Conversation with an off-Earth Angel

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Conversation with an off-Earth Angel 



Hi you... excuse me, are you a human being?


Me? Well, yes, kind of I guess.


Oh Wonderful!!! I've been looking for some for so long! Each time I meet one, they seem not able to hear me, or see me... I thought I'd became invisible and started worring!


Well, yes, mmm... I guess you're an Angel right?


YES!! Thank you for seeing me!


That's why others could not see or hear you, not many on this Planet believe in you... or in themselves in fact.


What? What do you mean they don't believe in me? You mean in Angels?


Yes, I guess so.


Oh... that's the first time it happens... but why? I mean, don't they know we exist? And... but... I heard humans WERE Angels... actually, they told me they're Royal Angels!


Yes, they told you the truth.


So how come they cannot see me?


The fact is, they forgot to be Royal Angels.


Are you kidding? You’re saying that the Light and Love of God forgot to be the Light and Love of God? How’s that possible?


To make a long story short, these souls wanted to experience the mirror of Love in One Another, and therfore incarnated as human beings on this Planet, but things became kind of complicated when they started forgetting who they Really Are, and this started a process of forgetting even more deeply and they began to believe in their bodies more than in their Souls. So they made God appear as a human being and finally completely forgot why they came and what They Are. The dream became real and Reality a Dream.


Oh... that sounds really frightening. You’re saying they don’t know they’re LOVE?


Well, not all of them, many are awake and even more are awakening Now, but it’s been a long jouney to get here. And yes, many have no clue they’re LOVE=GOD.


But why? Dont’ you tell them, you seem to Know Who You Are.


Yes, we do tell them, but many simply are so deep asleep they think we are the fool ones.


That’s amazing! A God that cannot believe it’s God! I have to tell my friend about this, but I guess they won’t believe me if I tell them! That must be horrible! Cause if you don’t know you’re Love, what do you think you are? There’s nothing but Love.


That’s the biggest problem! On Earth there’s a ting called time, and much of this time has been used to program the human mind. And this program starts when you incarnate onto the Planet. You grow up believeing you are the body you use to have this experience, and they teach you that if something happens to this body you die and when you die the most horrible things happen to you, if you’re luky!


Oh no... that’s not possible! How can Love end? How did they convince God it can die? But, don’t they know anything about Angels, and other Planets, and Other forms of God’s expressions all over Creation?


Yes, they do, and many talk to them as we’re doing right now, but you have to understand that this has been going on for a long long time, and humanity is now used to confront the Truth with what they can see, touch, or even buy and sell here in the physical world.


But once you remember... this makes no sense anymore.


As I told you, there has been a program going on, and this program sais that for something to be true it must be difficult, and it must bring suffering, and you must see it thorugh your human eyes or it’s not true.


So they don’t believe you when you tell them it’s not true?


They do, as their Heart is nontheless God’s Heart, but their mind has been in control for so long... like putting layer over layer over layer of unconsciousness. To go back to the Being, to the Heart, to the Now... every layer has to be dissolved. And that’s the part that creates issues.


Mmm... I don’t think I get this. Once you Know you’re God, which is Love, and that Love is All That Is... I’d get rid of this layers all at once!


Yes, but this layers have created what is called a “perceived identity”, many believe they actually are these layers, so when they’re told they have to get rid of them... they believe they’re loosing something.


Loosing? If my dress was on fire I’d get rid of it as soon as I could. What’s so nice in believing you’re separated from God.


Nothing, in fact it makes all suffer very deeply.


So why try to keep it?


Well, when you incarnate the education you get is a program, and this program says: adapt to what I want you to be or you’ll never be loved” so, even the most conscious beings sooner or later starts to adapt, and only few manage to escape from this lie.


I’m speechless! That means you’re not free? You cannot follow your natural energy expression as Created by God?


Some can, in some was, and those are the most happy ones. Many did not, and many did not even know they had a natural and unique energy expression.


Wow... this is the most amazing story I’ve heard in eternity! Now I understand... I tried to talk to a man before I met you, and as he did not answer I throw a few things from his table, thinking he wanted to play with me, but then he became all red and started screaming to someone. As I did not understood I left...


Yes, we’re trying to help humanity to wake up to their True Being, but to do so, each and every=One has to listen, and this is the most difficult part... As they’ve been told so much over this lon long time they think they already know... but all the information they got was really messed up. Believe me or not they’ve been told that God is there watching if they act good or bad and in case is rady to set them on fire!


HAHAHAHA... Sorry, oh that’s hilarious!! Set them on fire! Who had this idea? Would be a nice play where I come from!


Well, it’s not perceived as a play here! And that’s another reason why these layers are so difficult to take away. They believe that if they show themselves for what they are behind the many masks... there’ll be some kind of punishment.


Punishment for what?


For showing that wihtout the illusion they’re in they get confused, lost, afraid.


I’d feel like this if I had lived for so long believing something that’s not true.


Exactly! But the truth is... it’s lived like this because they believe that this dream they’re in still gives them something to rely on.


But how can something that does not exist give you something to rely on? If it’s not real... there’s nothing. And nothing cannot give you something. Love! Oh, Love gives you All!!! Don’t they like Love?


Oh yes, they do! Should see their eyes when they first experience it. But to get there some layers have to be taken away first, and what they called love here had nothing to do with Love. It’s an ego excange part of the program, where usually one wins or looses.


That makes me cry... God... that forgot Love... which is itself. But can you not help them? Sorry if I ask again but I can’t believe someone finds it so hard... to Be.


Yes, we did, and we still do, and many and more are remembering and helping and coming together as One to spread the Truth and more are coming and will come. It’s an interesting mission though, you have to get used to the fact that before accepting they’re Love, sooner or later many will tell you you’re trying to deceive them. That you’re part of the dark or the devil or some kind of illusion... so if you want to help, we’d be honored to show you where the beings in most need are. But you won’t simply throw things fromt the table... you’ll need to be there day after day after day after day until eventually they’ll notice that something is happening. At that point, please don’t leave, for that’s the moment where the true mission starts!


I’d be a honor for me to experience this! Yes, thank you so much. Helping God to remember it’s God! This is the biggest Honor in eternity!



You’re welcome Love.