EARTH ALLIES 18.6.2012... Message to Light Workers, Agarthians, Walk Ins, Drop Ins and Wannabe Ins.

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June 13th 2012....Gets stranger as we go eh? Don't shoot the messenger. Not a channeling.


I like the part about not

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I like the part about not going to war. Her telling the Agarthans what to do is a bit arrogant though, they understand what's going on far more than she does.

I see her spirit she is not

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I see her spirit she is not of this earth.  She is not being arrogant she is telling her truth.

Nobody's Spirit is "of this

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Nobody's Spirit is "of this Earth".

And did I get that wrong, or does she claim the Agarthans are blocking new incarnations to this Planet and she's ordering them to stop? That's being pretty arrogant.

Ok I can't help myself.  I

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Ok I can't help myself.  I got to say it.  Smiles!!!  Giggles.  You are making me laugh.

Agarthans are highly evolved and spiritual.

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I agree with you Will.  I doubt if our highly evolved cousins, the Agarthans, are laughing  at anyone.  I am sure they are much too mature for that!