~ ~Divine Craftsmanship, Centering, and Flow~ ~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Marie Mohler ~w a Love Message from El Morya~

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~Divine Craftsmanship, Centering, and Flow~


Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame. There are times when doing lots of things helps one to feel empowered, and actively participating in one’s process. Yet now is a time, an even greater time, of flow. Let us help you see that flow for yourself and your family. For it is in flow – that all good things will come.

See yourself in a beautiful hand-made-with-love boat, floating on a very calm sea. This boat, made of your own two hands, with thoughts of love, kindness, oneness, joy, and trust, is your center point. You are centered in the heart of its love and light. As you created this boat, you channeled Source Energy into its very beingness. And so, every fiber, every curve, every detail of the boat is of Source Essence and Light. This boat is a representation of you. It also represents your center. You and the Center are One. Source Energy is you; Source Energy is your Center. When you feel out of alignment, something has simply come into your awareness that has rocked your boat a little bit, and pulled you off center. All you need to remember . . . is that your core Center, your every fiber, is Source Essence and Source-Infused Centeredness. It is only a perception of malignment. You, in fact, are the pulsing heartbeat of an always state . . . of flowing Source beingness.

When you made this boat . . . with love, kindness, oneness, joy, grace, peace, and bliss channeling through you, you did not make oars. For you knew that what was created in Diving Loving flow, would always navigate you to what is good and what is right, and what is Divine. The bough of your boat is always pointed in the direction of your highest good. Highest good is its “always” due North or North Star position. The warm flowing waters of the South and South Winds are there to gently guide and flow you to your next spiritual destination. The East and West energies are the push/pull energies of the cosmos. The yin/yang. Their contrasts are what add the sense of having storms around you, and within you, triggering fear and patterns of reactivity. But this is when you anchor yourself, in the knowing, that you built this boat. With your own hands and your own heart. You built it as a channel of Source Light and Love. To float on, upward, and through these passing storms, loved and embraced and nurtured by the South Winds of Mother Earth’s Light, always and steadily . . . due North . . . to the Horizon of Highest Good. It is an internal oar, dear one, that guides you. Not physical oars. The magnetics of Source Energy within you are your compass and your oars. They are your beingness, knowingness, and doingness. You knew this when you built it, when you made the boat so carefully and craftfully. We’re reminding you of this, that you and your boat are both vessels of the same One Source. That one Source Essence is the water, is the wind, is the rain, is the storms, is the fear, is the Light. That one Source is the God magnet and power Source of all that is and all that is yet to be. That one Source is always gravitating you to the Light. The Light of Truth, Ease, Love, and Pure Flow. Orient your boat and your vessel to what is Good. Orient your vibrational oars to what is in your heart’s highest good. You are created and magnetically aligned to always flow Due North to Highest Good. As the storms from East/West arise, anchor and center in your inner oars’ alignment with Highest Good. Source Good. Source Essence. Then allow Mother Earth’s beautiful South Winds to gently blow and flow your pathway forward, with the ease and grace of a powerful majestic angel. She knows where you are going. She knows the northward pathway, of flowing toward your inner star. It is the same path for all beings . . . the same destination. All will arrive in their own due time. The key is to remember how you built your boat. And what you really are. A center point of Source Energy, channeling the Light, easily and flowfully, to Highest Good.

You are this vessel dear one. The storms may call you to go out and buy more oars. But the True oars lie within. Open your heart to them. Open your heart to the path of least resistance, trusting infinite Source Wisdom, Vision, and Highest Good to flowfully guide your journey to the Light. It is a threading of a cosmic needle. Using the 4 directions to your highest senses, and highest sense of Divine Good. When you remain in the North/South position, you are aligned and receiving full Source Energy from above . . . and Mother Earth Love and Guidance from below. That is your chakra alignment. East/West energies are the pushes and pulls that provide contrasts to these aligned energies. Find your inner star. Your inner oars. Your inner compass, by simply knowing your own soul map and trusting the Divine Craftsmanship of your boat. Then, only then, can you sail peacefully and flowfully, through any storm that is pulling and pushing your attention away from Highest Good. You can witness the storm, but not be of it. And you simply glide on, to what and where your true home is . . . Divine Source Energy, Bliss, and Flow.

Namaste Dear One.