planet, if he wants. That’s just for the start. So if he, if he really wants to walk his talk, it’s a very simple solution I give him(?) right now. Just sell the land you have in Brazil and its, basically you remove poverty from this planet immediately.
So, now, gold has been in the news headlines a great deal, and one of the things that I was kind of shocked about and wanted to run it by you, was, Goldman-Sachs, is, actually offering Venezuela, a deal.. and, loaning them some money at 8 percent interest, of course it’s, based on, the nation’s gold reserves. Do you think that Venezuela is, is just fully on-board with the cabal, and, and not understanding what they’re putting themselves, in, you know, what kind of conditions they’re putting themselves in.
There are also few things here, they are actually, again two factions in Venezuela, one of them is very, a radical positive faction, and the other one is quite- there are also interests of, .. companies from other countries which are quite strong in presence in Venezuela, and there is an internal struggle happening right now, which faction will prevail, and they are 50-50 right now, so… we’ll wait and see what happens with that deal.
Now, you did bring up some.. information about the positive Templars.. and that they’re supporting a powerful alliance with others, groups across the United States, and that they’re really able to, -
Not only United States, around the world.
Around the world, okay. And, so, do you feel, I mean, when you say the positive Templars, are these actual, reincarnated Templars, or are they, you know, bloodlines of Templars, or, I mean, explain that to me, I’ve always wondered about that.
It’s actually both, there is a certain group that has, unbroken tradition, through the, not only bloodlines but I would say, transmission of a certain chakra from family of (?) Templars, and also there are beings who have been in that group and keep reincarnating to the same, association of souls.. so it’s actually both.
Another question that has come forth, in my inbox, is.. the difference between an implant, and someone who is infested with entities, can you clarify those two please.
Okay, implant is a certain, I would say device, technology which has been inserted, inserted in our energy bodies with very strong electromagnetic forces. It can be a crystal, or a certain alien, implant, a certain object, on the higher planes which actually blocks the flow of energy. Entity is a being which has been inserted into our energy structure also by strong forces that is a living thing, it’s a living being.
Now do you feel that, these beings are with-IN, our bodies?
Yes, they are within the body, on the, in our energy bodies.
The energy body (?).
So when somebody gets, in, infected by those, this changes his behaviour quite a lot, quite much, quite a lot.
And, would you venture to say that, the majority of the population is infested with these?
I would say that, I would say that.. more than 99 percent of human population is infested by so-called Invisibles, they are actually beings who infest the etheric brain, and seriously compromise the thinking process.
And the, the way people perceive reality.
This is something that, I will write about when the time is right, and give more information about, and there are forces of Light, currently, dealing with that situation quite intensively and there is great progress being made with this, since the activation of the Aion portal. So I would say, although everybody has been infected, the severity of that infection has been greatly decreased, since the activation of the Aion portal.
God, that’s, that’s amazing. So.. does that.. also indicate, the difference between the masses, versus the 144,000?
Even many of those 145-, 144,000 have been infected. And this is the reason, the main reason why, the Lightworkers have not been able to unite on the planet. You see the cabal has their, Bilderberg meetings, and they are able to get along with each other, well enough to make strategic plans. But we on the other side, the Light forces, the people on the surface of the planet, has not been able to, gather together physically and to create a strong unified group to promote a positive agenda. And the reason why is it so, it is because of those, Invisibles that have actually infested the thinking process, of, of also the Light warriors, Lightworkers, people in the Liberation movement, as much as the Reptilians, this is another layer. So the thinking process has been compromised. And people are not able to, devise a clear strategy and to understand what is at stake. To make the right decisions.
Well, I mean, we still, we’ve come a long way though, right? I mean, we’re still-
That’s true. But I am speaking about the final breakthrough now, I am speaking about-
the event, I would like to make it past the event.
Yeah (laughs).
Yeah. You and me both.
This is, this is why I am exposing those things because I would like to remove all of the obstacles towards the event.
No, I agree. Sometimes, you know, you just listen to this and say, good God, how much more do we have to do, (laughs) you know it just never stops. (coughs)
Right.., it’s quite complex here on this planet.
