Daily Blue Star UFOs Report~ YES! ARE WE REALLY HERE

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‪ Daily Blue Star UFOs  Report~ YES! ARE WE REALLY HERE~




Greetings Love Beings,

Here we are, our daily sightings.

Fasten your seat belts while watching the first video...

and start getting used to it!

And thank you for sharing and informing everyone you can... it’s IMPORTANT! The more we get out at people, the less will they be afraid.

Thanks sharing and Loving as there’s nothing better you can do.



RAW VIDEO:Vortex UFO phenomena caught on tape HD


Canberra Australia - UFO Filmed From Plane 2012 !!


L'UFO del Belgio


2012 London - UFO Filmed from Airplane !!


UFOs in the orbit of the Sun - Review Activity for May 2, 2012 (SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195)


BEAST UFO! - 5-1-12


UFO NORWAY ARMADA Abisko Norway.m4v


UFO´s sighted 2012.05.02 in Partille .wmv




LOVE YOU, and thanks for sharing!


if you missed our latest energy update http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/galactic-free-press-daily-update42712-everyones-assuming-their-divine-rolesget-ready






Ummm WOW !

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Whoa Wonderful!