Cobra's Very First Interview

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Cobra's Very First Interview


We Are Honored Cobra Has Chosen the Galactic Free Press for his very first interview


 Below are the List of questions asked By the Galactic Free Press Staff Members.


Thank you Cobra We Love You, Love The Earth Allies

1) what are your thoughts about justice?
  Justice is an instrument of divine intervention to bring back balance to planet Earth and its inhabitants


2) how do see the new freedom?
  New freedom will be in full consciousness, with conscious use of free will infused with love, with advanced technologies in harmony with nature

3) what is your timeline?
Things are already happening with two peaks of culmination of events, one in May/June , the second peak is October to December 2012.

Q: What is your opinion on Obama and his great changeless & struggles in the office of the Cabal?...
All intel about Obama is classified information


Q: What do you feel about manipulation of Informations for benefits of few, and our present general population programming state of mind?...
It has to be stopped and the Cabal removed immediatelly

Q: Do you feel that most of 'lightworkers' and freedom fighters will come together under the same flag of Unity and Love?...
At a certain point, yes.

Q: Do you see self as Deceived or Deceiver in this process of Humanity Conciseness rising?...
Neither of these. I am awake.

Q: Are You familiar with Keenan Leans on FR, Central Banks... and what is your part in this mass arrests 'play'?...
Yes, I am familiar with these. I am involved in Resistance Movement special operations.

Q: Are some of these arrests already happened, but not fully disclosed to wide public knowledge and why these events are kept secret and by whom?...

Some arrests that do not include top members of the Cabal have already happened. Many top members of the Cabal have been detained, questioned and released. All this is being kept suppressed by the mainstream media under Rothschild control.
Q: How much surprise, truth exposure and anonymity of players plays in these games with cabal?...
We are in information war against the Cabal. They suppress the truth and we reveal it. Those of us that reveal sensitive intel must remain anonymous.

1. What are your thoughts about the concept of evil?
Evil is free will that chooses to harm,  to act against Love and Light on purpose.

2. Should we be fighting against darkness?
We should become aware of it and then remove it and then refocus into the Light.

1) If you could say one thing to all of the people right now whose lives are impacted by pharmaceuticals, what would that be?
Use natural medicine, live your life in love and balance and you will be healthy reagrdless of all poisons in food, water, air and pharmaceuticals.

2) To those whose deeds have created chaos and darkness for Mother Earth and Humanity, what is your message to them?
The game is over. You have been defeated. You need to surrender now.

3) Did you experience a personal moment when you suddenly understood and remembered your light mission? Can you describe your experience albeit this one can wait for the time when you are safely public?
I will not disclose any personal information before the Event.

4) Are you excited about what is coming next?
Yes, for sure. It is 2012, isn't it?


5) What thought thrills you the most? Thank you.
To liberate the planet.

Q: Where are your sources located?  What institutions are they working in?

The Pleiadians (direct intel-no channeling), the Resistance Movement, information agents around the world with connections deep within the occult economy and alphabet agencies.




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Thank you so much for sharing

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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. May our collective energies be with you~


To liberate the Planet

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Love this statement and goals....To liberate the planet is the goal that includes everything,every being and every one, including the animals, insects, plants etc. all have a good purpose in their freedoms.