The Day After Ascension: December 22nd, 2012

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HJ: Based on my initial review of various Ascension reports from conscious individuals yesterday, it seems as though we all experienced incredible ecstatic heights and also bouts of sadness, depression and/or disappointment.  I think this is perfect, really.  It was a beautiful exit to duality, experiencing its full range of emotions in one day.  Now let me clarify that last comment ‘a beautiful exit to duality’.  That should be: ‘beginning of the exit of duality’, for this is a process that will take some time whose speed is dictated by the individual timelines in which we have created for ourselves.

Anyways, to experience both the highest highs and lowest lows on the same day should be a signal that some major energetic shifts were happening, as we all were consciously aware of…  As mentioned in another introduction, experiencing those low points is a great sign that much lower dimensional/vibrational energy has been cleared (permanently!) from our collective conscious.  Whenever lower vibrational energy is cleared we must re-experience it in one form or another as it leaves our mind/body/soul.  As long as we do not have any major energetic blockages it can leave us relatively easily and painlessly. For example, although I felt down/dissapointed/depressed at points, it was relatively mild and definitely passed with ease (by the way, i rarely ever encounter these types of emotions anymore and if I do, I have a vast toolkit to deal with them and help them pass effectively and quickly.  The Healers Journal is a major resource for learning and developing these tools, by the way!).

Something huge is happening right now and I believe that anyone who is calibrated and sensitive can feel that.  After we collectively get over the ‘shock’ that nothing grossly physical and cataclysmic transpired, which is interpreted by many that ‘nothing’ actually happened (major fallacy), I think many will begin to tune into the very subtle (right now… this will not be so subtle very shortly…) reality that indeed a major shift has occured — collectively, inside us all.  Like any true manifestation, the shift first happens inside, then it begins its transformation into the physical reality as we work with the new energy and translate it into a ‘tangible’ creation. 

- Truth

Sherri Carter, Contributing Writer | Waking Times

Here we are! December 22, 2012! We’ve heard so much about December 21st, but not much about December 22nd and beyond. Chances are, we all made it past the end of the Mayan Calendar, which, for the most part has been greatly misunderstood. My very basic understanding it that it was never meant to predict the actual, physical end of the world, but rather, the end of the old way and the bringing in of a new era, a new way of doing things. For a more, specific, in-depth astrologicial explanation, I highly recommend reading this article by Barbara Freed – Mayan Prophecy and Our Shift in Consciousness.

So what does all of this mean, a new way of doing things? What is this shift? For me, I see continuing the shift so many of us are already experiencing, the releasing of the old and embracing a new vision, not only for our lives, but for the world; to continue to grow and create a new norm. To become empowered not only in what we think, but also in what we do! It’s the perfect next step in applying Universal Principles to create positive change. Overall, the spiritual community embraced the Universal Principle of The Law of Attraction. Knowing what we want is a very important first step! Next in applying Universal Truth is The Law of Action, or adding congruent action to support creating our desires. This is when true empowerment occurs! Claim your power to not only think about what you desire but begin living your intentions everyday.  This is the change the world has been waiting for; for each of us to make the smaller changes in our own everyday experiences. Start the ripple effect until finally, these ripples overlap and become huge waves of change!


There have been, and always will be, naysayers. You know the ones; the doomsday-the-world-is-going-to-end-we’re-all going-to-die crowd.  I’m all about being prepared as an empowering exercise, but not doing it out of such an extreme place of fear I see in some. When I’ve encountered members of this extreme crowd, I always ask “what is it you so desperately want to hold onto and why so much fear?” I have yet to receive an answer to what they want to hold onto. Around me, I see 1) so much to be grateful for and 2) ways to release what isn’t working so I can embrace a new experience. If something isn’t working, why hold onto it? The simple answer is because it’s the known and it’s so easy-too easy- to fear the unknown. December 21stis also about releasing the fear of the unknown, to finally release what isn’t working- both as individuals and as a global community. December 22nd is the first day of stepping bravely into a whole new world, one that you create and one that is hopefully created from a place of peace and love. This does ripple out into the rest of the world, and really can be a turning point, for all of us. December 22nd begins a new chapter into living what is possible, not clinging to what is feared.

So, I say Good Morning, December 22, 2012! It’s nice to meet you. Now, let’s go change the world!


About the Author

Sherri Carter, MS, believes strongly in the power of Universal Principles, especially the Universal Law of Action. Her work focuses on empowering people to actively create the lives they desire.  She lives in the beautiful Ozarks region of southwest Missouri, with her husband and young son. For more information, please visit

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The Day After Ascension

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I thought I was going insane for a while. I've been going through what I can only describe as the "Dark night of the Soul".

My mental body was going crazy, especially last night, and the wind storm outside perfectly reflected it. It took all of my tools and the help of Archangel Michael to help me calm my thoughts about the ascension process. It was an epic battle within myself! And Yet! since the Shift I feel definitely different! Not sure if it is, because the energies from the Great Central Sun are still strong, or if something has shifted within myself. I don't feel the joy or ecstacy that a lot of people are talking about. I don't feel lovey dovey, either. It seems to be a neutral, yet peaceful feeling that is making itself known to me. My brow and crown are feeling constant pressure now, as does my heart chakra. I feel larger, in an energetic sense, much larger. And yet, I don't feel that connectivity that was talked about. It is very confusing to me!! If anyone has any thoughts about this or has similar experiences, I would like to read about it. We need some sort of support system here, so we can make heads or tails out of out experiences. (ONLY CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS, PLEASE!)

ascension ??? !!!

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It is good to hear other people experience the same thing as I did.

Yesterday I expected some massive results, but everything was veeeery quiet.

I even thought I missed the boat.


The only things I did experience is a change in my thinking.

I have a better view now on the 5th dimension.

In a way my perspective has been enlarged by a milion times, but it has not worked out yet.

I mean that I remember again how i lived and moved before I came in this world.

It brings a lot of confusion since i did not expect it to be like this.


Also I experienced emotional highs, when I got more vivid revelations and lows, when I was disappointed with the  expected results that did not come.

We will see what the coming days will bring.

The best thing we all can do is find our strength in silence and in trust. 

(a quote from our dear old bible Isaiah 30:15 :)