~Dear Ones, we are the Angels of the Energy Fields, and we are with you~

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Dear Ones, we are the Angels of the Energy Fields.

We are here to be with you in this way to speak of you as fields of energy.
We, like you, exist as energy within the cosmic arena.
These moments upon your Earth have been filled with much sorrow and upon each of you are many questions as to what this all means, are we not forsaken?

You are not forsaken, you are ever here to Birth this Oneness that is upon you.
This time is now for each of you to release all burdens you have been carrying with you, for are you not free in spirit?

Yes and are you not wanting your spirit to be free here upon the Earth.
Yes and all is with you to allow this freedom for you have called it forth!

Each of you is here and is calling it forth within your hearts song, within the tone of your energy.
Your energy field is what you are, and in that, you reside in frequency of where you are holding your energy.

We are with you in this endeavor you have set yourself upon, to realign this Earth, to be vessels of your highest council, the truth and the realms of Light, for is not darkness the lack of light? In that darkness, when do you find the light?

Yes one finds it as you allow yourself to see to the root of the darkness, allow yourself to embrace all that you are in this, it opens all fields here as you do!

Remember the strengths you brought with you, that are you at the root.
You are the light in the darkness, open to this; allow this, witness it in truth!

These times that are upon you ask you to be in great measure of your energy,
your alignment with all that you are. You are not the small that you see as your form,
you are beyond all forms and reside as a frequency. This frequency is immutable.
The changeable in your now moments is your perceptions, these can change your frequency, but it cannot change who you are in truth.

How does one align to the truth of who they are?
It is very easy, you allow it to be, you let go of resistance to it.
To let go of resistance to it is what takes so long, and as the tide turns upon your world all is falling to the resistance and opening forth to the truth of each matter.

Where in the darkness is the truth? When will we see the light?
Yes and so it is a matter of forgiveness, for can you forgive yourself for all the darkness that is so created? Can you allow the message and open to the light?

So it is upon your world, all is in shifting, as the world is turning, She is awakening in truth as all of you.
She is aligning with her Allness, and you come together to proclaim!

We are here to be with you in fullness, in aligning with the open heart.
This is leading to a Oneness that will forever change the game!

We meet you in this heart of oneness and tell you to open deeper still to this great light within you! Open to allowing it to be turned on, to not resist this great change.
Have faith in all that you are, look to the root to find the truth, it is within each of you, it is beyond all borders…

We and you and all that is wishes to be at One again here, we and you and all that is, is One here, it is in this moment.

Each moment we are One in isness, the allowing of it is the remembrance, of what is already happening.
As the tide is turning, be in peace, be in remembrance, open further still if you feel the pain, there is an answer in the darkness, it will ignite all remembrance here.
This is now your time to be vigilant in honoring yourself and all people and all beings and all energy.

Know that you are each safe and protected, you must trust your inner knowing and believe in your divine powers, they are here with you as you!
To return to the present and to allow yourself to feel is aligning with your truth, this will get easier in your daily life.

Know that as this moment brings healing to all wounds it is love that is pouring forth here, to bring this great change.

We honor each of your passages thru this time, and know that your divine gifts of love, peace, freedom and joy are your birthright, be easy upon yourselves when you are not feeling this, relax and allow the feelings you have.

This allowing will help you to come into resonance to be able to be in a higher frequency of the truth of your nature. Open further still…

Be at peace and come to discover what brings you this peace, align with your truth and know the difference.

We say to each of you that you are this light in the darkness and you are in perfect timing to be this here now…
We love you, All of us…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
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