So, now you’ve also mentioned about preventing the military invasion into Syria, in your last blog which was outstanding, by the way, can you also clarify were there any other wars that we prevented, such as, maybe, any kind of, scuttling, with Iran, for example, it seems that, we are having a lot of, discussions about, peace negotiations with them, which, to be sounds kind of, unheard of.. And the fact that, we’re now hearing.. from them, directly, how they’re perceiving the United States in streamlined media, I wanted you to talk a, little bit about why is that happening?
Actually, it’s very interesting, that in a few hours after we have opened the Aion portal, the agreement about, with Iran was made. So, actually from the higher planes, those people were guided to make an agreement, as a result of the energies that came. And, it was not possible to create such an agreement for years, and years and years before that, it was just a combination of the energies of the Aion portal that made that possible. So I would say, yes, we made a difference in many situations on the planet.., but this is just the first part of the story, so this is the old, the old strategy.. the old strategy was just to.. putting out the fires that, the cabal lit. So they, made a plan, they promoted it, and then the Light forces responded, and prevented it. From now on it will be different. We will.. trigger action. First. This is the new plan, this is the new strategy. And.. for that strategy to be efficient, we have to clear, the nonphysical planes first to a certain degree. So now, there are certain groups also on the physical plane, and I hope, I sincerely hope they will follow.., the instructions they receive from inside, and begin to cooperate a little bit more. And if that happens, we can create, very powerful statements on the planetary scale.
Oh, Cobra that’s so cool. So, I mean, why do you feel that, maybe it’s just because I wasn’t aware of it before, but.. why is it that we are now hearing directly from Iran, their perspectives on the United States, why are we being able to read that sort of stuff?
It is because, I would say.. the Light forces, in Iran, have, much greater say right now, what’s going on in, there in that country.
And, why are we targeting Pakistan so severely with drones, or are we doing that with other countries, we just don’t hear about them.
It is not we that are doing that, it is the certain, segment of negative military in a certain country, called United States.
Yeah, yeah. Great.
So, yeah. So this is happening basically because, the cabal wants to promote their agenda, they would like to create more conflict in that part of the world, and basically it’s from a certain, misconstrued idea that war brings profit. War brings profit for a very tiny, little segment of the cabal.
(sighs) Jeez.
For everybody else, it brings, loss of life, and also from economical standpoint, it brings recession, it… blocks the growth of economy. For most businesses.
And it, does it have anything to do with the, poppies?
It’s part of their business, yes. Of course that money gets funneled through CIA and then it, in the past it, financed part of the black projects, the underground bases but now it’s just, barely enough to keep the cabal alive. Because they need.. about 2 or 3 billion each day, to keep the show running. To bribe the congressmen, to bribe the press, the.. to maintain control over the system, they need that much money every day.
Are you, able, is the resistance able to determine, how low their coffers have gone, I mean, how much of a percentage of decrease are they experiencing now, in their financial hub?
Actually, they don’t have much reserves, the most money they get is, fresh income, every day, through organised crime, through other sources, through taxes, of course, so it’s like an ongoing proverbial (?) machine until it stops, by the event. Actually, I would say between, 90 and 50 percent of energy that, of average human being, creates, goes to the cabal, through taxes, through various, … profits to various businesses, and through, also through illegal businesses that the cabal operates.
Okay, so, … another thing I wanted to ask you about too was, you made a really interesting statement, in one of your, previous blogs, and it said, “my experience of the energy flash was so profound, and now I know for my own experience what the energy flash of the event will feel like.” I was wondering, can you describe that, for the audience?
Yes, I can. It’s an actually, .. one of the most, I would say.. okay, I will put it this way. It is not a physical light. It is a, a feeling of like, a vision of brilliant white light which goes together with the feeling of excitement and joy, which gets deeper and deeper and stronger and stronger, and it’s hard to describe this in human language, because it was beyond human language, and I know when this happens at the event, it will be even stronger. Not everybody will be able to feel that, or see that, or experience that, but definitely, people will be able to experience the physical effects of the event itself, because it be, also a physical operation.
But for those who are, having these spiritual connections can be a very profound, I would say the most profound, spiritual experience in their lives.
Oh, I hope you guys are all.. dreaming like I am! (Laughs) Okay, so, Cobra.. tell me flat out, why do you feel that the United States government shut down for 16 minutes. What was the real bottom-line reason?
