DNA Upgrade ~ Full Moon to the Grand Trine in July 2013 (22-29)

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Dear Lightgrid Family and Gridwork Team,


As you may have noticed we have entered a Cosmic Field of Change on June 17th which will reach a first climax with the Full Moon in two days, on July 22nd, and culminate in the Grand Trine on the 29th.


Several of our members have reported in blogs and discussions what they have witnessed, what they see in the stars, and have shared information they have come across. I shared these with all of you in the past two weeks. Rarely we are given THAT much time these days to PREPARE for what is to come - so hold on to your seats - we ARE WITNESSING one of the MAJOR UPGRADES of Human Biology and all Life Codes on Earth NOW!


What does this mean for us?


I would like to ask everyone to bring your conscious attention to this fact of the biological upgrading of your DNA as often and as much as possible these days until the 29th.

The 8 days from the full moon to the Grand Trine bring about a NEW BEGINNING.

We can devide them into the first day + 6 days + the last day.

The number 6, the Star of David, the MERKABAH structure of LIGHT of two tetahedrons merged into one and the figure of a three sided PYRAMID whose counter pyramid is mirrored from the base downwards are the geometrical figures which accompany us.

Monday 22nd is DAY CERO - The Moon is Full, forming the Uroborus of the VERY BEGINNING.

Tuesday 23rs is DAY ONE - we focus on the HEART

Wednesday is DAY TWO - our focus is on connecting our HEART to the HEART of the SKY and the HEART of the EARTH/ the SUN above and inner Earth SUN below our Feet.

Thursday is DAY THREE - we integrate step one and two and envision the 3-fold FLAME now in our HEART being ignited with new information. You can envision your threefold Heart Flame as BIG as you may wish - but pay attention to have THREE EQUALLY HIGH Flames. GOLDEN is the Flame of Wisdom in the Middle. Blue is the FLAME of Truth, Power and Protection to the Right. And PINK is the FLAME of Love. Interwined are they, bringing LOVE, Truth and WISDOM to you.

Friday is DAY FOUR - It brings into manifestation what we visualized on the days before - the Cosmic information REACHES the BODY.

Saturday is DAY FIVE - The Fifth Heart Chamber becomes your VEHICLE of LIGHT and you can learn to travel FREELY! We connect to Lady VENUS and Sanat Kumara in gratitude for their Divine Intervention which allowed for this experimentof the upgrading of Mother Earth.

Sunday is DAY SIX - the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine MEET in Divine UNION. Sacred Forms are as described above  the Star of David, the MERKABAH, the three sided PYRAMID whose counter pyramid is mirrored from the base downwards.

Monday is the 29th - and we reach the TOP of the  Pyramid with day 7. We focus on the 7 Directions.

the HEART CENTRE - connected to the Heavens/Suns above and Mother EARTH/Mater SUN below - shining out in all four direction - in front of us - behind us and to our left and right.

We become a sixpointed STAR, our focus being in the CENTRE of our HEART, the Threefold Flame and the Fifth HeartChamber unfolding its SACRED SPACE all around us as it does around the primordial man in our innermost HEART SPACE.


I ask you to BUILD this VEHICLE of LIGHT step by step - one day after the other, as described above. These steps do also correlate to the 7 Rays and the 7 Colours of the Rainbow and they will work as a SOLID FOUNDATION for the work we will do then when the NEW MOON begins.


If you should happen to come across this message AFTER the 22nd of July - please know that you can begin this process ANY day afterwards!

But it takes a certain amount of people who do this together on the dates mentioned above and therefore I invite you to SHARE this newsletter with friends on other sites, too, so we can reach Critical Mass!


More information will be brought forward step by step.


I wish you some MAGICAL DAYS experimenting with the new upgrades and possibilites they offer us to CONNECT on ever new levels,


Sonja Myriel

Crystalline Light Full Moon of CHANGE - The Uroborus of CREATIVITY


Dear Lightgrid Family and Gridwork Team,


MAKE YOUR WISHES COME TRUE and focus on what you REALLY WANT! Have you had the chance to see the Full Moon last night? CRYSTALLINE LIGHT is being reflected down on us even at NIGHT NOW to further the CHANGE of the old structures breaking up - making way for new ways of being in our very physicality!


Use these days and begin to observe your thoughts - when they focus on what you do not wish to bring into your reality let them GOOOOO... and replace them by a consciously created postive thought. Realize how your emotions are responding to the thoughts you choose ... become aware of your POWER to Create Well-Being - or anger and frustration ... It all depends on the CHOICE of thoughts which are continually flowing through you ...


Your DNA is being upgraded - allow for the process to proceed in a joyous way!


Today is DAY CERO - the Uroborus of the CIRCLE which we enter from the East, where the Moon appears at Full Moon, as does the Sun each day in the morning.

Today - and for the coming 7 days - we ARE learning to be in our CENTRE.

Our thoughts and emotions as well as our physical being are at the periphery when we enter our SACRED Inner Space. We can watch and observe them from the CENTRE of our Being.


Now, is there anyone WITH you there, in this innermost Centre? Maybe your power animal, or a helping angel, guard or guide? You can use this protected inner space to calm down and get into contact with your inner world - which is as real as the outer world, your thoughts, emotions and physicality at the periphery of the CIRCLE which is reflected in the Full Moon today.


When you come back from your journey to yourSELF, take some notes. And visit this Sacred Inner Space each day from now on until the 29th. A story will unfold before you - and it is YOUR story, speaking to your entire being. Allow yourSELF to become conscious of it. The time for physical Changes and Rebirth has come. The archetypes of your subconscious want to communicate YOUR truth to you. Listen ... look inside ... you will be shown what you need to know.


FULL MOON BLESSINGS - in the name of the Ascended Masters who GUIDE us and who await our CALL,