The Divine Is Always Present

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Civilization is intrinsic, Society is always a trend to follow along the latest BS, then act like it is real. Lol, just a distraction to keep the dumb busy and unconscious to what is really going on.

Civilization is unification with Creation, not like Society which wants to rule over it, conquer it, and make it serve the will of the owners of Society. That's funny, for only in illusion is that stupid thinking a way to live. Can't happen because Creation is far greater than anything Society can create or imagine in ignorance. BS just doesn't make creation more or less creation, ltfol.

Creation is the Divine Plan in motion, Civilization is what carries the Divine Plan in all the members of Creation, each one unique to the all, yet all one within the all. Universal in their being, unique in their expression of the Universal. The LIVING MOMENT OF NOW IS Creation, civilization is always moving into and through NOW as life being expressed. All are alive and all are present on Planet Earth = HEART. Even the dumb ones in Society, they too are here, funny how they seem to not know that. Lol

Of course, if one is told to not be present in all the ways illusion isn't present then yep, I guess it seems possible.

Yep, just follow along don't ask about the ... And you will be stupid, too.

Well, illusion is made of holes and when in NOW the light shines through them all and the real of being is present and Aware. AWAKENING IS LOVE BEING PRESENT-NESS NOW.

Simple, write lol

Yep, lol

It's funny, all those watching are also being watched, and the EYE sees them all, and looks inside to see what's there. Yep, that's funny, lol.

Awareness is something one cannot ever get away from, even in ignorance there is still the real spark and that's ready to Light Up.

Sometimes it feels like I am "spoon feeding" people the reality and some of them may not like the food, it may upset their personal illusion, lol.

Society looks at a person and figures the person is "flawed" and the person needs to be "readjusted" to fit into the limits and restrictions known as "laws". "Rules" to follow. Lol

Civilization embraces the whole being and celebrates life unceasingly. Only the dumb are flawed, only by being dumb. Lol

Oh, and what of the dumb? Da dumb, dumb, pa dumb dumb dumb

Am I "politically correct"? Lol
I hope not, lol.

HU + MANITY is made of the Divine and the Divine is always present and "EYE" can see it everywhere.

Well, servants usually are quite "non politically correct," it's funnier that way.
In love, service is the gift to always give, in service. Yep, GOD serves in HEAVEN, where else would GOD BE?

NOW DIVINE, HEAVEN. No pun intended unless one is needed, lol.
The MISSION IS... And there you are right in the middle of it. Gotcha.

Give a man a thought and he wildly chases it, give a man a ❤️ and love will be brought home wrapped up as a "PRESENT" for all to enjoy.

Yep, on our way home into the NOW, as NOW is the PRESENT.

Enlightenment 101: Ya can't OWN the truth, but ya can share it. Lol
Freely and simply, write.

That seems to cover the thoughts of today anything more might short the circuit s in the mind. Lol

Loving Understanding, Be present, for in NOW you are everything the Living Universe IS, including yourself.

Civilization is governed by creation, Society is ruled by the ignorant. Boy are they dumb. Lol

I love my gift and love to share it, thoughts are free, life requires attention.