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Beloved Brothers and Sisters,


We are truly living in the most auspicious and grand times... All is in the change, from Mother Earth to our paradigm what life is... What lies and deceptions was... What Truth and Freedom Does to the mind, soul and body...



I can simply state for these two wonderful patriots of Humanity and US who stand before US with such a dignity and humbleness thinking always about everyone else... How we will become free souls as they are...

They are Free simply because they choose to stand tall and in front of the cameras, not afraid yet glowing with most beautiful light of Freedom... White Gold is all around their auras, the voices vibrations shows determination and courage and knowing that all is OK...

Eva and Bill are not only a messengers, they are true leaders of New Golden Age... standing in all of their beauty, audacity and velour... The information that we hear in this video are not only true, but totally inspiring for anyone who is just a bit aware what freedom is...


They know, how simple is for average human to deceit in to the pit of fear and despair and lack... Yet they see all of US as Humans with capital 'H', deeply trusting that we will raise from our dumb folded couches with our a**es imprints, and that we will act simply because we know NOW...

We know for centuries who Master Obama is, and we know who he was before this wonderful mission he plays his part... His training was long and detailed, with tremendous challenges and fierce opponents... This is where he learned his cool, his patience, his audacity, his discrete courage... During lifetimes and lifetimes of being a leader with only one thought on his mind: Freedom... Freedom for All...



He will raise UP so high that will be a great surprise for big part of the World, yet by this surprise He will raise freedom and truth frequency to the levels that every single soul will feel and will know the truth...


Most of Humanity never even dare to allow self to think, and far enough to feel the True Freedom... Is it really possible that I can come out from my jail and that no one will stop me?... What if they scare me again?... What to do?... Do I look them in the eye or I look down in the floor?... Where is my key of my cell?...


With information you will be all exposed, and I mean all of YOU... You will know in the instance that illusion is broken... Fear Spell has turned bad and it cannot hurt you any longer...

Know that only thing you could do is: Celebrate... Celebrate Now, or wait for next couple of weeks and start celebrating then...

Do not bother your lazy life to make any actions to spread your happiness because you know... Let all around live in fear and panic when all become public... [disclaimer: this is written in sarcastic way... author is simply playing game that ones who take this seriously are quite a dumba**es...]


Can you realize why this meeting called G8 has been moved from Chicago to Camp David?  Little secluded 60 km from Washington DC, quite an military fortress since 1935... Even Franklin Roosevelt renamed this fortress in 'Shangri-La' [the 'fictional' Himalayan paradise... can some one inform Wikipedia that Really Exists... only not fully visible yet...] Go figure, the grandest event in our World history is happening in Shangri-La Heavenly Paradise on Earth...



I can and I will share this with You about this Grandest Historic Event: a-r-r-e-s-t-s and full public disclosure of presidents who make it there [btw... they will not have a choice but to be there... if not resigning before...]


Canadian Stephen Carper, Italian Monti, German Mekel, Britain Cameron, France Sarkozy, President of World Bank, President World Trade Organization...  are only top of the iceberg that will be arrested and denounced publicly, televised with every single Network on this planet...


Obama will, [and again, please do not quote me for this... this is just a hunch... of beautiful feeling... about him...] take this opportunity to bring his truth on the surface for all to hear, and he will announce early elections, with his full support of peoples vote what to do with federal government as a whole, and he will fully Disclose what has been done to Americans and the World by this financial cabal...


Give it a try, and simply imagine faces of the people when they hear this... when people feel the truth in His voice... Especially ney-sayers, or negative souls, or controlling beings, or nasty and deceptive creatures?... Can You imagine their faces?... they will be treated with same treatment they did to all the Humanity for millennia’s: I know they will recognize what this strange word 'fear' truly means...


Celebrate dear Brothers and Sisters, celebrate with every day we are closer to these events of Freedom and Truth...

