Day 97: Breath of Life

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BREATH OF LIFE There are many forms of light, for it means many things to different people. The light we wish to talk about today comes from within; it is the eternal flame that comes from your Creator. Once upon a time, there were no individual lights, all of you were an integral part of the whole, similar to the light that shines forth from your sun. At one point, this light fragmented to allow for a variety of experiences. This light inside your heart is similar to one candle flame.

Each of you has this flame of God Essence within you. Even those that do the most horrendous deeds on Earth have this light within. Many of you have hidden this light so deeply that you cannot enjoy its flame. Yet no matter how deeply it is hidden, this flame can be brought forth to shine brightly. All it needs is a little oxygen. We call this oxygen “breath.”

Your breath is the most important element you need to exist on this Earth. Try not breathing for just a few minutes and you will understand what we say. In order for your light to shine brightly, it needs oxygen. Breathing consciously while setting intentions is very powerful. There are many techniques on how to use the breath to energize the body, mind and soul.

We suggest that if this is not a part of your daily life, that you make it so. At first, conscious breathing methods can seem tedious as you learn to quiet the mind, which is constantly chattering and demanding attention. Yet, when your mind is calm, there is truly a peace that surpasses all understanding. We encourage you to find a form of breathing that feels comfortable to you. In the beginning, it may be difficult, but keep practicing until it becomes second nature.

Once your mind and body are calm, it will be easier for your Spirit to assist you in making life choices that are for your highest good. You will soon learn how to connect with your Higher Self and the Angels and Guides who surround you every moment. There are many Helper Beings available to you, but first you must believe they exist, acknowledge them and give them permission to assist you. It is their delight to be of assistance to you. They chose the role to help you even before you incarnated.

Many of these Beings have been with you throughout several lifetimes and adventures. Know that within the Spirit Realm, there are no time and space limitations. Many of you do not ask your God for help because you feel your issues are not that important and don’t want to bog him down. This is limited human thinking, a belief code that needs to be banished. The universe IS abundance. There are many Helpers with various talents who are available to assist you, even computer geeks! The more adept you become at oxygenating your body, the easier it will become for you to shine your inner light. There are many healing modalities and exercises such as yoga, tai chi and chi gong that are also extremely helpful when it comes to moving energy throughout your body. Find ways to let your light shine forth beginning in this moment!   Selamet! Caban 6

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