Actually, it is the, I was speaking before about different interest groups that play with Obamacare. It is actually part of the cabal, I would say the Rockefeller, faction of the cabal, the Illuminati, they’re a little bit crazy. They want to bring everybody down. They want to destroy the United States, and this was part of their attempt to destroy the United States, because they believe, actually they have a certain belief system in the.. apocalyptic scenario for the planet.. and, it’s part of the old prophecies they believe in, and they want to create that. They believe their purpose is to create that, doom-and-gloom scenario for the planet, and they are actively pursuing that goal. It’s part of the, Jesuit programming they received, through their lives.
So I would say that is the background reason for the halt.
Thank you. Thank you for that. Now, how about, Karen Hudes, is that how you say her last name, or is it Hudes, she’s the whistleblower of the World Blank, you’ve heard about her.
Yes, of course.
Okay. She came out, and stated that Benjamin Fulford was paid by the Jesuits, do you believe that?
I did not know that she stated that, but I know that she is actually exposing the Jesuits. I would say it’s true that, Fulford visited actually was, visiting, Sophia University which is a Jesuit collaboration but he is not, an agent of the Jesuits.
Yeah, he’s had some very good intel, that’s for sure. Now..
So it’s just a classical example how, Jesuits play one, versus, against the other, if that really happened. I didn’t, hear or read that statement from her, that claims that, that Fulford is a Jesuit agent, I didn’t see that, so.. But he is not.
Yeah, they love, they love to do that..
And there are ongoing good things (?), so..
They love to do that.
So now, there have been, a slew of archaeological discoveries, as of late.. One of the biggest ones was, they uncovered evidence about, the birthplace of Buddha, dating back to the 6th century BC. Do you, feel that these are things, that we can.. trust.. and say, wow, that’s true, or are we looking at that, saying, well they rewrote history anyway, what can we believe?
Okay, they rewrote history, but not all of it. So, there are genuine astrological, archaeological, discoveries.. but they’re not always interpreted in the right way.
True. Now, you’ve also heard, I’m sure, that there’ve been reports of martial law, and seizing guns, and breaking down doors, and even, installing, curfews, within certain cities, throughout the United States, that is. Can you explain a little bit about, why this is happening at this time, is this something that just gonna kind of peter out, were they doing this specifically around the time of the government shutdown, or do you think it’s gonna escalate, just curious what your thoughts are on that.
Okay, I would say, some of those reports are disinfo, some of them are exaggeration, but yes there were isolated cases of all those things happening, and this is just the cabal testing the, reaction of the population to this. And they will not be able to go, much further beyond that point.
Okay, so do you feel that, the actual drills that have been discussed, you know these nation-wide martial law drills, do you, you feel that those will be shut down?
I don’t- I don’t believe that will be able, they will be able to manifest this. So, as I said there may be isolated cases of those things happening but not on a larger scale.
Now, you also mentioned that, the Light forces had cleared, all of the underground, bases, right?
Yes. A long time ago.
Okay. So I was wondering, what are they doing with those now? Who is using them, what are they being used for?
Most of them have been demolished, and erased, from underground, so they have been filled with, whatever, with cement or rock or anything and removed because they’re not needed anymore, the Light forces have their own technology they can hollow out any underground space to create their own bases which are much better technologically, much clearer energetically and have much greater, much higher purpose.
So,.. actually, you might, find one or two bases down there which are preserved as a museum.
Wow.. really! Now THAT would be interesting to see (laughs).
So you will be able to see, parts of, maybe Area 51 or something like that, as a curious individual.
Now.. what is your thought, about this.. this was from a, a listener.. they were mentioning how, there’s so much emphasis on the Reptilians.., being one of the dark, beings that’s walking the planet, walking amongst humanity, but, there has been a website that has been put up, about the ancient Vril lizards, the V-R-I-L, are you familiar with them?
Yes, there are many, yes, yes. I am (?)
Okay. So.. are, are they not the ones.. how do we distinguish between the Vril versus the Reptilians, were, how do they fit into the whole scheme of things, because they seem like, really nasty.