Keep you Cool, pretend you are going out on a first date just after your graduation night... And you want to look confident, cool, in fashion [today’s fashion tip is: free and truthful and naked ... almost transparent...]


Prepare self for truly exciting New Down that is birthing in front of your Hearts...


I AM THAT I AM, Sovereign  and never compromised, Predrag Saint Germain


PSS... Did I ever mentioned who's a third signatory on all these Kennan's leans against FR, Central Banks and 7 other Countries?... If I did not you will learn it on this Summit [or summon...]







Bill Wood and Eva Moore...



Critical event:


  • Secret Service sex scandal in Columbia, and couple of senior military officials has to be arrested and removed...
  • Obama is a president of Change...
  • Tedious amount of fabricated scandals around Obama... [Obama Care, Obama Birth Certificate,
  • Intention was to distract public with as many disinformation’s...
  • Now our HCare is fully under control Pharmacy Coms, and Insurance Comps.
  • NDAA - piece of legislation that Senate came with, allowed bankers, politician to be arrested...
  • Executive Or for ND& RP... to be able to keep country afloat during the arrests...
  • Citizen United : to get bribes from citizens was another situation..
  • Easiest way to understand this is: Presidency as powerful it assumes, cannot make things right...
  • The tings are the changes to
  • Newest EO to rejoin International Court and World Law... This emphasizes
  • As Dark forces continue to run for cover...
  • while P Obama cards are on the table now...
  • Do not have to trust me but the events and steps, that are taken will make great change
  • Where present media and other industries will try to continue keep us in fear, that dark overlord is President Obama... But this is not going to be a case...
  • Obama will come out very vocal very soon, for all to hear and see...


  • First step: Nato summit in Chicago and G8 In Camp Davis...
  • will be initial arenas where controlling influences will be called to the carpet, informed that their game is over, and that changes are going to happened and that they can do noting about it... they have to let go ....
  • Mass resignations as all have been aware of, these are all that have been warned, and that decided they are done... because they do not want to be part of the fight, and do not want to be part of the controlling system of the world...
  • Certainly there is a lot of evidence to back this up ... if you choose to take a look at it...
  • When I was back in 2008 when president Obama was elected I had thought in my mind how he was an idiot... for even thinking to been a President... because that role would be impossible... and was proven true... He was bullfight an many levels, media and industry, good natured citizens want to see change, and been duped in to believing that he is the reason why change did not take place...
  • Biggest understanding that since 2009, we heard is doom and gloom messages over and over, to be happening in several instances during past two years, possibilities of destructive future, it safe to say there hasn't been major disaster, there hasn’t been major false flags, there haven't been any terrorist attacks, and we went in to slow dragging down of efforts, that system has to change, and we are all aware that system has to change...
  • and now it seams that President no longer cannot participate in illusion to rule about all of the involved members, because proper investigation and filling back the layers is absolute necessity to this process.
  • [16:03] we could not just say it was this group of people and leave it to just that...
  • we could not just say that these people are causing all the problems, and leave part of the cancer in society to regrow and to leave all the things upside down once again....
  • tremendous amount of effort has been done to go along with industries and complainers and individuals who have being controlling the system that they are all rooted out... and for everybody to see exactly what is taking place...
  • [16:40]The true history of the World and USA will come out, and truth have to be understood and it has to begatehred,  the proof needed to be necessary f to convince everybody that these are the changes necessary that are happening...
  • [End of transcript for first 17 minutes of this amazing video... my apology for format due to hand made attempt, as I felt these words have to be read and listened quite couple of times for US to fully grasp the grandness of the task of these brave souls Bill and Eva...]





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Sheldan NIdle mentioned in His timeline: Mid of Spring Mass Arrests... very 'coincidentally' exact mid of Summer is 20/21 of May when we have this Fema Camp Davis for Officials happening... 


One more is Solstice, is on 20.5.5. Does any one have calculation where the sun will be at the 11:11 am in Washington DC time?... 


