Create Communities of Divine Love

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Communities are meant to be demonstrations of what it looks and feels like to be living in Divine Love. All service simply comes out of the natural desire to share that Love according to each one’s gifts and talents. This is as true for us on the innerplanes as it is for you on Earth. You are at present the creators on Earth who are there to find your unique ways of expanding the Love and Light of God through your service and within your councils and communities.



Those within the Councils of Saint Germain 

 These times are the most exciting humanity has known on your planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Your entire planet and everyone upon it is moving into their next level of awakening and this will inspire many around your world to build communities where everyone will be supported to live in Unity Consciousness. These communities can be as small as a family unit or as large as a small town or village and in truth, there is no limit to what can now be created and manifested upon your paradise planet when you are living, speaking, listening and loving Presence-to-Presence. Many will also be guided to simply be examples of what it looks like to live as your Presence on Earth. 

Those in your world are literally starved for the kind of spiritualintimacy that can only come from living as your Presence and once that is established, then the desire to expand the Love and Light of Source throughout the larger community is natural. Love was not meant to be confined or contained as there is truly no end to it.
Masters Kuthumi and Lady Claire ~
The belief that there was ever a lack of Divine Love or Light or any other good thing that would be in support of Unity or Christ Consciousness has been one of humanity's greatest misconceptions as there simply is no lack unless it is created and supported as a belief within the mind of the ego.
To experience true intimacy Presence to Presence, you must first of all be available, and that means being fully present in the moment. The ongoing practice of being present then extends into the community where everyone can come together as loving co-creators and collaborators focused on whatever needs to be manifested or created for the highest good for all. Everything will be accomplished throughcooperation and everyone will be creating as equals. There will be true respect and appreciation for the gifts each one brings to the whole, and everyone truly has a gift even if it has not been discovered. This Teacher Training will help to uncover those gifts.
Leadership will unfold naturally yet it will not be based on the ego needs of any one particular person. Everyone living as their Presence will be acting as leaders as they keep focusing on whatever will expand and sustain Unity Consciousness within themselves and within the community as a whole.
Deep listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence beyond the preconceived answers or opinions of the ego will be included in your ongoing practice of unconditional love. Knowing can then arise spontaneously out of the Divine Love and Light that is encoded in your Spiritual Heart. Living from this Heart is what will establish the kind of intimacy you have not experienced since your last Golden Age, which you probably experienced in Atlantis or Lemuria or both.
Communities will provide its inhabitants with ongoing opportunities for practicing deep listening and true spiritual intimacy where much more meaningful exchanges can take place between all members of the community and beyond. This has been a planet of lonely people who are now reaching out to be shown how they can truly move into Unity Consciousness and begin establishing the foundations for a new Golden Age of Freedom.
In these times people will be shifting much of their attention out of their 3rd dimensional lives so they can focus on their deeper desires to expand the Love and Light of Source within them. Many will be doing this by coming together in Councils of Light to practice living Presence-to-Presence. This Teachers Training will include practicing working in powerful Councils that will truly be reflecting the Councils of Light on the inner planes and in that Love and that Light, there will be no veils between us and our Presence and the spiritual Masters.
You will learn how to be instrumental in creating both Councils and Communities of Light that will act as magnets for attracting all you need to manifest and support yourselves in the new Golden Age. Unity Consciousness will continue to expand within and around your world until fear is completely replaced by Love and the world around you will only be reflecting its Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. 
Discover the unique gifts you have come to share as your part in this new Golden Age for that will give you a purpose that will fulfill your heart’s longing far beyond the temporary pleasures of your world. You were truly destined to be here at this time and to assist in precipitating your new Golden Age of Freedom. You have come to Earth to be a living example of what it looks like to live as your Presence while walking in your world. You are living in extraordinary times that will go down in history as the most critical time of choice you have ever faced since the fall of Atlantis.  
If you would like to be part of a Golden Age Community of Light that can “light” up the world, now is the time to step forward and fulfill your Divine purpose.
You will learn from the Masters how to:
*Live more fully in Unity Consciousness knowing that it is a prerequisite for creating a Golden Age community.
*Practice living in the equality and neutrality of the Presence so you can meet each person and come into Council without a pre-conceived agenda.
 *Reach solutions that will serve the highest good of all.
*Practice being a co-creator with others who are all living as their Presence.
*Use the foundational principles of cooperation, collaboration and equality to create and sustain communities in our new Golden Age.
*Identify the gifts you can bring into the Golden Age and discover ways to build upon them. 
*Know what it will look and feel like to live in Unity Consciousness. 
*Use your breath to practice creating, living, listening and speaking from out of the sacred silence of your Presence. 
 *Co-create and sustain a Golden Age Community.
*Develop the standards for living in a Golden Age Community.
 *Create peace and harmony in a Golden Age Community.
 *Bring out the mastery & visions of those in your Golden Age Community.
 *Use the decision-making process that the Masters use in their Council of Shamballa.
 *Be the wisdom keepers for the next generation to come.