Actually you have a whole, gap. Actually you have a whole, I would say Reptilian draconian concepts (?), they are various subtypes of both races, both of those sub-races have developed in a certain specific line of evolution, which led to their, I would say deformation. So, I would not give too much attention to various subtypes because this is not important, what is important is that some of those beings, have accepted the Light, and have trans-transformed, and those who have not are taken to the central Sun and restructured, so, the physical aspect of this has been almost completely taken care of, and the nonphysical aspect of it is being cleared right now.
Well, very cool. Yay! Okay so, Cobra I know we’re getting close to the top of the hour, but I wanted to ask you just a few other questions, do you.. feel that there was a super-portal opened up on 11/11?
Mm.. I would say there was a minor fault portal opened up on the 11th 11..
Okay, because there is, there is discussion that, a special dispensation was, placed, and given, and has opened up somewhere around Jupiter?
Well.. you see things are like that are happening every few days, in the solar system, because the galactic configuration is quite active in, creating new energy pathways to heal the planet. Directing those energies, through certain planets, especially Jupiter, towards Earth.
That’s great! That’s great to hear these kinds of things, now how about, do you also agree the Earth, we actually raised up an entire octave since Oct- September, of this year?
Yeah, it depends how you will define an octave, but I would say that there was, there have been a change, but not such a drastic change from my, perspective.
And do you also agree that there’s millions of ships, actually in our.. in our air, in our skies, now.. that are..
Yes, there are millions upon millions of ships, in the orbit around this planet, and all those ships belong to the Light forces.
And they don’t necessarily need to be.. in the shape of a cloud. They’re there-
They’re just there, right?
Most of them are invisible.
Cool. (Excited) How exciting! (breathes in and exhales) So, okay, one last thing and that is, what is your opinion of NESARA law?
Actually, this is part of the whole, reset, the whole, restructuring of the financial system, and this will, in its original form was put in long time ago by the Light forces, on the surface of the planet, there have been some minor modifications, and it will be implemented together with some other ones, after the event, as a part of the restructuring of the financial system. Of course there has been a lot of disinformation about NESARA afterwards, that wanted to confuse the original idea, but the original idea was very positive and it will be implemented, together with some other projects, at and, shortly after the event.
That’s exactly why I brought it up, because its gotten so much bad publicity at times. So I wanted to make sure that we went on record to talk a, a little bit about it. Now, you do feel that we cannot, experience someone trying to fake, the event?
It’s not possible to fake the event. There is actually, Jesuits are trying to fake the reset of the financial system but they are going to be successful, because, they have already been exposed, and, .. I would say, the top-most people in the Eastern Alliance are aware of this, and will not let it happen.
Okay, well Cobra, as always, I thank you, thank you, thank you, for, providing this information to all of us, that are listening. And.. everybody please, take part in what he said, about the activations, we are really in an awesome place, we can really turn this around, just have to, think it, feel it, believe it, focus on it, and do it. Take action.
Yes. I agree.
(Laughs) And, for everybody that’s been asking, the implant removal process has been phenomenally successful. So, if you have any other questions, continue to drop me emails, and we so appreciate your patience with this, but, we are very excited about it. So Cobra, I love you, thank you so much for your time today, and, we’ll see you next month, right?
Yes, thank you everybody for listening, and, in a month, there will be another update.
Yama. A good one, we hope, right? We’ll, we’ll-
Yes. Yes.
We’ll be on- we’ll be on the other side. (Laughs)
Okay, take care everybody, thank you for listening, if you need to, visit the daily blog, its Galactic Connection, and you can go to the daily blog, to check out all the, daily, updates. Okay, take care, thanks.
Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.




I would like to say

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Just as with Ben Fullford and many others that have much intel, reading between the lines of those whom have been wrong with their words to us repeatedly, what I see here is one source assigned by the cabals to cover for the other. Please prove this wrong to me as I like you would like to believe all the good stuff as well as you.

But my gut tells me that when one is acting for one reason (disguising his voice) then he is an actor. Folks the ones with the most accurate intel get it from the source that has it, THE CABAL. These ones NO BODY HIDES FROM, not for a day let alone years, it doesn't happen. Just as in Snowden, no matter his local on planet earth, if the cabals wanted his retirement, it would happen just as soon.

I an not out "to get at" any particular one that brings us intel, including this one, but I am out for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!!!

David Porter

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