Oh, yes, i forgot the Camp Fema Davis is filled with Navy and other Seals so they will be safely escorted to closes FAME Camp near Washington DC... 

I am just blabbing... do not listen to this old dud... Love, PSG

Once again...

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Master (?) Obama is no better than anyone else, why do you insist on exhalting him? You're supporting and reinforcing the pyramid structure, which is the very reason we are having to deal with these isues now. 


Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have an Illuminati/Cabal because at some point in our history, we, as Humans were confronted with beings who looked different from us, and we looked upon them and called them smarter, or more powerful, stronger, greater than, ect. and they took advantage of that wrong thought process...WE gave them power, WE gave them their position. If WE can realize that we are EQUAL, this is the RED PILL, accept it and the Matrix will disolve.


From an observant perspective, your emotionally attached to what you percieve as light in him, you've given this man a higher position than you, and its clouded your judgment. Your stuck in the duality and the light is blinding you. You degrade people for having different opinions of this man (not GOD) or considering them as "naysayers or negative souls" is this how you feel about people, if so, maybe you need to go mediate because its actually only a reflection of you. He dosent resonate with me, and I am just as entitled to those feeling as you are to yours. I'd appreciate it if you would respect me and others who do not feel the same about your IDOL.


BTW Obama signed no Exectutive Order to rejoin the international court. Once you recognize the light is equally dark than maybe you'll be able to be more decerning. Try to just observe without labeling, or judgement. Oh and the Universe brought me to you because you need to hear this message, consider it a gift from SOURCE. Nothing but LOVE.


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I am just seeing the dots connect not into worshiping anyone. I have observed obama and he resonates truth to me but I do not worship nor do I feel he needs anybodys worship. He resonates strength and courage not ego


Did you

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Did you write the ariticle? I'm not sure why he would he be referred to as "Master"?  This site appears to have an agenda, by pushing Obama so aggressively it gives the impression that WE are not decerning enough to form our own opinions, that WE should not trust our own instincts. I can express my self plainly w/out being emotionally attached, with respect, all I ask is for the same in return, this is how we should communicate with eachother. There is no need to degrade anyone for having aternative views. I am not "decieved" nor am I a "deciever" I am a free will thinker. Be in Joy

Dear Jennifer Was I glad to

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Dear Jennifer

Was I glad to read your posts!  I thought I was the only one here just so frustrated today. Who let the lions out?

What really got me was the pic on an earlier post of men and women in black who are the mighty ones.... but there would only be defensive statements.   Very interesting how this energy got to some people.


Your "ego" will be to blame.... most not sure what it is.... it's just a way to try to get truth to shut up.


Have you ever watched the old movie "River Edge"?  


I honor your truthfulness, beauty, courage and wisdom..... true womanhood.   


I only come to this site now to hear love from truthbringers like you, Jennifer.  Keep the balance.



its healthy

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Recently I've been given the opportunity to practice expressing myself, by and through this site and others, for this I am eternally grateful. Historically, verbalizing my thoughts and feelings were not one of my finer points. I am learning to remove emotion and replace it with passion.


I hope not to come off as being defensive, and even more so I have to be congicent of offensiveness, its an exercise, and think my skills are progressing nicely...I'm also trying to clean up my language, (I used to curse like a sailor) realizing this is most ineffective. 


Ahh Ego, yes, it exposes itself so that I may recognize it, or that you should expose it for me when I do not recognize, I suppose, a work in progress I Am, or Am I complete NOW? :D Balance [laughs] maybe there is some excessive solar flares or something to that effect causing some agitation...whatever the case, I enjoy the discussion, I never intend to argue with my family, I love you, if nothing else please feel this from me. 


