Come see your future!

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We come to you again dear ones with a message from your higher planes of existence.  It would appear to many of you today that not much is taking place in your world, and things therefore appear to be sitting idle for the moment. We assure you that is not the case dear ones as things are in fact moving along very rapidly and decisions are being made left and right all over the lands of your world. However as many of you have come to the understanding that we must needs land on the surface of your planet before things really begin to take shape we would tell you that we are indeed already here and we have begun long ago to put things in place for your new world governments as well as the numerous announcements that will take place in the coming days.


We do not take these things lightly dear ones as we are excited as many of you will be, when you truly see what is about to unfold in your world. We do not wish to jump the gun (pardon our slang) however and cause things to move in place before their set time in the changes about to take shape in your world. Do you not see what has already happened throughout your lands dear ones? Do you not understand that things are unfolding all around you at amazingly accelerated speeds? Right now however it is you who are the one who will decide when things take place in your world changes as the outside will change according to the state of the inside of the human or spiritual society and soul group.


Do you understand dear ones that you as a soul group and spiritual society are a little city; little state; country; world; province; and universe even? And just as the inside of your society is seen to be in one state according to its inner workings, so too will this always be the state and condition of the outer parts of your society, which is your lower dimensions of your life and world. For just as is the inner so too is the state of the outer; Just as the up so the down; and just as the earth so the heavens dear ones. Given these facts we hope you can see that it is you who are in control of all of this, and you who are creating your new fifth dimensional world as well as reshaping your old one for those who are to come and take your place.

If and when we come and land in your fields dear ones we will do so within ships that are a part of our being as well as a part of your being. They will be organic ships and not made of steel and glass. They will be alive just as all things in your world at the time of our coming will appear alive to your eyes. For the trees and plants will be moving all the time and they will now speak to you. And just as the earth and its many bodies and forms will come to interact with you now so too will all our vessels of travel. Nothing will be the property of another as all things in life now will have their own life to live, and will have their purpose in life toward the happiness of all of mankind. But these things cannot and will not be seen and heard of in your three dimensional realms of existence dear ones as this would never be a possibility.  


When we come to you in the near future, and coming days even we say that we will come to you as you, as we are your future selves. Because however three dimensional beings cannot share the same space and atmosphere as that of a  fifth dimensional being we will not be coming to the three dimensional world and we will not presenting ourselves to third dimensional beings dear ones. Do you think it is third dimensional beings that are hearing and reading our words even at this day? Have you recently sat and pondered on who is reading our words in your world and system at this time dear ones? Third dimensional beings would have nothing to do with our words as they would be frightened in some cases, even to hear a word we have to say about their future (or apparent future).


Have you not yet figured out dear ones that you are now a fifth dimensional being who, still sometimes sees him or herself as three dimensional beings? Why do you think you have to reestablish a certain type of mindset before you can return and speak, and interact with those of your third dimensional world? You are a fifth density being now who is still moving back and forth between densities, and therefore are your third density self in one now moment, and your fifth density self at another, all the time. This is why you have never heard from us in your three dimensional state of being dear ones as we cannot speak to you in that state without actually being in that state with you, in which case we would have to be born in your world as a human child first, or take on the three dimensional mind and consciousness of our three dimensional self. When we do this however we forget, and we cannot therefore share the things of our fifth dimensional planes and higher with you each in third density.


Some of you dear ones have had the impression that you were in your third density state of existence at times, when you were at this same time being told by our channels that we would come to your world and provide aid in changing and repairing the things that are wrong with your world at this day in time. It is not at all that simple as you have now been shown and told by our words. Third dimensional problems will be solved and repaired by third dimensional beings dear ones. We can give or provide you all with wisdom and knowledge and technology to fix your third dimensional world but you must write it down as soon as we give it to you or you will quickly lose it once you return to your third density state of mind. We realize we have given you these words before, but we also realize many of you forgot them and so we decided to return and state them to you once again.


