Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 3 December 2013

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Published on Dec 4, 2013


* Return to Innocense Portal (1:00)
* Windows of Opportunity in 2013 & 2014 (2:00)
* NASA & Images of Ison (4:30)
* Disinformation Campaign & False Ideas (5:00)
* Ison's Natural Disintegration (5:40)
* Opposing Information regarding Ison (6:30)
* How to distinguish real information from disinfo (8:00)
* Revelations about the Ture Nature of the Financial System (9:20)
* Congressmen (10:20)
* Obama's Delicate Situation (10:50)
* August 25th & Peace Portal Activation (12:40)
* Snowden's Statement & HAARP Status (13:20)
* Obamacare (14:00)
* Kevin Annett & Light Force Web (15:00)
* Timelines, Ascension Process & the Upliftment of the Souls (16:30)
* Billy Meier Case - No Comments (17:00)
* Akashic Recrods, Libraries of Life & The Agarthians (17:45)
* "Right Consciousness" Term & Collective Consciousness (19:10)
* Purification Process Cycle & Global Healing (19:40)
* Light Forces Progress in November (21:00)
* How do ET Races Perceive Life on Earth Right Now (22:45)
* Human Race Uniqueness (23:40)
* Individualistic Tedencies & Unity Consciousness (25:00)
* The Difference Between Portas & Stargates (25:50)
* Black Holes & The Veil (27:00)
* Soulles People & the Cabal (27:30)
* Readiness of the Infrastracture for the Financial Reset (28:15)
* Rainbow Currency (28:35)
* China's Move Against the US Dollar (29:30)
* Cabal's Desperation to Start Another War (31:30)
* Eastern Alliance Gradual Progress (32:10)
* GMO Positivie Development (32:30)
* Pope's Case a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing (33:00)
* Venezuela & the Different Fractions (34:40)
* Positive Templars (35:40)
* Implants VS Entity Possession (36:50)
* More than 99% of Human Population Infected by The Invisibles (37:45)
* Lightworkers Difficutly to Unite (38:50)
* Thinking Process Compromise (39:35)
* AION Portal and Iran's Peace Agreement (41:00)
* Light Forces New Strategy (42:00)
* Pakistan, Drones & Cabal's Plans (43:00)
* Resistance Perspective of the Cabal's Reserves (44:30)
* Cobra's Experience of the Energy Flash during AION Portal (45:20)
* Governmental Shutdown & Cabal's Attempt to Bring Down USA (46:50)
* Karen Hudes Whistleblower & Benjamin Fulford (47:40)
* Archeological Discoveries (49:00)
* Martial Law, Seizing Guns etc (49:40)
* Underground Bases Removal & Resistance's Bases (50:50)
* Reptilians & Vril Races (52:00)
* 11/11 Mini Portal Activation (53:30)
* Millions of Light Forces Ships Around the Planet(54:30)
* NESARA Law (55:00)
* No Possibility to Fake THE EVENT (56:00)

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What is the agenda with this one???

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Why does she somewhat include "Cobra" in her interviews? She places for him all the information, he simply feeds it back to her with yes or no. These are not questions folks, they are quite obviously the answers that she wants to hear. Can you hear this?

Why does he act as he though he hides (disguising his voice)? Who among you believe for a nano second that you can hide from the cable?

Just because the cabal are not invited to his lectures/work-shops/sales promos doesn't mean they don't show.

I certainly advocate much of what he and even some of what Poofness, Zap, Greg Giles,  Shledan Nidle  and so many others that have been somewhere between mostly inaccurate and 100% wrong in foretold happenings. The meditations, absolutely do them and all the Light work, but do you need to pay someone to do it? And if so, you do it no good. This work must come from you, from the Heart. 

What is this ones agenda? Can you not see it? I just heard from a lady how pleased she was after returning from one of his gatherings because she found crystals and things to purchase there. Do you see the correlation with this and why he posses to be undercover?

If you seek this nature of intel, why not just go to his narrator, she's the one with all the answers?

I have most of his and the others mentioned here "intel" recorded for your review if you would like to see how many times he and these have said the dark from the inner planes are all gone now and much other miss intel from them of many various subjects.

I have no respect for false representation of any kind. Stay awake people. The Force is with you as It has no other place to be, go within and you will no longer go without.








David Porter

Author of the series



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You Know,

Trust Your Feelings Skywalker

 I Trust Cobra

Tara Grace