I have not seen River Edge, I will have to make a point of it. Thank you


Forever yours

Just don't throw out the baby

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Just don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.  I would like to encourage you to just be yourself.... your heart is in the right place and I get that. What I meant about ego, was not that it showed up, but you would be blamed for it because you were expressive. Your article was perfect. I always think of goddesses like Pele, Sekhmet, etc.  no BS there.  Once we start censoring our natural behavior we lose who we are. Please don't apologize for anything.



Jennifer, you rock! Thanks

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Jennifer, you rock! Thanks for sharing your light and expressing your truth. I'm really happy to see other people on this site using their own discernment and being brave enough to say 'hey I'm listening to my heart and my intuition and they are telling me something different'. Yesterday I wrote comments about the whole "Obama is a closet light worker" meme that has been strongly pushed again the past few days by one blogger in particular. I don't think any of us have to apologize for having different intuitive conclusions, nor do we have to explain or justify ourselves. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my hunches.


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i share your opinions on the subject fully.

so i havent got any additional word.


ohh! one thing!!


This site was a site i have been following everyday , like an ascention newspaper..

i think they can loose numbers if they keep pushing forward obama.


If we are going to talk about good example people i would to talk about john lennon for example.


but as you said, we are all very equal. who is shining how much.... discussing it would be game of egoes..


thanks god that we have hearts able to understand.

if it was all about our minds (and it was for long time) we could fall back to second dimension ( a drawen line on a white paper probaply)




Youre thinking so hard about

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Youre thinking so hard about what resonates within you,jennifer have you ever personally chatted with obama,met him, or even gave him any possible light?if not you talk too much about things that you dont know,gut feelings dont mean your right all the you putting your THOUGHTS on this page the way you do it makes it soind like you have your own agenda,if not as aggressive as others..believe in what you want to believe but dont say this is pushing anything when its the bloggers who put what they feel just as you the way master just doesnt mean some overlord you bow to,its also a representation of respect for someone with a role of guidance,someone ment to help,someone on a level higher than yourself whom you ask to help you on your path.dont get stuck on silly words and blow up on them,rather fimd the love wich we all speak of in everything..if something is really dark it will be seen in the light..thank you

Oh I'm sorry, you don't

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Oh I'm sorry, you don't understand, I don't have to think about what resonates, either it does or it doesn't, my issue and concern with this article/blogger is that he/she insinuates that whomever does not see Obama the way he does, is either "deceived" or "deceiver" or in "Fear" or "ego". He's disrespectful to those of us who do not share his views, and I'm drawn to speak, and I've been taught to do as I am drawn to do, if you take issue with that than I believe this is a reflection of you not me.  


Why do we not refer to Jesus as "Master"? "Jesus" is enough, and an example that Obama should take note, Jesus turned over the excange tables, berated clergy, spoke truth whatever the consiquences, we know how that turned out for him...when Obama does that than I'll change my mind about him, until then, and as I've said before, either he's afraid tell the truth or he refuses to tell the truth, either way hes lying, his free will. 


I dont need to personally meet Obama to know Obama, as I do not need to personally meet Jesus to know Jesus. I dont use "gut feelings" Ive analized what he's done and more importantly what he hasnt done, his actions and/or lack there of, is what I'm repelled by. If you want to talk politics we can do that. 


Thanks for your thoughts my friend.



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I agree with you Jennifer!

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I agree with you Jennifer! Thanks for being courageous enough to speak your truth even though it goes against the grain here. All of this "Master" stuff is really inappropriate and creepy. I will not bow down to any 'man' or refer to anyone as 'Lord' or 'Master'. As you said there is no hierarchy except when we give our power away. The whole point of ascension is to be free from the hierarchy, control, and Master/non-master paradigm. And it is definitely OK to have an opinion that is different from others here without being labeled a 'negative soul' or 'ego-based'. There is nothing wrong with those of us who see a different perspective.

One more thing...

