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Being in the NOW is important because this is all the is absolute - Any connotations you place on the future will take away from how vastly deep this reality/dimension actually is/will be - quite simply we cannot perceive how abundantly radiant it will be. So let us try and let go. Let go of the Past, deeply root into the now. Allow yourself to cry, to feel. This is not weakness, this is showing Gaia you care. Fill yourselves with love, and allow yourself to create a bubble away from others, where you can heal and be heppy and do a little dance if you need to- jiggjijggg.

Experience stillness, and try your best to become neutral between the poles, embracing ALL. Equality for ALL. Please remember that these changes are very drastic and must be done very carefully not to put any of our systems into shock - that’s why it may feel so gradual. And pain, yes we know about how unfair this may seem, and how damaging it may be to your body, mind and soul. However, please try and see it as a gateway to feel. When you are deep in the darkest places with nowhere to turn, do not fight this. Accept. Sit. Allow yourself to feel, for that was the card that was chosen for today. This too shall pass, sadness has a season. Try to see your pain as beautiful. Fill this place up with understanding and unconditional love for one's self. When you can see this, then you will be free to do as you like, knowing that you will always be able to heal ...the tree of life awaits, dear friends. Your families are here, their energies and all the home/nostalgia you ever wanted! Separation is illusive, no matter how real it may feel. Especially with your twin flame, for they are an extension of your very essence. How clever of the creator to put Yin and Yang into two separate spirits that are in essence the same – every being has its counter part, this is duality – law of polarity. Balanced the force is - you will see ;)

You are always in your families hearts, and they are always sending you love. When you look at others around you who aren't awake, this is very similar to the relationship our guides and star families have with us. Waiting patiently, with loving hearts. You are always in our hearts - take the time to connect to this love. Do it for yourself! You are so worth it. I do not just say these things because i feel a duty to get myself out there and have a piece of the pie - mmmh pie- but actually, it makes me feel better when i see others doing well. I am such an empathic sponge, that your love is my love too! :)

Sharing and Kindness, Empathy and Joy, all are very similar to a fresh stream. The more water that is added, the more freely it flows and provides for the forest. Water is Life. We are the Children of the garden - spirits from the many corners of the universe... all here to tackle this illusion and above all hold healing and love for ALL in our heart – “looking for what I knew.” When we pave these high ways of consciousness, and exercise them to pronounce love and understanding, we can share this fresh spring. We may watch it grow and flow into a well of stillness and harmony for all. This well is our spiritual haven/community. This consciousness will grow beyond our wildest expectations. However, when we leave little room to love ourselves... even just for one day, if this is forgotten, or when we say 'i will not give to you, you do not give to me', then we slowly cut of the spring that provides for so many.

Be the change you would like to see, as so many have said before us. But now, let the weight of this notion fill your very essence. Yes, you are free. You have always been free. Claim the knowledge that is rightfully yours.... you wonderfully divine spirits from the farthest spanse of the universe! what a lovely community we have igniting... a little flame, that will grow so expansive, and strong. It will because we believe.

It is up for us to keep the flame alive in the astral and physical dimensions of the third. I wish you all strength, for your wellbeing is mine as well. I say this from the deepest sincerity of my heart - do take time to take care for yourselves... to relax and enjoy in nature... to remove yourselves from harmful situations. Begin to heal. You never have to do this alone, there are always souls on the site, and here in the astral, waiting to help you out and provide healing. You must be so bold as to ask, however. You must find the courage within your heart to become the person you always wanted, wished, and hoped to be. It takes courage to be kind. Please, do not forget about this. The beauty of Gaia, is that when it comes down to it, we really are all in this together. All huddled under one roof, one magnetic gravitate pull. Send Gaia your appreciation and love, and i will do the same to you my brothers and sisters.

Gaia is a Library of energy, protons, neutrons and electrons. buzzz buzzz buzzz. You add you own unique signature energy to this mixture. I have been able to connect to the collective of earth and it is weary and destructive at times. Yet all is always in balance - everything is the way it is suppose to be at this moment in time. Do not stress your beautiful hearts, worrying does not solve anything but makes matters not their optimum potential. Remember all the love you shared, times you laughed until you cried - tears of joy. ;) Every dog has their day, they must in order to understand duality and variability. we must complete the spectrum to understand. This is why we are here - remember the lessons and forget the pain. acknowledge that it is there and send it away, back to its source.


Do not worry about the different countries and their different collective problems. All this world has been running on is a smoke and screen show. Truth will rise, you must trust the masters that have always been here, to provide a direction that will benefit all. The countries and their strife may seem to be very out of line and so far gone, however, the collective has been changing whether you notice or not... and people are awaking to their spirit, and the souls connection to such. Leave room in your hearts for these changes to happen, for all of us have a lot of work to do to forget what was so driven into our brains for so many years. I am not an object, nor will I succumb to the pressures of the ones around me to conform to ideals that do not speak my highest truth. I will no longer give into the indulgence of my ego, yet I will leave space for myself to mess up, for I am only human. I am whole when I express that I am both Yin and Yang, weak and strong. I allow myself to feel, for this is what it means to be human. I no longer need to prove anything to anyone, I am who I am - accept that. Or get out of my way. I no longer put up with the egos of others, or those who do not go out and seek their own truth - or those who push others around - or those who advocate violence of any sort. This is their downfall – yet I still wish them wellness and realization. Not to do so would make me a hypocrite.

So... Gaia... as a library of all of our souls ... as she shifts into the new sun, remember that old rules need not apply. You can forget all of that other junk because it is obsolete. That was that cycle, this one is a new one.

When i look at the world, i see beautiful jungles and seas, vast mountains and fuzzy little critters that love each other and need our love too! I see wonderful spirits and starseeds from ever corner, every tribe, ready to beginning the learning and healing. So much wonderful diversity - it should really be embraced! This shift in consciousness, one of a positive and uplifting nature, affects the generated life force around you. Starseeds and Light Warriors can changed the energy around them very effectively. So start making it a habit to fill your space with understanding for all and compassion.

Please, do not judge others, for they know not what they do. Embrace, and celebrate that once, they where children too. Know one is the way they are for no apparent reason, their souls had to be tormented if they are effecting you or being nasty to you. So look at their inner child and say, im sorry you were not loved, i love all of Gaia's children. Mother and Father whale, we are sorry for what we do, for we did not realize what harm we were creating. We were so lost in the fog, we could not see two feet in front of us. I know i am not perfect, i am a mixture of strength and weakness, Yin and Yang. This frees my soul. I do not have to become perfection to realize that at the end of the day, I deserve love, and nothing will get in the way of this. Let no one determine your worth. You are so dearly loved.

Be still. Do not fight the darkness and light within. There is not need to climb the mountain any longer. Fill yourself with calm and acceptance, a new era arises. Old need not apply. New tides form within you favor. Karma will not extent past these days if you play your cards right, and be still. No pendulum will swing in one favor or another. And if you fear your shadow, this means you simply have not had time to accept the unknown, the unknowable abyss. Fill this up with acceptance and the love frequency (so vast beyond that term that gets mis read and mis used). So at the end of the day these words may ring true in your heart or they may go right over you head. I not mind, for giving is all i ever need to be happy. But, if this does not strike some kind of truth within your soul, please, take the time to find your own truths. Within. Create stability and a firm foundation for yourselves. Become like a rock, Yet forever wandering like a breeze. Gentle as rain, and as fierce and expansive as a roaring fire. I wish you all courage and strength. Above all, the realization that you too deserve to be happy. Let no force stand between you and the truth you seek.

I wish you well upon your journeys.