Day 12: Gifting and Receiving

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Abundance comes in many forms: good health, joy, friends, loving family members, a puppy’s kiss, anything that brings joy and assists in your evolution towards light and pure love. You each have within you the power to manifest anything you want or wish to experience. All humans desire abundance on some level. This doesn’t necessarily mean material goods, for there are many who prefer a simplistic lifestyle. However, all desire an abundance of peace, the ability to choose what they wish to experience and whom they choose to be their friends.

Many of you complain to each other about your need for money, specific items, more time or energy etc. Yet, when someone offers their services to you, often it is rejected with comments such as, “Thank you, but we are doing okay. We appreciate the thought, but we know you (or someone else) need the money as much as we do.” Perhaps you accept the gift, only to pass it on to someone you think is more deserving.

We are not here to judge your choices, but we do recognize that the efforts you put forth to attain what it is you desire many times is either not accepted or passed on to someone else. This behavior is often a reflection coming from a lack of worthiness. How many of you have failed to charge a fair price for your services? How often have you worked jobs that did not bring you joy? Have you lent money knowing you would never be repaid? Where is your worth and sense of fairness?

Balance is the key. This holds true in every aspect of your personal life. If it is abundance you wish to receive, you can also expect to be presented with a myriad of ways to expend your wealth, as well. That is the nature of this world of polarity. It is up to you to use discernment regarding when to receive the blessings gifted to you and when to pass the gift onward.

We would like you to pay attention to your words and attitude when blessings come your way. If you turn down a gift, look closely at why you are doing so. Is it a result of an old habit? Perhaps in the past your gifts from certain people had “strings attached” and so, you hold the belief code that gifts from all people have “strings attached.”

Look closely, be as objective as possible and bring to your conscious mind belief codes that hinder you from living a life of abundance. You cannot eradicate old belief codes until you shine a light on them. Consciously choose those you wish to keep and those you are ready to release.

You have the right to live a life of abundance. Once you realize this and choose to take the steps towards living an abundant life, celebrate by performing a jig called “a bun dance.” Stand up, shake your booty and with joy and exuberance shout, “I am worthy to receive all the blessings the uni-verse has to offer me!”

Make this a great day for yourself. We are appreciative of the time you spend evolving yourself towards love and light. For in doing so, you assist in our evolution and expansion towards creating a family of Oneness.  Selamet!  Eb 12

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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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