Diamonds in the Sky...

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Diamonds in the Sky…

diamond angel

There has been a recent discovery of a “diamond planet” and I’ve been fascinated by it since I heard about it but didn’t really know why.  As with most things recently I wonder why these things stick out in my mind and what it has to do with my Spiritual Journey.  Well, I think I just put it together when I read this article about the Diamond Planet and the monetary “value” that was place on it.  They say that this planet is worth $26.9 Nonillion which is 26.9 followed by 30 zeros.  Here is the article from Forbes if you would like to take a look at it:  

So, the question is “what does this have to do with Spirituality?”.  Well, since I’ve realized that there is Science in Spirituality and Spirituality in Science I will tell you my thoughts and I hoped I’m not “hanged” for them.  My thoughts have to do with Spirit and more importantly, Mother Earth.  Here is a quote from the article I’m referring to “There is no doubt in my mind that it would be quite valuable for those of us on earth to be able to mine The Diamond Planet and sell its raw diamonds. Naturally, there is a question of whether all that supply could be absorbed by the market.”.  So, I have a bit of a “problem” with this and lately I feel somewhat un-Grateful when I have a problem with anything.  But, here goes…

I only have my own thoughts and beliefs to go on and I believe that this journey has taught me quite a bit about Humanity, the Divine, and Mother Earth but I also know that there is much, much more to learn.  I believe that I’m not the only one going through the process of “ascension”, Collective Consciousness, enlightenment or whatever you choose to call it.  I believe there is a reason for this “evolution” and I wonder often if it could really be True that our very DNA is changing.  If this is the case, I believe that there is a reason behind it and one of the reasons is Mother Earth.  I believe that we have “forgotten” where we come from and our Divine Nature, I know that I have and it’s been quite the journey in “remembering” these things.  It’s pushed my mind to what I would call the “brinks of insanity” and back again but I always come back to myself and Mother Earth.  I have a very strong connection with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon as my awakening was very feminine in nature.  I think the reason I could never get close to “God” in my Life was because my perception of “God” was the man sitting on the throne in the sky in judgement.  I had never once heard any type of “feminine” aspect other than Mother Mary.  But, we can’t have Life without both aspects – male/female, yin/yang, masculine/feminine, and Mother/Father.  As I’ve stated, I’ve read quite a bit about “religion” and ancient beliefs and have looked for the common threads so to speak.  As with most things there is “duality” and the duality that I’m referring to right now is the Goddess portion of Spirituality.  I have read a great many things about this and specifically about how our calendars used to be both Solar and Lunar.  I believe that as we have gotten away from the Lunar side of our calendars we have also gotten away from the Lunar side of Spirituality.  The Goddess is the Intuitive side of our nature.  The Goddess is the female side of Spirituality.  The side of us that nurtures, Loves unconditionally, shows Compassion, walks with Emotional Intelligence, respects Life and the Earth, has the power to Heal with Love energy, and has Motherly Instinct.  The Goddess is what has been missing for so very long from our consciousness and she is trying very hard to get our attention.  She is Mother Earth and our Mother is struggling to survive after we have forgotten about her for so very long.

So, what does this have to do with diamonds on a distant planet?  Well, it’s about “arrogance” and this is difficult for me because I want to write from this place of Love and not “call out” these things in what sounds like a negative way.  But, this is True, there is an arrogance among us for to believe that we have a “right” to mine this far off planet for Diamonds and “sell” them here on Earth.  I mean, who specifically will have the right to mine and sell these diamonds and what are they going to do with this money?  Will they feed the world?  Use it to Create sustainable energy?  Or, will they use it to Create more extravagant Lifestyles?  The Earth is our Mother and however you choose to look at it she is the still giver of Life right here where WE Live.  She is abundant and plentiful but she also cries to be Seen and respected as such.  She is a reflection of God/Goddess because we are all one in Creation and Mother Earth is no exception.  I’ve spoken about her Heartbeat and her vibrations so there is no doubt that she is “waking up” too.  So, if Mother Earth is a reflection of God and she is the giver of Life who is abundant and plentiful why do we not see her as such?  My point is that Mother Earth has provided us with all of the resources we will ever need if we work WITH her instead of against her.  We as a species have taken what she has given ALL of us and put a monetary value on it.  I know that I’ve always been “different” and as such I believe that this “awakening” along with Mother Earth has made me understand why I’ve always been so different.  It’s because I could never “get right” with what was being “taught” to me as I grew up in this world that revolved around money.  Of course we all need money to survive, right?  Well, I say wrong.  We need Earth to survive and she has provided us with everything we need to do so.  I mean, we can’t EAT money can we?  We can’t cook our food with money unless we burn it.  We can’t build a paper or plastic house.  This is where it gets “tricky” I guess.

We have created a system that is no longer working and it’s collapsing all around us as we speak and will probably continue to do so until we wake up to what is happening.  We are at war with one another over land, money, and oil and it’s happening as we speak.  It doesn’t matter what “religion” you adhere to because there are still Universal Laws in place and these Universal Laws are what we are meant to abide by.  This means that it is against the Law to take and take without giving back.  We have taken so much from our Mother without giving back and it will no longer be “tolerated” so to speak.  I often wondered why I didn’t have the Freedom to live where I wanted on this Beautiful Planet just because of where I was born.  Am I not Free to roam so that I can explore my Mother and all of her Gifts?  I often wondered who decided that we could ever place monetary value on things such as Water when this is a Gift of Life from our Mother.  I often wondered why so many must go hungry when our Mother has provided plenty for ALL of us if we would only give back.  I often wondered who decided we could place monetary value on LIFE by allowing some to die and some to Live based on their financial worth.  I even went so far as to wonder why they couldn’t just make more money if we run out – I mean it’s cotton and Linen after all…resources from our Mother.  She has provided us with Gold, Silver, and Diamonds.  All beautiful things to look at and touch but we have decided that this has monetary value as well.  Who decided these things and why didn’t anyone ask me what I thought about it?  Why hasn’t anyone asked what the hungry or homeless people think about it?  Why hasn’t anyone asked the people who are being wiped out by their government leaders what they think about it?  Do we not care?  Do we not See?  Do we not want to Give?  Do we not Love?  We are a Universal Mind and as such these are questions I believe should be raised.  But, that’s just me and as a very, very small part of this vast Universal Mind I am entitled to my opinion as you are entitled to yours.  This is just what I See around me and it’s difficult to See these things and feel helpless to do anything about it so it’s easier to put the nose back to the grindstone and focus on that without ever bothering to look up and around.  Either way, she will rumble and roar until we look up to See her and ask her what she needs to thrive.

We have an opportunity right now to wake up and See Mother Earth and ALL her Glory.  We have an obligation to ask ourselves what we can do to break the cycle that is no longer working.  It is all of our responsibility to open ourselves up to these things because either way I believe Mother Earth will be sure that we begin to See and Feel her.  We are Divine Beings with the power to manifest our reality and with this Universal Mind we have power unlike anything we have ever dreamed of.  We have the power to put our Minds and Hearts together and get to work Creating something new, different, and Beautiful.  We are diamonds in the sky, right here on Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility at this time in History to shine bright with our inner Light and change our very reality.  We are diamonds in the sky and it is our job to make sure that no one around us goes hungry or without shelter.  We are diamonds in the sky and it is our job to take care of our Mother who has provided us with sustenance and Life.  See her, Feel her, Taste her, Smell her, and LOVE her by beginning to See, Feel and LOVE EACH OTHER!  We are Beautiful like Diamonds in the Sky…You are Beautiful like a Diamond in the Sky!  I See you, no matter who or where you are, and I see Diamonds…everywhere!


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