Coming UP - Full Moon WOrkshop

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The upcoming SUPER Full Moon will actually be at the closest point in its orbit to Earth, making it the largest and brightest Full Moon of this year 2019!

We invite you to celebrate with us this powerful SUPER Full Moon to journey within on all levels of consciousness. We, Deborah and Daniela will be your hosts & channels in this live call, where you will be led into your higher consciousness & awareness of Self.


February 18th at 3pm CET


Join us live via skype and receive a personal message OR book your recording.


The Live Call comes with a recording and personal message. You can book either the call or recording. The call will last for about 1h-1.30h.


“Greeting. Greetings. Greetings Beloved. I am Lord Melchizedek and I step forth to invite you on an inner healing journey. I am here at this time to assist you in evolving within you your soul sovereignty. You are so loved, Beloveds. We will increase your natural flow to spin faster and therefore vibrate higher. Throughout your journey you will receive inner guidance that assist you in brining you to a state of awareness that you have not experience for a very long time, eons of time so to speak. We, the Team of Ascension, wish to communicate with you wisdom - radiant downloads of light code activation, that increases your inner strength through the sound of OM NYALIMAN SHANTI. We will be working on your heart chakra ( as well as on your lower heart and higher heart ), opening and expanding your channels for a major increasement of Self Love. As you start to nourish your self on a daily base in an awaken state of mind, you will begin to feel lighter, happier and more aligned to the flow of life itself.

Beloveds, this is a time of great inner change, nourishment and preparation for the new dawn. You are already in the process of creation, of creating your new reality through the intelligent life force that you are. You, will come to understand what patterns and fear based agendas have been slowing you down for so long. These are imprints from your ancestors and we are prepared to support you in releasing these old dogmas. I am Lord Melchizedek and it is my honour and pleasure to be of service at this time giving you a wonderful opportunity of immense growth in all aspects of your being-ness. I wish you a wonderful self nourishing time, where you will awaken fully to the ascended master that you already are. I am sending you deep gratitude and blessings from my Heart. Infinite Joy lies dormant within you, Beloveds, while you are on a journey of discovering self. I am Lord Melchizedek, lovingly sharing my wisdom and light. Namaste. Adoni. “


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click on image and arrange your booking ( either live call or recording ). You can pre-order your recording and receive it as soon as it is ready after the actual live call.


Contact Me directly through my contact form on my website or post your question below in comment box. I will get back as soon as I can.