Day 13: Truth Beyond Media

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It is time to regain control of your life. You can do this by going within on a daily basis. Clear your mind of the worries of the day. Ask your Guides to help you find ways to empower yourself. Work through the fears that allow you to give your freedom to others. Choose the life you wish to live for yourself. Rediscover what gives you joy and passion. Speak your mind. Know what it is you want. What is your truth? Speak it, with integrity. Remain true to your self and stand your ground when you see things around you that do not resonate with you.

It is only through standing in your truth that you will be able to change the world. It will not happen overnight; it has taken eons for your systems to become so skewed. However, by remaining in peace no matter what situation you find yourself in, you will be better armed to make decisions from the heart. No longer live in fear of what the future holds. You will never attain what you want as long as you are focused in the past or future.

Every dream you hold has the chance to blossom only in the present moment. Seek ways to maintain peace in every moment. Speak your truth in every moment. When your thoughts wander to the “poor me” syndrome of the past or the “what if” syndrome of the future, return to the present moment.

The key to happiness lies in living in the present moment with gratitude, seeing even the hardships as blessings. You are able to live fully in joy at this time. Take time to go within and find those “dark shadows” and fears that hold you back from being the joyous person that you are. Move forward with the anticipation that all is well and getting better with each movement you make towards regaining your freedom.  Selamet!  Ben 13

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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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