Create your own Ascended Earth Now ~ SaLuSa speaks for the Galactic Federation 11th July 2012 ~ Multidimensional Ocean

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Snapshot 2 (11-07-2013 15-50)Today I would like to speak on behalf of the Galactic Federation, whereas I usually speak to Laura as one of her guides.

Today’s message is mainly aimed at giving you an update on the situation such as we perceive it today from the higher realms.

We stand with you in all your difficult choices; we sense your sense of fear and for many, of disempowerment. We appreciate how much trouble you are going through from Mother Earth, as you have chosen to help her through this grand process of global ascension. We envy you this task and the journey that you are making, along with her and with the rest of humanity.

The journey ahead is full of wonder, of disbelief, of struggles, of friendships and discoveries. We would really like to ask you to focus on the positive side of things, the positive side of people and on your own positive side. This is of course in order to participate in this grand vibrational ascension, and in order to manifest magic in your daily lives.

Your limits are only your limits because you believe the voice who told you once, that you have your own limitations as a human being, that you cannot achieve in this life what you wish for, that you must give up on any sense of joy and accomplishment, and that such is the rule for those who have sinned. Dear ones, you have not sinned, you have no limitations, and this life is not meant to be suffered in silence and in pain.

The Vatican is contributing to making you believe that, as a human being, you are living in sin, and that you should be ashamed of yourself for this and that reason, that you are undeserving beings, that you do not deserve to be happy while on Earth. These are make believe stories that such an organisation is using to justify their own atrocities towards human beings, such as many have recently been uncovered.

None of you deserve punishments of any kind, you do not need to worship anybody, you do not need to bow to anybody’s will, and you do not need to obey to their commands. The main person that you need to love, to respect, to forgive, to understand, and to accept is first of all your own self. Respect yourself such as you are, and give your love and support freely to those who ask for it.

In the days ahead, there will be more and more evidence of many hidden agendas from the Vatican, from the clergy, from politicians, from corporations. The selfishness of those beings will be revealed to all to see. You will come to understand who it is that declared themselves masters and rulers of the `masses’, those who have controlled you for many generations with lies and deception.

We ask you to proceed with calm, and with patience. We ask you to do no harm, for this would bring you on the same level as those who have tried to enslave you for such a long time.

We look forward to your awakening, and to your reintegrating your place among your own people.

We know that many of you have their heart set on returning home, and of leaving Earth. However, once Earth has ascended, you will find it to be a very different place from the Earth you have experienced up to now. You will find Earth to be a place of love, of peace, of understanding, of development and creativity. You will be able to go home and travel back and forth to Earth for as long and as much as you like.

There will truly be no limits to your capabilities, to your consciousness, to your love. Once again, we repeat, focus on the target, envision and imagine the Earth as you would like it to be, and already begin to create the world upon which you wish to live, create that abundance, that energy, that never-ending love, that passion and forgiveness.

Be present in your body, be joy, be love.

We send our love, always by your side.

Thank you,

SaLuSa from Sirius

Channel : Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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