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we all have our very own personal, interpersonal,universal
communication station that we work with. like a shaman, only
a multidimensional eternal,similiarly uniquely equal being
experiencing cycles of life and death. not every being
reincarnates. the communication station is experienced
through your ability to willfully communicate telepathically
with anyone for a specific amount of time, the reason for
the amount of time you have to communicate with a being is
due to the fact that there are certain beings whom your
attention is directly needed to be in communication with,
beings will come in and out of your awareness during
these kinds of talks, but alas your main focus is
needed where its needed, when its decree'd so. its
an inevitable experience where the only choice you have
is the willingness to be with it in the long run.

you know what this is like, youre busy with work, your
focus is on getting the work done as effeciently as possible.
whenever youve made an error , you willfully address it
and work with it as best as you can to fix the error,
and whenever more errors are found you continually address
them until all errors have been fixed and then you are able
to move on completely unto the next area of focus that needs
your attention so you are able to bring in more light to
the planet. there are a lot of errors on this planet
that need to be fixed, but it doesnt mean that the errors
themselves are not part of the divine plan, because if they
werent, they wouldnt be there period. addressing your internal
experience is where the work is. no matter what it is, facing
it as it is, is the real work. so if you arent willing to
address your inner situation that needs work, you will be
addressed consistently into looking at it for good and
learning how to work with that which needs work both within
and around you, locally, and non locally(other places on the
planet, off the planet.)

so whatever buttons you have within you, theyre going to
be addressed whether you like or not, this is how that which
is not you, is dismantled, in turn how you become more of
who you are, more light quotient,more humble, true humility.
the buttons are areas of resistance within you, blockages that
are being addressed because it is decreed so, in order for
you to heal yourself. through healing yourself consciously
youre consciously becoming more of who and what you are,
enabling yourself through your unconditionally ruthless
compassion to willingly learn,grow,expand your heart = you,
forever and in turn enabling you to work with all inevabilities
on and eventually off the planet with other species. this
simple choice is the highest path you can walk. youll learn
that within your essence is the willingness of being
massively determined to be the love you are, no matter what.

the tiniest spark of light within you, is what not only gives you
your instinctive drive to keep living regardless of whats happening
until youre will changes for your time of death (however that is
experienced).but its also your eternal connection to all that is.
you are you, regardless of your misunderstandings and delusions
about yourself(which are direct representations of that which you
are not but have been nurtured to identify with as being who and
what you are which is your identification with the conditioned
egomind which built into it is the incessant need to have belief
systems of any kind whatsoever,gay,bisexual,sex changes, the 7 deadly
sins and the delusion of there being saviors for humanity along
with the delusion of an eternal elitist group dominating human
slavery forever for their own selfish gains, and many more)
 and others, and how you are living your life today.
this doesnt mean you have an excuse to continue that path of
willfully ignoring the truth within you that is being addressed by
the all through god's decree's. this moment moment of having
all of what you go through that is simply that which you willfully
ignore on a consistent basis, will consistently be addressed until
you get over that which you once identified with to be you, which
is not.