Drumbeats of change: Idle No More fires up Canada as movement spreads like wildfire

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Canadians from coast to coast have donned their battle toques, grabbed their drumsticks and taken to the streets to stand beside their First Nations brethren in what is becoming a sweeping social movement that has started a fire in the hearts (and under the butts) of this normally passive and easygoing nation.

As the populace of Canada has slowly begun to awaken in horror to the bizarre, irresponsible and dangerous policies of creepily narcissistic Prime Minister Stephen Harper, most Canadians looked askance to each other in terms of how to fight this avalanche of bad news.

From omnibus bills of gargantuan length and size aimed at sweeping in massive, undisputed reforms that serve only the greed of oil companies, to the dismantling of Canada's once internationally acclaimed scientific outposts and firing of its world-class scientists, the people of Canada have stood and watched with their mouths literally hanging open in shock for long enough.

Led by the First Nations peoples of Canada, who began in December 2012 when their Chieftans went a-knock-knock-knocking on the doors of Parliament, only to be turned away at the door by an ingratiating, hand-rubbing, snake oil-salesman-grinning Minister of the Environment Joe Oliver, whose forked tongue practically darted out and quivered as he stated that the treaties were being honored, the movement became a multiheaded hydra that grew in every direction at once.

Idle No More was started by four First Nations activists Nina Wilson, Sheelah Mclean, Sylvia McAdam and Jessica Gordon in November 2012 in response to the Harper government's introduction of Bill C-45, and the protests spread as fast as a summer grass fire on a windy day as indigenous people, activists and environmentalists jumped into the round dances that were being held everywhere from shopping malls to border crossings.

Almost simultaneously, Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat Tribe began a hunger strike in order to bring attention to her people's plight, which had once again fallen victim to the molasses-slow Canadian bureaucratic morass....

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Yes power to the people is right Nageeta! WE are all indigenous to planet Earth and must fight to save her!


I believe it tis the Cree prophesies are coming to pass - the rainbow warriors - all of us - must join together to save the Earth - the time is NOW-!

Madame Butterfly

Idle No More - and thank goodness!

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Dear Madame Butterfly:


Thank you for this post.  I read the Galactic Free Press daily and appreciate all it covers.  As a Canadian, it is good to know that others are reading it too.


The "Idle No More" movement does create hope for all of us.  It reminds us that our governments actually have power only as long as we offer it to them.  Without our support, all their words are just ink spilled on a page.


We are the Rainbow People and our Love is the power.


Best wishes to you.......livinglitely  (Canada)

Thanks LivingLitely!

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Hey hows it going eh Livinglitely! 


Thanks for the kind words and me too - I loove this place and read it lots and good to know other Canadians are on board, so to speak!  


Where are you located? I am in Ontario near Barrie one hour north of Toronto


Maybe we could attend a rally together - carry a banner for the Galactic Free Press!


I want to go dance in the round...

Madame Butterfly

Connecting with you

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Hi Madame Butterfly


Yes, I know Barrie well.  My former mother in law, grandmother of my daughter lives there, and we visit her about once a quarter.


I am in Brampton.  Circle dances are important.  Without putting my personal e-mail is there a way to connect?


In the dance of life and love......livinglitely