Divine Council for Planetary Service, Lighting up the Grid, and Swimming with the Cosmic Whales

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A Divine Council is a meeting that is in sacred space with the Councils of Light and our personal guides present. We also include the elementals, Mother Earth, and crystal and animal consciousnesses who sometimes wish to speak through us, commune with us, or communicate. If you are not familiar, it is a group meditative experience which allows those in presence and unity who attend the call to receive energetically or via vision or multidimensional sensing guidance from source in relation to the topic at hand. It is for the purpose of planetary service and assisting our own ascension process with the practice of unity and whatever guidance and activations come through. I don't often share about Divine Council but I felt the multidimensional messages and the idea of lightworker service in this fashion might be of interest to some of you.

Our council started with an open format to see what would show up for our planetary service for ourselves and the earth. 18 beautiful souls showed up representing grid points around the planet. I felt excitement thinking about who was on the call and where they resided, I notice that the periphery of the USA has points of individuals on the West Coast, from the Bay Area of California up to Washington state. Then the eastern part of the US to Pennsylvania, then down to Florida (connected with the Bahamas, home of Atlantis.) The energies circle through the bridge of Tennessee and Texas and come up the West coast of again. I am curious what anyone else senses about this circle of points along the periphery of the USA? Grateful for everyone wherever they are- it makes a difference to the planet and it is always divinely aligned somehow. Meanwhile, we were blessed with representatives holding beacons of light for England, Scotland, and the Netherlands plus Scandinavia, Pakistan, and 2 in New Zealand.

We sent love to every person's heart with the assistance of their guides which bonded us further and raised our frequency. We had some great music and some toning together in this meeting.

The whales showed up and it was strange as they seemed to be floating in the sky or space weaving in and out of the grid. We joined them in play and communion. Later, after the call, I learned from a person on the call that the whales are not the normal physical whales we know but the Cosmic Whales. They are unconditional love as their only frequency, she says. I sense they are points of consciousness that, as record keepers, hold all our multidimensional aspects and we may have been or be Cosmic Whales. They are a different dimensional version of the physical whales, like higher selves. As I type this, I get an image of a physical whale swimming in the ocean connecting to a Cosmic Whale swimming through the grid above the surface of the earth in space, that there is a direct correlation and that together both kinds of whales are gridkeepers as we have heard. We, on our divine council calls and in our ascension process are learning to become gridkeepers too, and that is why they show up so much. As we have higher selves, they have higher selves. Cosmic Whales as a concept totally lit me up in remembrance. I would so love to learn more. Do you connect with Cosmic Whales? And what makes sense for you? I would love to hear more inspired connections to the Cosmic Whales.

We felt ourselves as grid points lighting up the entire globe, pillars of light all over. It was a great example of how tuning inward together can be fun and playful, and it can accomplish planetary service in collaboration with creation plus raise our frequency and bring us more into the heart and joy.

Feel free to listen and comment about your experience. This is the Dropbox link which you can click, then click the speaker icon and should get a player that pops up.
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Below are comments that narrate the experience of a call.

Many blessings and thank you, Shivrael  Luminance River ( a facilitator of Divine Council groups, connecting on FB and conferencing weekly)

From the meeting:
My intention is to create a universe where all creation is "swimming" in harmony and balance... yes, lots of joy and there is no longer any need to "be" something other than authentic... no need to prove anything in order to "succeed..." or be recognized.... we are all unique and valuable and perfect and a much needed and important part of this process and the process of being.... of balancing and existing in harmony with all that is... in communication and connection of all that is... and so it is :)

I swim in the oceans and everything is just love and beautiful.

Tom's music took me to ancient Egypt also! .... in a temple.... walking up the stairs through each of the sacred rooms!

Don't estimate the power of play says the whale wisdom keeper.

Yes, we are so much more powerful than we know.

I also felt a message of a city of light around Bahamas, lots of crystals

I will be visiting them more often. I love to play, and I am making more of an effort to let my inner child play and have more fun.

Pillars of light all over the grid with whales swimming thru.

I am seeing the golden pillars of light where we all are located on earth.

Our bodies are also linking with the planetary Light Grid

Remembering our ancientness and they are also...the whales
They are holding this for us...for us to join them and birth it forth with them...as one. Play with them bigtime.

Yes, yesm yes.... as we each "swim" the grid and connect with Source, Gaia.... I am feeling and seeing all this amazing energy coming from my heart.... shoulders thrown back as my heart wants to open more and more wider and wider.

We join the whales in the grid that they have been holding for us. remember ancientness, as equals as one. They/us dissolves. Play with them big time! Hummingbirds with the energy of joy have been showing up. Pure joy of creation within the bodily form. Something important now is happening in the group with us!!

It is really nice to feel this remembrance. My heart is opened wide. I am in tears of joy.

The whales are the record holders of our ancient key codes for earth.

We are each a pillar of light and a portal right thru our own heart.
We are the Pillars of Light & Love between Heaven & Earth!

Thank you all so beautiful <3 great energies today..


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