And so, when decisions are to be made at all times – when announcements are to be broadcast through your world media, and when actions are to be taken to punish those who have done you wrong, these decisions will be your decisions in the end. But we say to you that we never approved of punishment of any kind dear ones, as we forgive all souls for their offenses against us in life, and we teach that you too should adhere to these policies. If however you do not then that is your decision and your decision alone. As far as providing for peace and world debt forgiveness dear ones we would say that these are all noble causes, and we have therefore permitted you to retain our guidance in making these things happen in your world. Still you must keep in mind that these will only be temporary for you unless you make certain other changes in your systems and societies within your world.


It is fine to forgive all citizens of their debt in your world, but you must learn it is not good to create new debt once tis action has been carried out in your societies. To give your citizens all the money they need at this stage of the game will only continue to feed their greed’s in life, and teach their people that it is okay to own lands; material property; other people; and even the air waves around you that provide your television; internet; radio; and other various services. Where and when will it all stop one day ear ones? You wish to remove the governments that you alone put in place at one point or another, so as to replace them with new ones whose sole purpose will again eventually be to rule the people and take advantage of their sovereignty in life. For was it not said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely?


So we say to you dear ones that the power must be given back to the people, and as long as we go off to fifth dimensional life and leave you all here to live your life based on your own decisions, it will all return to what it once was all over again. Do you wish to see this happen or would you like for us to truly leave you with our gift of wisdom dear ones, which is to tell you that unconditional love and free will reflected toward all is the only way in life, if you are to indeed continue to live, and put away death; destruction; and punishment toward your neighbors. But keep in mind dear ones! You are now your fifth dimensional self and not third dimensional, and you must all therefore get this great message to your third dimensional friends and loved ones before it is too late.


You can give this information to your third dimensional counterpart who is your human you share your spiritual body and form with, in which case your third dimensional self will have to convince your third dimensional friends; family; and acquaintances in life of these matters. You are one person in third density life in your world, and you can only do so much in the position you are in presently in your world, and others who hold offices and positions in leadership and governments are the ones who will be helping to bring about the necessary changes in your world we have been speaking of as of late. If you hold one of those offices then this is good, but if not the n you are limited to your position in your world and society dear ones. Still you all have your part in the changes that must take place soon. We say to you that when the time is right for each of you, you will know your part and will carry it out perfectly, as no one will make the wrong decisions in the end.


Because you are now your fifth dimensional self however you will want no parts of the things of your third dimensional counterparts, and will not be able to change their minds in their future decisions for your planet, so do not try. Only give them the answers to the questions they pose to you and offer nothing else as you do not know their life’s plan any more than they do dear ones. To those who have not yet awakened do not offer advice on the world announcements as you have already attained world peace; world debt forgiveness; world abundance; and new governance for yourselves. What they see as world peace; world debt forgiveness; world abundance; and changes of government are very different from what we see as acceptable in life.


So do not be misled dear ones to think what you have been hearing in the channels about these issues are as they would seem based on the understanding of three dimensional beings. Do not come to the conclusion that you are all going to be hanging around here for a lot longer interval’s and increments of time, so as to see a new three dimensional world unfold. You are not and will not dear ones! You have been hearing our fifth dimensional channels and messages through the ears of your three dimensional self. You have heard what you wished to hear based on being present with your third density human and have therefore been misled to an extent during your awakening process. Still you are moving along quite nicely and these illusions and misconceptions within your minds are all now fading away, and a new understanding is therefore taking their place.


