Dear Everyone at Nanaimo Serenity Lodge

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Introducing Mr. Robert Benson, Warrior for Light & Love !

Letter posted on Robert Benson's door morning of April 25, 2012

Dear Owners, Management, Staff, Trustees and Residents

Nanaimo Serenity Lodge

Hereonin, the health and wellness of Mr. Robert Benson is a public story and all who care for him are in the public eye through the work of the Galactic Free Press. Our work is intended to lift all of humanity into the light of truth. As of this moment, the treatment of Mr. Benson is of interest to the world, and you each have an important part in this journey. Together, we are the ones we have been waiting for. [with some editorials as I can't remember exactly what I wrote and camera#2 the Rebel has just bit the dust].

See CTV interview via the following YouTube Video:

Earlier Blog about this story:

L O V E  &  L I G H T, Dawn Christine

Editor, Galactic Free Press and Counsel for Mr. Robert Benson



the true bob

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To find the true bob ask why?

A 61 yr old man at a known drug purchasing area at 10.30pm with $160 in his pocket

Why no reporting to the police at the time

Why not wanting medical assistance

Why he refused to attend an I.D. parade to identify his assailants

I visited serenity recently and found pets being well looked after,

including one nice man called russ feeding birds in the parking lot.

So who is your warrior bob.


four things

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1) Thank you for writing a response - your courage is beautiful

2) There are details and questions to every story. At present, this one is very big and the mounting evidence is compelling and becoming crystal clear. Justice is happening now. 

3) Mr. Robert Benson imbues pure love and light - it's that clear and simple and beautiful

4) Thank you for appreciating the love my father has for birds and all animals


There is great love for you here, and you are so welcome into this light.


With respect and joy,

Dawn Christine

I am sure bob will thank you

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I am sure bob will thank you for helping his passage on.

For new experiences that you will help him with.

Does this include the 24hr care you feel he needs?

You will make a fine pair.

But you seem to have avoided previous questions about the beating.

Does what happened really mean nothing.

It happened its an awful thing to happen.

Honesty is a wonderful thing and so is the love you offer this man.

Did you ask him?


You a weirdo Christine - how

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You a weirdo Christine - how about some spreading some truth inside of your make believe light! You people are nothing but a cult!