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Dr. Angela Barnett
Joe Barnett

It has finally become obvious to us that we have
continued to create music while we were on
Earth in the exact same manner that we did in
the Creation Realm. We have been inhaling the
Creations from all over the Universe and doing
our Creation Work within this tiny little reality
in the same manner we did it when we were
huge Creator Beings who are thousands of feet
tall and wide when we do creation work. 

We sometimes expand ourselves into forms who are
several miles in diameter when we are orbing
through space and creating galaxies. We are the
ones who created the Suns, the Stars, the
Galaxies, the Novas, the Super Novas. And we
created them all through the Music of the colors
that we streamed through the Crystals in those
areas in the Universe, and we layered infinite
colors of reality and combined rhythms of
various stars to create new Novas, and our work
was glorious.

This is the first time that there have been Creator
Beings on Earth in their complete selves for
several thousands of years. We each choose to
come to different planets only on very special
occasions or special purposes. And when we
come for the purpose of learning about a certain
raceline, we have found that the best way is to
come with amnesia and become the one who we
are trying to understand.

This is the reason Joe and I came to Earth as the
male and female form of Mary Magdalene. We
came to experience being the hybrid raceline
that is the replacement for the original Elohim
Raceline whom we originally planted on this
Earth. We wanted to experience this re make of
the new divine humanoid, and we came to plant
the seed from the Original Creation Realm so
that the new hybrid race would grow back into
the original form that was created through our
golden crystal stardust and light flame of

Creators are all from the same Realm of
Creation which is the God Realm. We call it
First Creation. The Angels are from thirteen
different realms. Each time there was a raceline
created there were Angels created to watch over
them. Creators were only Created one time. We
were created before the Angels because Angels
were created to watch over the race lines who
came later than the Creation itself.

We create ourselves,our personalities as we
move forward in time and space. We become
who we are with the things we create, the things
we think and the people we know, the creators
we know, so it may seem like we are different,
but it is only because we are in a different
karmic state than one another. We are in the
same realm, the same place existence wise, but
we all have our own personalities and how we
want to present ourselves to each other. 

I can appear as a super nova or a galaxy, but I am
appearing as a human to you. It makes me giddy
a little bit, to know that I can do that. In another
sense it is very confining here, but I don't mind
that for now because I know it is only
temporary. Some Creator Beings are more
interested in creating galaxies and novas and
others are more interested in over seeing
racelines and connections.

I am in service to many populaces and making
sure galaxies don't collide and energies don't
explode at the wrong time. Yes, I am a
maintenance person. A person of service. I am a
person of giving to species what they need to
survive and what they need to grow. And God
looks over and says is it that you are allowing
this planet to super nova? And I would say yes,
it is because it will create in its path another
seven hundred stars from the gases that are
going to collect in that portion of space.

We came to Earth to allow ourselves to realize
that regardless of what density we are living
within, we are always the Creators and we are
always making God's music. 

In 1987, Joe
received the message make God's movie. It took
us about fifteen years to figure out what that
meant. We have been making God's movie
because we are the Creators and everything we
do is to manufacture whatever it is God wants to
experience. Within that movie that we were to
make, we were also being told to make God's

The last dialog with Lacodemus woke me into
the full meaning of what we are doing here and
what we have done for trillions of years. We
make God's movies and we make God's music
because God is music itself. Everything that we
do involves music.
Dr. Angela Barnett
Joe Barnett