Earth Allie: The most difficult part of ascension

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is understanding it's easy!



For it's not ascension that is difficult at all, it's the letting go that seems challenging! Take a computer... if you want to get rid of a program that is running on it, you just don't wait for it to disappear, nor can you simply drag it to the bin... you need to disinstall it completely, and often you find that there are other programs (hidden ones) that still run even if you did disinstall the main one. Also, you cannot ask some beings to do the disintallation from their computer to help you save time, you have to do it on the one where the program is actually running. It's the only way. 
And how many times did it happen that you tried to install a new program as the old one did not work for you anymore... and the new one created a conflict that crashed the whole system? That's why it's often required to disinstall the old before a new one can be installed. You can't have two that work in conflict, you can't walk two path at the same time. You're either walking on one path or on the other one. Trying to walk them both... creates conflict, and conflict creates the assumption that the ascension process is difficult.
The mind program works in a similar way. You feel that your old way is not working anymore and often try to simply drag it into the bin (deeper unconscious) but from there it will still work and make you act in those unwanted ways you were trying to cancel, thus as it's hidden so you cannot realize what's not working. Letting go does not mean hiding the old program mind, it means the opposite. Finding out what it is, digging deep into yourself to find out what's running yourself instead of the Love you are, and uninstall it. As long as a program is not acknowledged it cannot be "found" and thus cannot be erased.
This is what seems so difficult. 
Looking at a not wanted program is not as bad as many believe. It's the contrary!! Be glad if someone shows you that an act(ion) is not your true Self, for this is a step that can help you with acknowledging what's hidden and let it go for good! As long as you hide it... it will run your life.
Nothing to fear, fear too is a program. Fear of looking deep inside and find out something one does not like... Wonderful!! If you See it you can leave it. If you don't... you'll live with it. Remembering that all is an illusion and that your True Self is Love and not fear, or program, is a great help, as any action you believe you might have done... in Truth you played a game/dream. As real as it seemed... still a game/dream. Thus you'll never find it out until you don't start letting it go. 
Ascension means remembering who you are: Love. How can you remember if all your files are full of illusionary labels? And moreover hidden illusionary labels.
Use others! Others are marvelous mirrors... what others reflect back to you is your tool for acknowledging something about you. That's part of being One. How you Feel in any situation is your termometer! It's easy to live on top of a mountain and believe one has reached illumination... talk to people, meet people, interact with people and you'll truly know if you are.
Is Peace with you 24/7? Can you feel Joy even when looking at someone that is on another path and pretending to teach you what's best for you that is completely the opposite of what you feel? Can you See the true Self behind each and every being, even those attacking you? Are you able to look others in their eyes? Can you answer Love to fear? If the answers are "no", then there are some programs running in the background, if the answer is "yes"... Welcome to Heaven. 
Ascension is easy! Ascension is your True State. Ascension is Love and Love is what all are made of, thus how could You be difficult? You cannot. Love flows... as you breathe... for you do breathe don't you? Same same! Your natural flow is toward your True Self, this is the the ascension process; what kept you into the challenge is the believe you have to try hard to get there. Where do you want to go? Ascension is not a place. It's a state. And you're already Here Now. This is the only Moment to Be. Re-Member YourSelf. Free your memory from all programming and surf your own wave of Love. No disciplines, no manuals, no rules, no schools, nothing HAS to be done but Be the Love You are. 
Right Now what is known as the veil has disappeared. Don't you see it? Let it go. Nothing can stop the process but yourself. There are no more veils but the ones in the mind. The Heart has been freed. Go there and ask your Heart. Your Heart will tell you! Once your Heart is free to speak without the program filters that have been put around it... you'll hear your heart sing! And what a Melody it sings! It's yours, you're this amazing sound of True Love. You Are this Vibration of Love!
Ascension is your natural process. Let it Be easy... look at all your challenges as a mean to let go the program and step into Love. There's no such thing as two worlds. You're either walking on the world of illusion, or on the Planet of Love. Trying to have both cancels the second one. Love cannot express fear. If there's fear... it's not Love. If there's not Love... you're still walking on a world of illusion. And if you just found out you're still there... YEHAWW for your letting yourself See and for letting it go! Congratulations Humanity! For you are Ascension in progress right Now.
With all the Love We All Are,
Andrea and the Galactic Free Press Staff.