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Also I forgot to say that I hope we are all pleasantly surprised and joyful at the changes to come, regardless of who Obama really is, or what role he plays. It doesn't matter if he's the closet lightworker who takes off the scary mask to reveal himself as a good guy, or if he's not the good guy we thought and hoped he was. Changes for the better are coming, and the dark cabal will be removed, all of them. If we can keep that goal in mind and let the worry go about 'is Obama this, is Obama that', we can focus on more important things. We are not sheep looking to a figurehead to tell us what to do or to do all the work for us. I think we've all had enough of hierarchy and being the bottom layer of the pyramid. We now have the tools to bring change and we are using them! Global cleansing/healing are not dependent on one leader or one role. It is all of us collectively who are manifesting these changes. Keep your eyes on the prize, not a person.



"I Just LIKE to Know Who Everybody is"

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Another great psychological lmovie is "THE EDGE" - and one of my favorite lines comes from it...... "I JUST LIKE TO KNOW WHO EVERYBODY IS".




The theme is the same for both.... what a group of people do when they are sequestered with lack. 


A line I dismiss is "It's All Good".......... if it is all good, then there is no need for any interest in change in any area, and then in logical thinking, we should just ignore the cabal, even.

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thank you jennifer!

your words and sentiments resonate with me.


For once...

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Relax Jennifer. Firstly, I don't associate the term master with obeying to or letting someone lording over me. Rather I understand the term to denote when someone has obtained a practical level of mastery over themselves, their ego. I don't believe this article is as mindlessly gushing as you propose it is. I read it as excitement to the possibility that our elected president might actually lead us by action and inspiration to a place in which we can better thrive and exert our sovereignty as individuals.


You may be fighting a ghost in your own mind.

I agree with you Jennifer

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I have to say I am shocked to even read this article it's almost like a joke.  Your comment is the most intelligent comment I read thus far and I had to respond.  No wonder we are in the situations we are in with thinking like this in the article!  


I hope your words wake some brain washed people up!



Namasté!   It´s time for all

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It´s time for all to see the TRUE LIGHT of Master Obama (well, his true name is different, but we all know him as Barack Obama).

I am not surprised that a lot of "lightworkers" don´t want to see, to accept or to honor his real being.

It´s still the EGO that keep them away from the truth and uses fear, illusion, misunderstanding, etc. to find a confirmation for their "blind" reaction.


As long as they are under the wings of the power of fear and standstill in their inner change, as long they won´t see the truth behind the curtain.


Think with your heart, not with your brain.

Let the Ego beside, go beyond all illusions and you will see a light you have never seen before.


I know Master Obama. I have met him / his spirit and I know how close and hard he works together with our beloved Galactic Family to bring freedom, peace, light and LOVE.

He´s such a wonderful soul and he needs all support he can get to fulfill his purpose here on Mama Gaia.


I am not American and so I don´t have any intention to create a kind of election speech.


But I am living in light, love, peace and truth and everybody here on this beautiful Planet Earth shall get the possibility to change the opinion, to let in the light of wisdom and love to see the truth behind all accusations and injustice.



Master Obama, much love and light energy to you for following your high path of Truth and Love.



*Love, Light, Peace and Harmony* to all of you and Mother Gaia


Attitude change

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Whatever happens, the ONLY thing that is important is our attitude.  We need a global attitude change, from self serving to mutual reciprocity.  To create a society based on each of us caring about each other and the whole, we all need to want it.  The fallout of wanting that will be natural. 

If anything the aliens are trying to tell us, it is this.  To create a harmonious society, we need to change our attitude from 'ME' to WE'. 

Using our thoughts and focussing on that, will bring about the change that we have all been waiting for.  Yes, we are the change we have been waiting for, by using our thoughts wisely and backing them up with the same mindframe in action and word!


When we learn to WANT to 'love our neighbor as much as we love ourself', then we are where we need to be, because the world, the corporations, the infrastructure, the healthcare systems, they will all reflect this!





MoreThanAstral's picture it wise to give out Dates on these things...?