Current Update: Breaking News, America! Drake confirms it’s ON!

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Current Update: Breaking News, America! Drake confirms it’s ON!



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There were 2 maxed out chat rooms and 100 people on the phone as well as countless people listening via the Internet.

This is GREEN LIGHT brothers and sisters…


The U.S. military has allowed Drake to tell us 3 things:

1.  The “cavalry” is coming!

2.  We, the militia and the citizens of the U.S. probably won’t be required and will only be called upon if our assistance is absolutely needed, so they told us to go about our business.

3.  Sit back and watch the fireworks on the 4th of July! It will be a 4th of July like no other.


Drake is elated. The media will be opened up very shortly to tell the people the truth about the events unfolding, and it will be happening much sooner than we think.


The paperwork has been properly done and we, the United States, have been declared FREE. There are just a few loose ends to tie up to include all 50 states and we can legally liberate ourselves from an oppressive government.


Drake suggests we get some money out of the bank, just in case; enough for one week of necessities, at least.


Veterans will be honored and provided the care and services they rightly deserve.


Sabotage attempts designed to “blow up” prior to the fall election have been unearthed and dismantled. Nuclear disaster plans have been prevented. The Resistance feels they have unearthed 99.9 per cent of the arsenal and doesn’t feel the cabal will be able to activate any remaining devices.


Lady Dragon revealed some good news. The FBI was on CNN and shared that they broke up a long-time child prostitution ring involving 79 children.


More good news; no one opposed the bill Ron Paul wanted to pass this morning in the House of Representatives to audit the Fed, so 257 unanimous votes pushed it through and it will probably be unanimous in the Senate, as well when it gets there.


I know everyone is excited to hear the news, so if necessary, I’ll do a synopsis of the Q & A later.

Peace out!


Kauilepele is on the ball and has already posted the audio recording of the first, second and third hours, so you can listen here NOW.





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LOVE the saying.."its on and poppin"!!..reminds me of the similar saying,,"its on like donkey kong"