Do not however think dear ones that our new reality, which is about to unfold, will not also unfold in our new three dimensional planes of existence as well, though according to what corresponds in fifth density to that of third density life. In other words what will be above will also be below. We will find our happiness in life and our third density counterparts will as well, thought based on their illusions; fantasies; and understanding alone. You are about to move on dear ones and there is only so much you can do for a child that has its mind set on something in life. Let them make their decisions at this day, and now, and be there when they come to you with their questions. Do not try to change them and do not judge or look down on them for their decisions in life as well as their own lifestyles at this day in time. We each now know that life must be lived according to the illusion of free will to all, and this includes three dimensional beings, even though they do not actually have free will, as they would simply destroy themselves in the end if they did. But that is another story for another day.


So what is to take place at this day, as the hour is growing shorter and shorter by the minute? You are to live your life according to what your heart leads you to do and say from one now moment to the next. As third density beings believe they possess free will you are to allow them the freedom to continue to believe this in life. Do not act! Do not interfere any longer! No matter how much you wish at this day to interfere. And when they comes to you, as we assure you they soon will, help them and guide them in the best way you know possible. As you now see that you have found peace; happiness; abundance; and freedom in life it is now time that your lower third dimensional counterparts receive the same accordingly.  So we say to you to look out your windows as often as you can, for you will soon see what you have been waiting for dear ones.


But again this is not in third density, and your third density counterparts will not and cannot see these things. Is it not enough that you can, and that it is to their benefit that you in fact do? But then you may ask dear ones:


If they will not see the ships how will some move on to other planets and star systems to live out their lives in three dimensional existence somewhere else?

There are also third dimensional ships that will come dear ones, but they will not be for the good of the citizens as they too are lower density beings from your own planet and world who live life in fear and illusion. Their ships are not organic and alive but solid and made of metal and glass. They are the world rulers and leaders who are preparing false flag operations so as to distract and mislead the people of your world into believing they will be saved and protected by those in the ships if they indeed go with them to their off world homes. Do you not already know where these off world homes will be dear ones. Do you not know of mercury; mars; and the moons of your world?


And so we say to you dear ones that the ships that are to come to your third density counterparts are not for their good but for their deception and continued slavery in the world they will move on to. Think dear ones of why they would build underground tunnels and cities for masses of people to inhabit. And why are they underground? Could it be because they (the dark ones) are planning to make your planet uninhabitable ahead of time, before we leave with our bodies and forms into fifth density (which is all so close) so as to take as many off in ships as they can or choose, so as to attempt to destroy those who are left in your world, only to then have control of all people or souls who are left alive in three dimensional life and existence?


We say to you yes dear ones, this is what “was” about to take place if we had not interfered with their plans. How did we interfere? Because peace; happiness; safety; abundance; and sovereignty have been given to our lower lives and planes of existence just as they have been provided for in our higher planes of existence at this day. We now therefore possess the ability to bring about all these things and more dear ones below just as they have been provided above. Now that we have awakened the dark ones of your world and others can no longer truly harm you or us dear ones.


Again how have we interfered? Because what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and what is loosed on earth is also therefore loosed in heaven. We have found our heavens dear ones and now they will find theirs below and outside. You no longer have any need to be concerned for your friends; family; loved ones and acquaintances in your world today dear ones as their lives are about to change immensely for the better. We say this to you as fact because we know what has already taken place in the astral planes of existence and therefore in turn know ahead of time what is about to take place on your lower world dear ones.


We know your future because we are your future! But they say no one can know the future or give dates and times, as no one truly knows the future. This is true to an extent dear ones, in that we do not know our future given we will forever live in the now from this point on. You as well do not know your future because we are your future and you can not know of us until you actually again connect with and again become us dear ones. Now that you have become us once again we can tell you who you are , or who you are in your future, which by the way has turned in toi your “now.”



We give these words of wisdom and knowledge to the human and therefore give him permission to transmit these words to your world around you as far as they can and will reach. Know that we love you all dear ones and there is nothing we would not do for you, including give our lives for you in sacrifice, as we have many times done before.


We send our unconditional love and light to you all dear ones and we ask you to reflect it throughout your world to all other souls in your realms of existence.


We are Emmanuel and we love you as you are we and we are you!