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The earthquakes in NZ and now Japan are a natural progression in the scheme of things as Gaia shakes of her bonds and shackles and her energy rises. The disasters facing humanity are being minimised where possible yet there will still be great loss of life and suffering on a scale unseen in many lifetimes. Without release of the pressures building within Gaia cannot prevail…. Our hearts bleed for those who have lost loved ones and friends and our love goes out to those in need.

There will be other disasters of greater magnitude to come in other places as Gaia shakes of the mantle of negativity that has held her enslaved for thousands of years. Be calm and firm in your resolve to hold the light and make this world a better place for those who remain… this will be a testing time for your faith and belief in yourself and all you hold dear. Do not doubt our will to help and give succour to those affected by this latest disaster. Yet we cannot stop them from occuring for Gaia to survive .. all we can do is to mitigate the circumstances is to ensure that when releases do take place in regions that they will occur where they can cause the lesser amount of damage… For example if this pressure had been released no more than a few hundred kilometres to the south then Tokyo with its multitudinous population would have been in a direct line and destroyed.

This testing time for Earth and her inhabitants will give humanity the chance to pull together and work as one for the betterment of all her inhabitants be it animal, plant or human specie as each will be put to the test to find the calibre of their beingness.

As always ask for our help when your resolve weakens and we shall help you go within to find your own peace and harmony.

© Inara - this channeled message maybe copied freely as long as the wording is not changed or altered in anyway and credit is given to this channel.