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New Moons bring new beginnings.  New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle.  It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. Remember that the New Moon energy last a day and half on each side of the peak.   It is also a time of setting intentions. Mediate on what it is that you would like to manifest in your life and in the World, and set the intention during this powerful New Moon. With this Sagittarius New Moon There is a spark of wisdom seeking and a quest for truth. This energy can be a little more uplifting, fun and inspiring Joy, laughter, and gatherings are all part of Sagittarius. Hope, faith, higher learning, the masters, knowledge, religions and philosophies and an expansion of consciousness are also part of Sagittarius energy.  Sagittarius is about the law and Cosmic Law.  Travel and freedom are also part of Sagittarius…..the Soul of the Gypsy.   Sagittarius calls for you to be the truth seeker and asks you to share your knowledge with others.

With a New Moon we are reminded that in everything there is the light and dark and that they can be balanced and merged into one.   When we look at the shadow side, it can bring up some fear, some of our “shadows” that we would rather not look at.  Some of these shadows and fears can be…speaking to others about things that are not of Truth.  Becoming the eternal student…..and never actually presenting your wisdom’s out in the open to others….therefore resulting in your wisdom’s dying with you….what a tragedy!

It is time to bring into balance your grey (shadow) side with your high bright side in all the Sagittarian ways.  Meditate and pay attention to what is brought up to you and what you hear.  We have everything we need and all the strength that we need to face the shadows and move them into the high side…. for yourself, your community/tribe and all humanity….  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and with the power of Jupiter we can embody ….Trust, faith, optimism and truth,… you evolve towards the ultimate goal of pure Joy!    What is your shadow side and how can you bring it into balance with the high side of Sagittarius?

This New Moon in Sagittarius (higher knowledge, religions, philosophies, master teachers, the masters, joy, optimism, the truth seeker) gives us the ability to remember and embrace the wisdom’s that have been gifted to us over the last several months (really back to May of 2010). With the portals that have been opened up, the down loads we have received, with Eclipse’s, exact Cardinal Square’s, T-Squares, Grand Cross’s, Star’s of David/Merkabas, powerful Full and New Moons, activations of the Ancient Star System’s etc.   We are remembering what we already know!!!     Meditate on this during this New Moon in Sagittarius…..meditate and Listen…..let the knowledge surround you.  Remember?    Create and manifest the knowledge of what you already know and what is being activated….. into the “New”.   What does the “New World”, “The Shift”, Ascension”, “Your Truth”, mean to you?   How do you want to create this?   Both in the world around you, and in your inner world?       

During this Sagittarius New Moon another Cardinal Grand Cross has formed…..our work isn’t over! What is the universe asking you to do now?     The Cardinal Grand Cross has Pluto (planet of transformation…only cares about the transformation of your Soul), Squaring Uranus (thinking outside the box, humanity, community, constant of change), opposing Jupiter (higher knowledge, religions and philosophy’s, master teachers, joy and optimism) and squaring Ceres (fertility, rites of passage).  Grand crosses are about balance.   Bringing “all” into balance is a main focus right now with the energies we are receiving from the Universe.   This is a “strong and powerful” type of Grand Cross…..with the outer planets Pluto and Uranus…….interacting with the “social and optimistic ” planet of Jupiter and with dwarf planet Ceres… helping us fertilize the steps we are taking into the “new”!  With this Grand Cross we have the highlighted areas of the Universal, community, global, and the individual all represented.  Remember that these planets are sitting in Cardinal Energy which is……Birthing of New, Change, and Urgency!!  

 The Universe is speaking loudly and urgently about change, transformation… lies, no secrets, no out of bounds ego, no judgment etc.  etc.  The Universe is again asking us to move away from things, people, places and that are no longer vibrating where we are now vibrating and do it in the kindest way possible.  It is time to move beyond all of that “old 3d” and into the “new.”  

Part of the energies are about balance….the balance of the feminine and male energies, dark and light, yin and yang etc.   Bringing things into balance in your own life and within nature and the world.  During this New Moon the balance between the feminine and Male energies is accented…. as transiting Venus (our love, creativity, and the feminine) is in Capricorn (integrity, respect and the wisdom’s of the elders), and transiting Mars (the male sexuality, and passion, and the warrior/pioneer) is in Virgo (details, knowledge, perfection, writing)….and these 2 planets are in a Trine.  A Trine is a harmonious aspect, a flowing energy, giving us the ability to see and feel what the pure balance between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine energies would look/feel like and what the beautiful outcome of this balance can mean.

Another part of this Cardinal Grand Cross is about moving away from those people, places, and things that are not vibrating where you are.   Do this in the kindest way possible.  Many of those that you need to distance from, are family….friends….and those you work with.  This is not easy.  You need to detach from the drama around the situations and realize that these are their “lessons” and that you can’t rescue them… can support them, but don’t get sucked into their drama. That is the old 3d.  You have to keep moving forward and evolving, and being there you become a beacon for them and others to follow.

Also part of this Grand cross is Ceres (fertility, rites of passage, feeding humanity in all areas) in Libra (love, creativity, equal give and take and law), and Jupiter (talked about above, ruling the New Moon) in Cancer (the family, nurturing, intuition, cellular memory.  Ceres is playing a very important part now as we move into the “New”   The ability to balance and come to agreements….for the betterment of all humanity.  Ceres (she is the Goddess of the Grains and rites of passage) in Mythology had to come to an agreement (a balance) with Pluto (who had taken her daughter to the underworld) in order to be able to “feed” humanity so that they could live.  What a powerful statement from the Universe!!!!

The Ancient star systems ( the wisdom’s of the Elders) are also being activated during this Sagittarius New Moon. Pluto (which is part of the Cardinal Square),  is sitting on Vega (which is in the constellation Lyre, the little harp) and represents music.   Music is the international and Galactic language and Music has grown rapidly in recent months in the fields of sound healing.

Jupiter is also activating the star Sirius.  Again Jupiter/Sagittarius is being accented, and Jupiter is part of the Cardinal Grand Cross. The Universe is asking us to start new ways  of communicating with and working with our ancient star systems. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and one of the closest. In esoteric Astrology, Sirius is considered to be our spiritual Sun, overseeing the awakening of humanity.  These activations of Vega and Sirius represents the importance of the ancient knowledge from our ancestors, the Elders, and the wisdoms that they/we received while being connected to these stars and star systems. When these ancient star systems are being activated….we also can connect with their energies and wisdoms.

Meditate and release what is no longer working for your higher good. Manifest and create a better way….a better world.  

Meditate and manifest on how to bring all areas of your life into Balance!!  Also meditate and manifest on ways that you can help to bring the community, your tribe, humanity and the World into a peaceful Balance!!   We are co-creating our own reality…..make it a beautiful one!   Above all manifest…..meditate….ask for guidance…...and Listen!

Meditate on the “new” world, the “new” Earth, and the “new” you (the “you” you were in 2010 when this shift started is not the “you” you are now).  Manifest and create your “new” future, and a beautiful World for all humanity! 

Meditate on how much you can achieve once you face your challenges and fears and release them.  Once you have faith in yourselves and embody optimism.  Once you trust with all your heart…..what you are getting, hearing and feeling form the Universe.  Once you are able to accept the fact that you are here in the physical to experience pure Joy!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. Learn how they activate your chart through an Astrological Reading.  Knowing how they are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make choices, and use the energies in the highest way.


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