~ Desert Gypsy~ Simple Truths About Unity Consciousness

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The simple truth about unity consciousness is that we are one with every other living being on this planet and universe, and that every thing in creation is alive and connected with us. WOW!

We are united on the energetic grids that connect and envelope all that is! 

We are the GOD source as we are the GODS. We are the CHRISTED light.  All change comes through us. There is no reason to look outside yourself. The power you seek is already yours to wield.


No doubt, You have witnessed the phenomena of inter-connectedness yourself. As you raise your vibrational field, people around you become lighter and happier.  If you are sad and depressed, you can bring down the room. Some folks will just move out of the way! Or perhaps, it is you doing the moving!

Being able to recognize when others are in lower frequencies, or ego, is a useful tool. And the exciting part is anyone can wield this power to bring about amazing changes in their own personal experiences.

For example, I was at a family get-together. That phrase makes me laugh, surely the intention was to get-together, but a few of the men set about staying apart..LOL.. Anyway, these beings were avidly arguing about politics, money, etc..By doing so, they were creating a static energy field..i.e. no movement.  Some family members, chose to move away, separating themselves from those energies.

But one shining light, my niece, stayed on patiently listening for a few moments; then, she stopped them dead in their tracks by simply stating,

"Sure, you can argue the problems, but can you come up with a solution?"

Needless to say, her comment put the brakes on the discussion, and the energy started to move again.

Pursuing useless mental dialogues will never produce change. It's time to be the shining light, the one drop in the pond that vibrates out through the waters. Are you being the change you came to be? It's time! 

Namaste'~~ Be Love