~The difference between PAT and Lightworker~

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Posted on October 28, 2011 by Satina

~The difference between PAT and Lightworker~




In the wonderful process of meeting PAT members and Lightworkers over the last 11 years, I’ve come to understand the difference. Some use the terms interchangeably, but they are two different groups.

Simply put:

Planetary Ascension Team members have had the Mission of getting the planet and Her people ready for the Great Shift, the ascension of the planet as a being. We have gone through the painful, debilitating process of constant frequency upgrades in order to bring more and more and higher and higher energy onto the planet and thus raise Her frequency. And as we raise our own, we radiate that new, higher frequency to those around us in a lower, but raised frequency they can take, and accelerate their own Awakening process, whether they like it or not.

Lightworkers are those who will take over once the Great Shift has happened. You/they are the ones who will teach the newly Awakened masses and build the new systems and structures of the New Earth. When The Bible says, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” they are talking about the Lightworkers, not the PAT. We the PAT are usually not very meek. As well as the harrowing energy work we’ve been here to do, we’ve also been here to teach the Lightworkers how to come into their power and do their work.

As Lightworkers undergo their own accelerated frequency upgrades now, it will not be nearly as uncomfortable as it was for us, the PAT. We went first when the planet was much lower in frequency and there was so much to do to get it and Her people out of density. We acted as energy transformers, literally, taking in very high ‘voltage’ power and then stepping it down for the people around us. During my first really uncomfortable upgrade early in my process, as I curled up into the back of the couch in horrible pain, dizzy, and praying not to puke, I was shown the image of going from ‘cell phone’ to ‘cell phone tower.’ I also shown that I was in charge of Mount Rainier and the surrounding area, and that if I Awakened enough people, it would not have to blow.

No pressure or anything, huh?  Of course, as my process went on, my area of responsibility increased along with the frequency of energy I could carry.

So that’s my understanding of the difference. Obviously there is absolutely no ‘better than, worse than’ thing going on. And if you are Lightworker and not PAT, you have NOTHING to envy, that’s for sure. And if you don’t know what that means, you are a Lightworker. And if you’re nodding and you just experienced some weird sharp jolt of pain in some part of your body for seemingly no reason, and you’re so used to it now that you hardly notice, you’re very likely PAT and know very well how much the LBP can suck.

Feel free to ask questions!

Love and Light in the Highest,




Thank You

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As a lightworker for many years now I thank you and all the PAT's for what you have accomp[lished and have already started speaking and explaining what's to come and the love and light feelings.  Thank you!!!

Do not divide us please, we

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Do not divide us please, we are one and that does not matter who suffered more or less, we are one and when we leave the illusion noone will have ANY memories of suffering at all.