Desert & Odi ~ Soaring With Spirit: Reading for 1/2/2014

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Weekly Reading With Desert Gypsy & Odilove


I call in the Light! 

I call in the Angels and Archangels for assistance.

I connect with the crystalline core of Gaia and the great central sun. I surround myself in the rainbow energies of the new age.

I ask for a message that is of the highest benefit to humanity at this time.

Angel Card Reading with Desert Gypsy

Hello From Heaven: We are surrounded by our loved ones and angels at this time. As the veils become thinner, pay attention to your inner wisdom and nudges from higher self and the angels. These nudges are divine guidance.

Gentleness:  These are times to go easy on ourselves. Do things that bring you happiness. Be kind to yourself. Practice loving yourself and self- forgiveness.

Overcoming Difficulties: 2013 certainly was a time of intense energies of clearing and change within ourselves. We are putting that behind us as the Earth continues to separate from the 3D energies. We will continue to experience these changes within ourselves as we move higher into the realms of light..


Pendulum Reading With Odilove

Humanity is waking up as Earth's frequencies are rising....Fast ascension process underway!


Wishing you all much love and many happy miracles in your lives!

Earth Allies Odilove and Desert Gypsy

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Love you!

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love forward to it… Love it!!!


Love, Light & Laughter, Michelle